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Monday, April 30, 2012

Building A Strong Foundation

Although we may think the values and morals that we know to be true are firmly implanted within us, everyday we are presented with situations that challenge our foundation. There may be times when we still question what is the right thing to do. Our decisions seem easy enough to make, but within us there may be a nagging doubt that we are compromising what we believe in. It's difficult as is to journey on our path with integrity, but with a shaky foundation it becomes more challenging. We may not feel secure in deciding what to do in our life, so we allow others to make decisions for us. There will come a time when we may become lost and so indecisive that we are unable to move forward without the guidance from others. It is times like these that we need to be still to reflect upon what we know to be true. To question our decisions is part of our nature, but the ability to believe in who we are takes effort. Foundations need to be strong in order for us to build upon them,so we need to make sure they stand the test of time. Today, think about what you know to be true. As you go through the day, be aware of those situations where you doubt your decisions. Are you letting others lead you in a direction you are uncomfortable with? If so, be still and ask yourself "Am I okay with what is happening?" If not, go your own way. You may not be part of the crowd, but you will be able to hold your head up knowing that you've made a decision that was right for you.
Building a strong foundation is hard work...
(Before I make a decision, I always go back and forth, not knowing what to do. It's when I fall back on what is "right and wrong" that I need to be more compassionate to others. I am working on being less rigid in my principles, yet not compromise what I know to be true.)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Letting Go Of The Past

Sometimes we hold on so tightly to the past, that we have difficulty moving on. Our memories hold us prisoners, as we replay the hurt, anger, and betrayal that we experienced as if it was yesterday. We have identified ourselves as a victim for so long, that it may be difficult to imagine ourselves any other way. But there is hope, if we let go of what was and look towards what can be. A life where tears will flow because of the joy in our hearts. Let the pain stay where it belongs, in the past. Today, just imagine what it would be like living a peaceful life. You don't have to do anything more than that. The first step begins when you can dream of a life where taking a breath doesn't make your heart ache. Know that there is a place where you can find your heart's desire, if you let go of the past. Let's begin the journey together.

Flowers are the purest form of a peaceful existence...

(It hurts my heart when my loved ones are in pain. I want to gather them in my arms and tell them that everything will be okay. But I understand that we all need to journey this life in our own way. It's difficult to watch as they stumble, but it's a joyful day when they pull themselves through turbulent times by supporting each other. C, M, and K, the love you share for each other is a wonderful thing to witness. You are all my heroes tonight.)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Making Amends

Sometimes things happen in life that leave us with regrets. We don't expect disagreements or misunderstandings to occur, but they do. When a relationship ends, one person always seems to be more affected than the other. In fact, while one moves on with their life, the other may still hold on to the raw emotions as if it were yesterday.  It is not to say that we can't have a fulfilling life if we don't resolve this issue, but there is a part of us that still needs to be healed. We may not even realize that an open wound still exists, until we stop to reflect upon that other person. Then the feelings that have been repressed, rises swiftly to the surface again. In order to come to a place of healing, we must understand the role this person played in our lives, for we are all connected in some way. Acknowledge and appreciate that these people were in our life, shaping who we are today. Today, give a prayer of thanks to all those who have crossed paths with you. Whether they were loving or not, they were all an important part of your growth. For a moment, be free of regret and anger. Move on to a place of peace and serenity, so that you live the life you desire.
Let's mend these fences...

(Today, I unexpectedly met with someone who I haven't seen for over 10 years. The last time I saw her, I was upset with how she treated a close friend of mine. I thought she was callous and betrayed a friendship that we shared. Needless to say, my friend forgave this person years ago and this person didn't even remember who I was. How ironic, I was the only one that held on to those crazy moments. Okay, I got the message. It's time to let this one go. What a great lesson.)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Where Do We Go After We Die

