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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Making Your Life Easier

Sometimes it’s easier to do things yourself rather than depend on others. You pride yourself on being independent but it may be more that you tend to be impatient and have difficulty working with others. Also you may have a fear of being rejected or disappointed. Depending on others is scary and leaves you vulnerable. Learning to trust that you won’t be hurt is uncomfortable but taking the first step is always the most difficult. Think of how much joy you receive when you are able to help others in their time of need. Have you ever thought that by giving others the same opportunity that they extent to you is closing the circle of compassion? Instead of living your life believing in no one but yourself, trust that the Universe knows who to send to help you on your path. By sharing our strengths and working together, we can overcome all the obstacles that we encounter.  Now is the time, to let the angels that surround you make your life easier.
Trust that taking this path is worth all the challenges you meet along the way…

Monday, March 30, 2015

Let The Music Move You

It’s funny how quickly a song can bring back memories of long ago. No matter how many years have gone by, just a few seconds into the song you are transported back into time. You are no longer who you are, but who you were. Snapshots of your younger days fill your mind . But listening to songs that make you happy, you wonder what happened to the person who took chances and believed in the unknown Remembering those carefree days is important because they remind you that no matter how much older you are, the spirit of who you were still exists within. So when you hear those songs you love from the past, sing out loud so it fills your heart.
Dani - Fire Desert (2)
Enjoy every moment of the day…

Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's Time For Rediscovery

There are times in life when you wonder if it’ll get any better. You’ve reached a point where you’re not sure what to do next. If you were to ask people that are close to you, they would say that you are doing fine. Everything seems to be going well, but there is just something missing. You’re not sure what that something is. You feel as if you should be grateful for what you have, and you are. But it’s difficult to explain when even you are not aware of what it is. It’s a feeling that something has changed and you’re impatiently waiting for something to happen. You’re hoping when you find it you’ll feel more at peace with yourself. Not knowing is frustrating. What if what you’re looking for is not outside yourself, but within? And all you need to do is to take the time to reflect upon where you are in the moment. Everyone is at different stages in their lives, but may be feeling the same as you. So instead of feeling unhappy about your situation, turn it around. This is a positive time for you, for it’s a time of rediscovery. Learning who you were, who you are at this moment, and where you are going. In life, you are always evolving because of your experiences and the choices you make. Welcome this time in your life with open arms for there is much coming your way.
 Appreciate your uniqueness…

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Quick Apologies

How many times do you find yourself apologizing just to keep the peace? You may think that this avoids conflict but are you just postponing the inevitable. What happens is that you become so used to saying you’re sorry that you’re not really listening to what is being said. Your fear of confrontation builds a wall between yourself and others. Being honest with yourself and others may be one of the most difficult things to do. To expose what you have kept hidden for fear that others will reject or get angry with who you are. Imagine a world where you can voice your opinions and feelings and still be accepted. It takes courage to share who the real you is. When you break away from the quick apologies you have learned, you create a place of respect and kindness for yourself and others.
image (28)
It’s in the light of day that you are your true self…

Friday, March 27, 2015

Finding Perfection

Have you wondered what you would be like if you were as perfect as you’ve wished to be? To live a life of pure bliss because you never make mistakes or forget to be kind and compassionate to others. You would never have to apologize ever again because your good intentions are what they are meant to be. There would be no life lessons to learn because you have nothing more to be taught. Sometimes when you say that you want to be perfect, it may be that you want to be more than what you are today. Acknowledging that you have things to work on within yourself is half the battle. The other half is actually overcoming the fears that hold you back from becoming the best that you can be. There is no fault in wanting to be perfect, for it’s your search for perfection that you discover who you truly are.
flying jets in formation

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Keeping The Balls In The Air

Sometimes when life gets too overwhelming, it’s time to sit still. By being still you can see more clearly what is going on in the moment. It doesn’t have to be the earth shattering crises that knock you off your feet. It’s often times the little things in life that take you unaware. All of sudden your life has become unmanageable because you’re tossing too many things in the air. One by one things are falling to the ground. Instead of rushing to pick up the pieces, it may be best to let them fall where they may, so you can see what it is that you have gathered over the years. Don’t worry that your life will fall apart because life has a funny way of moving on. You have time to quietly explore who you are in the moment and what is it that you want for yourself. What was important to you yesterday may not be today. The more you know yourself, the more you’ll know what you need around to create the life you have been wishing for.birds in motionLet’s just sit for a while…

