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Friday, March 1, 2013

Finding Your Passion

 If someone were to ask you what is your passion, how would you respond? There are many of us that may have a difficult time answering that question because we're just not sure what it means. If we can't explain it, how would we know if we had it. I guess if we were to start with what it's not, we may have a better idea. Or to be more descriptive, how would it feel to live with passion as part of our life. Sometimes when the words just don't come, it's easier just to describe the emotion. When it comes down to passion, for some of us it may feel like a blast of energy. For others, it may come with a slow understanding that what we are doing just feels right. Finding our passion may not be the key to life, but one of the many things that will bring joy to our spirit. Today, do something that makes you happy. You deserve to treat yourself as a reminder of how special you are. Passion will come if you just let yourself be you.
My children, my passion...
(I never really thought about what my passion was. To me it's always seemed to be an overrated word, that so many strive for but never feel they have. People have so much in life but are missing them because they are looking for more. If I interchange the word passion with love, I bet more people would see how much passion exists in their life. No more said.)

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