For some of us our behaviors are based on our beliefs of where we go when we die. Everyone's beliefs systems are different, so our behaviors would also reflect this. For many, there is an understanding that if we behave in an appropriate manner there is a stronger possibility that we will end up in a better place. But what about those without a belief system. What guides them to live a life of compassion? There is no outside source guiding them to behave in a certain manner, so what motivates them. It may be that within us there is a moral compass that points us in the right direction in how to live our life, but it is up to us to follow it or not. It may help to have outside sources to guide us through life, but at most we all have an inner light within us to help navigate through life's challenges. Today, think about your beliefs about life and death. What do you hold to be true and how does this affect your behavior? Be insinc with your beliefs and your actions, for you will live a life being true to yourself when you do. We all prepare for death from the day we are born.
Take time to remember those who have gone before us...
(This past weekend, I went to visit my mother's grave. It dawned on me that I never think about my own death or my beliefs on dying. It's not until someone close passes away that I reflect upon my mortality. Then I wonder if I'm living my life based on where I think I'm going after I die. I don't think so, but I'm going to give it more thought.)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finding Someone To Lean On

In today's society, we are taught to stand tall and be independent. To work hard to get what we want. To be strong and persevere in life. But there is a time when we feel vulnerable and alone, wanting to share our struggles with someone. At the end of the day when there is only silence, our thoughts become overwhelming. It is in those moments, that we find comfort leaning on someone who can replenishes our energy and warms our soul. No words are spoken, just a quiet acceptance of who we are. This is the time, where we can let go and just be in the moment. Sometimes in life, we work so hard to become successful, that we forget the child within us is still dependent on others. It is with this in mind that we remember that it's okay to lean on others for their support. We will never be alone on our journey, no matter how much we want to do things ourselves. Our lives are bound to others. Today, think of who you can lean on to help you as you go through your day. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is an opportunity to replenish the spirit within you. By nurturing the softer side of your nature, can bring a better understanding of others.
Can't imagine swimming alone...

(I don't necessarily think that we only need one person to lean on. To have a few close friends who I can count on supporting me is a blessing. Sometimes when the day gets especially difficult, it feels so nice to come home to someone who makes me laugh. Thanks R, Q, S, R)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Differences Amongst Us

It is human nature to identify ourselves by our differences. At an early age, we instinctively begin to separate ourselves into groups that make us feel more safe. But living a life amongst only those who are similar to us, prevents us from challenging ourselves. Fear is the driving force that keeps us from interacting with others, who are so different from ourselves. We avoid being in uncomfortable situations where we aren't in control. How scary to be in the midst of strangers, not knowing their customs. If we were to see more similarities rather than differences, what would the world be like? Where we would rejoice in meeting someone from another culture, rather than be distant. Be open to the difference amongst us and the world will begin to be at peace. Today, take a moment to get to know someone new. Go outside your circle and explore new cultures. There is so much to learn and so many opportunities that await you just outside your door. You have a chance to change your future if you open yourself to new experiences.
 We are all so different, yet alike...

(I met someone from France yesterday at the bus stop. This was the first time that we had spoken, but he knew enough of the United States' health care system that he scolded me about it until our bus came. It was as if I represented the President's Healthcare Reform Committee. I was more upset with myself because I didn't tell him to stop then I was about what he was saying. At first, I was offended because he was speaking to me as if it was my fault that our healthcare systems is the way it is, but then I became annoyed because I was having difficulty telling him to stop. Well today, I will tell him that it is the end of the day, let's talk about something more pleasant. Wish me luck.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sitting On The Sidelines

Sometimes in order for us to get a better perspective, we need to sit on the sidelines. When we get overwhelmed with our busy lives, we lose perspective as to what is real, because we are too emotionally involved. We may often make hasty decisions because we are angry, frustrated, or tired. When we look at a problem from within, we can't see anything beyond what our experience tells us is happening. For some of us, it's difficult to take a step back because it would mean giving up the tenuous hold we have on our life. Keeping things neat and tidy seems to be the order of the day. Learning that standing aside and viewing things with an objective eye would be better for us in the log run, may be easier said than done. But that's what must happen in order for us to see the bigger picture. Know that by sitting on the sidelines and watching life go by is sometimes the best answer to our questions. Today, do some people watching. Observe how people's lives are etched in their faces. Some are quick to smile while others may have a permanent frown. Then look in the mirror and see what your face has to say about your life. Take a moment to think about how different your life would be if you sat on the sidelines every once and awhile.
Sit for awhile with me...