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Creating A Simple Life

There are times in your life when you need to make difficult decisions. If you could put off deciding what to do, you would ignore it forever. It’s not that you don’t know what to do, but you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But sometimes you have to choose whether meeting the needs of others takes precedence over your own health and sanity. It’s not that they are consciously trying to hurt you, but if you don’t take steps to care for yourself neither will anyone else. There will come a time when you begin to resent others for taking advantage of you, but know that this situation was created by you. You have the power to regain all that is good for you and yet continue to help others. Being mindful of your capacity to nurture and be supportive, you can have it all. It’s time to create a simple life that nourishes your mind, body, and soul and brings you happiness.
Dani - cherry blossom
Taking life one day at a time…

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Receiving Blessings Every Day

As you go through your busy life, how many of you stop and notice the blessings that come your way. You may think that you’re not as lucky as others. It’s not that others receive more than you, but that you think of yourself as less fortunate. But if you were to focus on the blessings you receive every day for a week, you may be surprised as to what truly comes your way. It may be little things that brighten up what seems to be just an average day. It may be a minor thing to you, but it somehow changes how your day is going. Being able to grab a few minutes to relax between your busy day, receiving a call from a friend you haven’t spoken to forever, or witnessing a beautiful sunset on the way home. Unless you are present in the moment, you will miss the wonderful blessings that come to you every day.
Dani - Champagne celebration
Celebrating our blessings…

Monday, March 23, 2015

What Door Would You Choose?

Picture yourself standing in front of three identical doors. Now you are asked to choose one of these doors that will lead you towards your destiny. Which door would you select? No matter how long you look at the doors, you can’t tell them apart. They are truly identical, but yet you question whether they will be the same once you open them? Does each one lead down a different path? Is one more difficult than the other? Are you somehow supposed to know intuitively which one is the correct one? This is exactly what happens every day in your life. You wake up with decisions you have to make. No one is there to tell you what you’re supposed to do. You do what you think is best at the time. There is no right or wrong in your decision making. Whatever path you choose, you can’t make a mistake. Although some may be more challenging than others, the experiences you gain will more than make up for the hurdles you have to overcome. Know that whatever door you select, it will always be the right one for you.
Quinn - doorway
Is this the right door for me…

Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's Time To Rest

You’ve been very busy lately trying to complete all your tasks. Rushing around tires you but you are determined to see things to the end. You have been having difficulty saying “no” to others even when you know that you have no time. Your wanting to help others is commendable but not good for your health. Your intention was in the right place, but it’s time to regroup and step aside for the moment and be realistic as to what you can accomplish successfully. This may mean giving back some of the responsibility that you accepted from others. Sometimes people need to be reminded that you are only one person with responsibilities of your own. It’s time to find a quiet place where you can rest for a moment. Relaxation brings a renewal of one’s spirit.
on board the Hokulea 
Let’s go sailing into the sunset…

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Preparing For The Future

Although you may not know what is coming your way, know that you have all you need to protect yourself. Believe that the Universe has provided you with the courage, strength, and patience to overcome life challenges. Your journey is not about letting your fear keep you from moving forward. Use fear as a warning for you that there is something coming that you need to prepare for. The future may not always go as you expected so prepare yourself for the worst scenario. There will be times when it seems as if your world is imploding around you. It’s at this time when you take a deep breathe, stand tall, and say “I will not let this hurt me”. Then use one of the many plans you have filed away for this very moment. Know that whenever you need help the Universe and the support of all who love you stand beside you. It’s time to trust that although life is never what you expect, it can be even better.
Believe that no matter what is happening in the world, peace can still exist…

Friday, March 20, 2015

Endless Possibilities

Even if I can’t see you, I know that you are always with me. Sometimes you question why we are not there to keep you from falling or prevent you from making mistakes. But you asked to have the courage to be brave and to learn patience. How else are you going to learn if you don’t go through challenges in life? Trust that no matter how difficult your path may seem to be at times, we will continue to light your way. Know that we have sent angels who will support you on your journey. You will never be alone because whether they stay for just a moment or a lifetime, they are here to be a part of your life. When you begin to believe that you were meant to have a life of endless possibilities, your whole world will change.
 Wailea Rainbow
 Believe that miracles can happen…

Thursday, March 19, 2015

All Will Be Revealed

This is the year that all will be revealed. You don’t realize how many things you’ve kept hidden because you were uncomfortable in sharing with others. Although you say that you trust those around you, do you trust yourself? Do feel confident that the insecurities you hide will be safe? Will you be judged for your weaknesses? Sometimes no matter how much you present yourself to be confident, there are those special moments that you can’t help but reveal your true self. Believe that the Universe is guiding you by the hand and you can be no less or more than anyone else. Know that it’s time to reveal to others all the gifts you’ve been hiding. It’s time to let your spirit shine. No one has the power to judge or criticize who you are. You have a purpose in life and if it’s to be a mirror so that others see the weaknesses within themselves, so be it. Stand tall and have the courage to be all of who you were meant to be.
Betsy - Pier and chairs
Come let’s sit and until the sun goes down…
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why Wait To Celebrate?

