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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Accept Me For Who I Am

There is so much frustration and anger in the world today because we expect so much of others. We project our own ideals upon them and wonder why they are not responding as we would like them to. As much as we say that we accept others for who they are, how truthful are we being? In theory, it is easy to say because it is the right thing. To believe that we are all equal in all things, but truly are we really? There is not only our personal expectations but society's as well. We are definately bound by own rules. It's only those who continue to say "Accept me for who I am" that can break the paradigm of what should be, to what can be. If we are only left to be ourselves how easy would that be. Let go of all expectations and find joy in the unexpected and often times hidden treasures will be found along the way. Today, be only who you can be. Find out who you are and have the courage to just be. We all have our own rhythmn, accept that you have an original beat to follow.
One of a kind beauty...
(I've worked hard to be comfortable with who I am and to understand myself and what I believe in. But the strangest thing happened today, someone said something to me that made me think "This person really gets who I am." It wasn't really an earth shattering experience, just a very quiet feel good moment. But I responded by negating what they said. That made me realize that not only do we need to accept others for who they are, but we need to accept ourselves. Knowing who we are and accepting all that we are is two different things. Wow, I've got alot of work to do.) 

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