(As a doer, it's difficult for me to sit on the side if something is going on. Although I can see the value of "sitting on the side", it would be a work in progress. I think I'm going to try it today. Be more of a listener than contributing to every conversation that goes on around me. Deep breath. Let's see how it goes.)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Living A Life Of Perfection

It is not enough to go through life trying to be perfect. We have to be okay with allowing ourselves to make mistakes. It is easier to live a life of perfection because we can then come up with excuses as to why we are not living up to our expectations. Being okay with making mistakes is much more difficult, because we are then admitting to ourselves that we may not be working towards our potential. We are so used to wanting to do the best, when it's our journey towards being the best where we learn most of our lessons. When we get caught up with who we should be rather than who we are in the moment, we are losing what life is about. Being hard on ourselves does not stop there, we often times become critical and judgemental of others. We expect others to live up to the same standards that we live by, which is difficult because they will fail. Not knowing our expectations, leads to miscommunication and strained relationships. Know that we are all a work in progress and every mishap only gets us closer to learning more about ourselves and others. Today,be gentle and kind to yourself and others. Open your creative mind and accept the unlimited possibilities that will come. You can achieve much more if you release the need to be perfect and live your life enjoying each mistake you make.
True creativity comes from thinking outside the box...
(I think the hardest part is letting go. I'm a planner by nature, so I tend to organize things in my brain. It's hard for me to just go with the flow. I remember taking my kids to Disneyland and having an activity chart based on the popularity of the rides. Okay, that was many years ago but I still find myself making way too many lists. I won't say I'm a perfectionist but I'm pretty close to being anal. I have to "work" at having fun.)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Life Long Learning

At what point in life do we know everything. When we can say that we have learned everything that we need to know. If that is the case, why are we always asking the universe for help. In fact, we should be on our way to attaining our heart's desire because our journey is clear to us. The confusing twists and turns on our path are not a problem because we know how to navigate it easily. If this is not what our life is about, then why are we picking and choosing the messages that are being sent to us. Everyday, we are being sent answers to our prayers but we choose to ignore them. Sometimes they are just reminding us to stay on our path, but when we receive them we say that we already know that and it's nothing new. Why then are we getting the same messages repeatedly? It's important to be open to all that surrounds us for within the words is hidden the message. Today, be humble. Be accepting of all that come to you. If it's something that you've read, read it again. If it is something you've heard, listen to it again. If it's something you've seen, look at it again but with different eyes. You are missing something, now is your chance to find it.
I'm not sure what it is, but I'm sure if I keep looking I may understand it...

(It surprises me when I hear people say, "I don't need to read that I know it already" or "I don't need to hear about that because I've heard that before". If something keeps coming up in our lives, why wouldn't we stop to question "why". The universe will keep sending us messages if we don't listen. Remember my falling down, whenever I open my mouth that scenario keeps playing in my mind. You don't have to remind me twice. So listen, be humble, or you too will fall.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Making The Impossible Possible

How many times have we convinced ourselves that we can't do or attain something because it seems impossible. Based on our past experience, we know our strengths and weaknesses. But how many of us challenge ourselves to go further than we have in the past. In our minds, we have already failed so it's easy to talk ourselves out of pushing further. Although in our hearts, we'd like to reach our dreams. In our minds, it will never become a reality because we've convinced ourselves that we can't go beyond the boundaries that we've created. If we were to imagine that we can overcome anything, think of all that we can achieve. It's time that we make our dreams come true. Today, do the impossible. Think about what you can do, not what you can't. Have confidence in yourself and all that you can achieve. You are much stronger than you think. Now fly!
Look beyond your reality. You'll be surprised at what awaits you...

(I've tried running several times, but it was always so difficult. I could run only a few feet before I was out of breath and my ankles would get sore.  Now after power walking for a year, I tried running again. On my daughter's advice, I "kicked it up a notch". Her words not mine. First I ran a few feet at a time, now I'm running about 3 miles per day. I know that for some people it's not such a big deal, but for me it was the impossible that became possible. What a feat! I'm still amazed every time I go out and start running.)