When was the last time you celebrated just because you felt like it? Making yourself a priority to say “I’m special enough to celebrate” may be a little uncomfortable at first. Acknowledging the special occasions that are marked on your calendar gives you an excuse to leave your busy life behind. But why do you have to wait until these red letter days arrive? Why can’t you celebrate days that no one has ever heard of? Crazy days like “I Worked My  Rear End Off Day” or “I Deserve A Break Day”. It’s great that you remember the national holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, but your spirit needs uplifting every once and a while. And you are the very one who can make it happen. You don’t need a reason to acknowledge the blessings in your life. Go ahead, celebrate life in your own way, and you’ll see how quickly you’ll find how easy it is to create special days in your life. 
Tree covered path
Let’s celebrate the day together…

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Trusting In Your Future

Why can’t we know what the future will bring? It would make life so much easier and would take most of our worries away. Why plan for something if it’s not going to happen? We would be able to prepare for disasters and avoid people who may cause havoc in our lives. Failure would not be an option. But where does this leave us? What lessons would we learn knowing what was coming?  There wouldn’t be any challenges for us to overcome. Many of you may say that you’d like to lead such a blessed life. But if you are who you have become because of your experiences, whether good or bad, then this is the life you were meant to lead. No matter what the future may bring you, it truly is a blessing. The experiences you may have and the people you meet are all part of the Universal plan. You were meant to help people and others will be there to support you when you need them most. Only in the most challenging times do we grow and find the strength within ourselves. So trust and believe that not knowing what the future will bring is the best thing for you.
image (10)
Finding your secret spot…

Monday, March 16, 2015

Making Time To Have Fun

 For many of us, we are driven by schedules. Our lives are directed by time. If we didn’t have a calendar we would forget half of our appointments and things we’re supposed to get done. Because there is a time for everything, when do you find the time to relax, enjoy life, and have fun? The dictionary describes fun as “a time or feeling of enjoyment or amusement”. If this is the case, then taking the time to have fun is important because it creates a balance in your busy life. So sit back and take a deep breathe. Think about what you’d like to do for yourself then plan on doing it, but if it doesn’t happen don’t worry about it. Creating moments of laughter doesn’t have to be planned, sometimes it just happens. It’s time to enjoy life, be in the moment, and have fun.

Exploring is half the fun..

Sunday, March 15, 2015

In The Stillness Of The Moment

We are here to give you messages and help you through the day. We often follow you so you don’t fall and hurt yourself. But you are so busy and your life is filled with constant chatter that you do not hear us. Even when there is quiet, you are uncomfortable with the silence. It’s as if you don’t trust hearing yourself think. You are all given the same amount of time to lead a prosperous life, but within that time you are also supposed to care for your mind, body, and spirit. Leading a busy life, as you all do, is not an excuse to waste away the valuable time that has been gifted to you. It’s not enough to just care for your body, you need to balance it equally with caring for your mind and spirit. Be quiet for just a moment with no interruption and hear the answers to the questions you’ve asking. Life can be as you’ve asked for it to be, if you are still for just a moment.
In the stillness, you will find the answers you seek…

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Seeing Through The Veil

Sometimes when you get caught up with your emotions, it’s difficult to see beyond your feelings. The hurt, anger, and frustration places a veil in front of your eyes so that you no longer see clearly. The more pain and suffering you experience, the thicker the veil becomes. At this point it becomes so thick that it separates you from your heart, You have created a wall that prevents you from being hurt, but you’ve also built a prison for yourself where others control your life. By holding on to negative feelings, you deplete your energy and motivation to move forward. This is not a place for you to be. It’s time to release all that you are holding so close and lift the veil. Forgive others and yourself for all that has occurred in the past and take control of your life. You are not a victim but a survivor with the power to create a new vision for yourself. It’s time to surround yourself with those who are standing in the light and leave those who have kept you in the dark for they do more harm. File1074
The secret is finding beauty which is hidden…

Friday, March 13, 2015

Finding The Peace Within

As you rush through life remember where you want to be. Sometimes we return to our habits and life again runs away from us. Our best efforts are lost amongst our obligations and responsibilities that you created yourself. Not wanting to disappoint others you walk on a path that is not yours. At the end of the day, you find yourself too tired to do much. This fast pace has effected your mind, body, and spirit. What you long ago promised yourself has been forgotten. At what point do you stop and say enough. It’s time to take a step back and think about what you wanted. What kind of life did you see yourself living at this stage in your life? Is the life you are leading now reflecting your dream? If not, say “no” to what is not needed. It may take your desire to find the peace within that pushes you forward. Life may not always be what you expected, but you do have the power to change it to be what you desired it to be. Let your spirit lead you down the path of healing.
The perfection you seek is already within you…

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Receiving The Help You Asked For

You ask for help but you go through life alone braving all that is thrown your way. How much faith do you have that others will come when you are in need? It goes without saying that you are courageous and can see your way through most things. But at what cost does this bravery have on your spirit? Your pride keeps you from accepting the hands that are offered to you to make your life easier and you walk on as if you don’t see them. Why then are you asking for help in the darkness of your room? For the Universe wants to support your efforts but if you consistently ignore the help that comes your way then don’t despair because you think you are being forsaken. Although life is full of lessons to be learned, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Open up your heart and mind to the Universal spirit and move forward on your journey knowing that you are never alone.
In the quietness, the messages are heard…

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Peace Of Mind

You are so different than who you were yesterday. You are used to responding in a certain way, but find yourself reacting differently today. Whether it’s due to the experiences you’ve gone through or a matter of maturing, things don’t seem to be as critical as they used to be. Instead of jumping to conclusions, you are taking the time to look at the whole picture. You no longer have the desire to be in control, but are content to sit on the sidelines as others step up to the plate. The situation has a way of resolving itself without you. For your peace of mind, you have found comfort in choosing the level of your involvement. Peace of mind has come slowly but it is where you intend to be.
Sometimes knowing where you’re going isn’t as important as enjoying the journey…

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It Wasn't My Intention

How many times have you hurt others with your words? When you find out later the amount of damage that was done, it takes you by surprise. Often times you hear yourself saying, “I’m sorry but that was not my intention.” Words spoken without thinking because you’re angry, frustrated, or just not caring have a way of quickly flowing out of your mouth. You may not even remember what you’ve said because emotions are running high that you’re not paying attention to what you’re saying. Trying to make a point or being right takes precedent over everything else. But after all has calmed down, you may recall some of the hurtful words that were said. Although you may defend what was said because of your pride take a step back and think, was all of this about you and being right. Words are powerful and once said can’t be taken back. They make their way into our hearts where they settle in for a while. We all make mistakes and say things that we don’t intend to, but once we acknowledge what we’ve done it’s time to make amends. It’s not your way to hurt others, even if you’re upset. It’s time to choose your words more carefully and speak from your heart.
Life is like these waves when it crashes down upon you…

Monday, March 9, 2015

Working To Keep Our Friendships

I can’t help but wonder how much your friendships mean to you. Although you may say they are invaluable, it seems as if you often times take them for granted. Of course it’s unintentional, but the excuses that you give about having a busy life, commitments and responsibilities are not going to hold up for very long. Time flies by so quickly like anything else, your friendships need nurturing and attention. How long ago has it been since you thanked your friends for being a part of your life? All friendships are unique and are not equal, but they have one thing in common…they need you. Whether your friends live near or are afar, remember how they are an important part of your life and your journey. Friends are often times the angels that the Universe sends to watch over us.
Sean - Bike overlooking Kailua beach
Let’s spend the day together…

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Who Are You Pretending To Be Today?

You are getting so good at pretending to be someone who you’re not. In fact, you have gotten used to blending in that you may have lost who you truly are. Is it so important to be yourself when it’s easier and safer to be who others want you to be. You might even say that you have a gift for understanding people and how to meet their needs. Creating a persona like a chameleon changes colors to protect itself from being seen. But think for a moment, where has this gotten you. How long have you been concentrating on others rather than yourself. If you could grant yourself one wish, what would it? Making a wish helps to bring your focus back to you. Use your gift of helping others to your benefit. Know that you are safer being who you are meant to be and standing firmly upon what you know to be true than hiding in the shadows. It’s time to let your light shine bright.
Betsy Dubai Room
It’s time to be where you were meant to be…

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or is technology getting so advanced that it’s challenging just understanding the basics? No matter how difficult the equipment may be to use, we are brainwashed to think that we need the newest model that comes to the market. The commercials and ads make them sound as if we can’t live without them. And they seem to be so easy to use. Just click here and press this, you are quickly able to access any application that has now come available. Then why is it when we get our new phone, tablet, or computer everything becomes so confusing. It’s not that we can’t understand, but nothing is the same as they presented it to be. When did we let technology run away from us? We gave up our control when we let others decide what is acceptable. Waiting over thirty minutes on the phone to get assistance and being okay with that needs to stop. We may have no choice but to take courses in technology, go back to writing with a pen and paper, using a land line, or go to the library and looking things up the old fashion way. Since that won’t ever happen, we need to get as comfortable as we can while we wait on the phone to get the support we need.

Cornell Library
I love libraries…

Friday, March 6, 2015

Look No Further Than Yourself

Why is it that some people have more fortunate lives? They don’t seem to be worried about their finances, relationships or career choices. Life seems fairly simple. But what do you really know about their personal lives? If you were to ask them what they think about your life, they may tell you that you are in a better situation than they are. Whether you know it or not you are presenting the reality that you want others to see. This means that if you’re not a person who shares a lot about themselves, you probably haven’t revealed any of the challenges you are going through at the moment. The same thing may be happening with the people around you. In fact, everyone may be going through their own difficulties but like yourself they are keeping it to themselves. That’s why being envious or jealous of others only leads you on a path which is not your own. Believing that what ever your circumstances are now, in a minute your fortune could change to bring you exactly where you were meant to be. Have faith in the Universe, there is more happening in your life than you realize.

koi pond
I have difficulty telling them apart…

Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's Going To Be A Great Day!

How many times have you gotten up in the morning declaring that you’re going to have a great day? You have that feeling that everything is going to go your way. Leaving the house with a smile on your face you ready for whatever comes your way. But during the course of the day, someone at work, school, or on the road does something to ruin the moment. What started as the best day ever turned quickly to the worst. Just by a few hurtful words or an offensive attitude, your smile has turned into a frown. From the top of your head to the bottom of your toes, you become tense and are ready to fight. But take a deep breathe and step back. Since when did you give up the power to direct your day. At what point, did you give up control and let the other person take over. Remember you have a choice to orchestrate your life. I’ll give five minutes to rant and rave, to whine and cry, to yell and pout. But then gather yourself and shout, “No one has the power to ruin my day!” Now stand tall, head up, and move on. Life is too short to give away your days to anyone. You deserve all the great days that come your way.

It’s going to be a great day…

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Beauty of Nature

Have you ever notice the beauty of nature’s imperfection? Look around and you will see trees that are bent and misshapen from the wind are now works of art, flowers whose petals have long fallen off but yet hold their subtle scents, and rocks whose sharp edges have been worn smooth by the flowing rivers. Like nature, you are beauty personified. You may not feel perfect, but yet your spirit shines through like a glowing star. It’s not in perfection that you’ll find your value, but through your uniqueness. Beauty is not always recognized so easily but experienced through our senses.  Understanding that there is perfection in the imperfect, you will begin to experience life more fully.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's Your Time

No matter what changes come your way, know that you are here to meet them head on. There is no where you’re supposed to be then right where you are. It is time for you to believe in yourself for you have what it takes to turn things around to fit your needs. You’ve sat on the side lines for a while now and watched others move forward. Unsure of where you were headed, it seemed better to stay where you were. But now, you feel an urge to do something more in your life. You don’t need to know all the details at this time. Just know that the changes you seek are right around the corner. Be ready for here they come.
Let’s play…

Monday, March 2, 2015

Planning For The Future

Sometimes it’s a good idea to look at where you are before planning where you are going. If you are not in the right frame of mind right now you may be setting yourself up for failure. Wanting to escape where you are may have you moving or quitting a job before you truly understand the reason why you feel the urge to runaway.  As challenging as this may sound, in order to be successful in the future you may need to be realistic about what is going on in your life at the moment. The more you know about who you are, the more you’ll know where you are going.
City progress continues…

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's Okay To Be Happy

Although the world is in so much turmoil and there is suffering, there is still healing in the world. The news may concentrate on all the evil that is happening, but there is still good that exists amongst us. Many may say that the world is falling apart, but if that was true there wouldn’t be an equal amount of compassion that shines through every day. If you were to truly open your eyes you would witness not only the selfishness and greed that some demonstrate, but the goodness that many are sharing with their fellow man. It’s okay to be happy and to have hope that you can make a difference. For it’s all the shining lights around the world that will lead us out of the darkness.

The light will lead us out of the darkness…