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Power Of Our Words

There is so much hidden power behind the words we use. Most of us go through life unaware of how much of what we say impacts those around us. We often times take for granted what we say and fall back on our bad habits. We have gotten used to veiling our true feelings behind senseless words. In some cultures, words are not spoken needlessly because they are valued. What is spoken is acknowledged to be important. If we make a conscious effort to understand ourselves better, we may eventually learn how to communicate what we are truly feeling. Our words have the power to change who we are. Today, listen to the words that you are saying and how you are saying them. Are they truly reflecting what you feel? Be careful that you do not hurt those that are close to you because you are feeling out of sorts. In order to live a compassionate life, you must first understand the power of your words.
Sometimes words are not needed...

(The written word is my life, but when it comes to speaking I find my self having to watch my tone. It's funny how the same words can sound so different when you are upset or irritable. Although my pet peeve is someone having attitude, my kids have no problem calling me on the same thing. I guess we all need reminding every once and awhile. This has me thinking, are our pet peeves our own weaknesses. Food for thought.)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wanting To Say More

 We often times hear that we should be honest with one another and say what we are thinking. That it's not good for us to keep things within, because it will accumlate and make us ill. But on the other hand, is what we say to others truly for their benefit or is it for ours. This may be an ongoing struggle because it may come down to a subjective decision, especially when we feel so strongly that the information that we need to share is crucial. We seem to think that the other person won't be able to live up to their potential, without hearing what we have to say. We are so sure that they will go astray without our help guiding them along their path. Why would they have to go through life learning valuable lessons which may cause them more pain when they have us to save the day? All fun aside, it is not for us to direct others in how they live their life. Knowing what we know, it is our own lesson of being humble that we must attend to. Although we may think we know best for our loved ones, we are no better or worse. It is our love for them that makes us see more clearly, but it is also what will help us to understand that it is their path to make mistakes and learn from them. Today, be quiet. See others for who they are and respect their journey. You are in their life for a reason, be there to support them not lead them on their path. We are all given the gift of sight for a reason, now use it wisely.
Sometimes we see the path so much clearer than others...
(Not sharing all that I know has been a skill that I've had to develop over the years. At first, it was not believing what I knew to be true, then it was understanding that we all have a responsbility to clear our own karma. I can help if asked, but it is best to go through the journey alone. Personal experience is a bitch, but it stays with you much longer. It's not important what I know, but what others will learn in the long run.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Asking Why

There are times when asking "Why?" can bring us such pain. Maybe knowing the reason we are going through our suffering would help ease the confusion. If we could just make sense out of the chaos, maybe it would help us navigate through these difficult times. But we are often met with silence. Our questions and prayers seem to go unanswered. Our heart feels as if it is literally breaking as we walk on this broken path. Even when our struggles cease to be, we may never understand the "why". But we do know that after going through these adverse times, we will never be the same. There is a new found inner strength that has grown within us. If the only thing that we have discovered during our struggle is that we are still alive, then we have learned a powerful lesson. Today, live in the moment. Move beyond the past, for it can never be redone. Keep from fantasizing about the future, for it will blind you from seeing the realities of today. You are needed here in the moment to take care of yourself. Do not get lost in thoughts that hold no purpose and take you down the wrong path. Your strength comes from within, not from asking "why".
At first you may not see it, but there is beauty hidden within the branches...

(I am aware of the suffering that surrounds me and it hurts my heart to know that there are so many that are in pain. But trying to make sense of what is happening by asking "why" stops me from moving forward. For there are no real answers and even if there were, it doesn't make the senseless suddenly become sensible. I hope that in our growing awareness, we bring attention to the ugliness that has been hidden for so long.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Learning To Release

When asked what is worth holding on to, how would we respond. What do we hold on so tightly for fear of losing what we have? When we think along those lines, we are coming from a place of "self".  If we were to let go of what we hold so dearly and come from the perspective of what do we need to do in order to live a life free from attachment, we may think very differently . We would not have to hold on so tightly to our relationships because we are comforted in knowing that it is not our binding of others that keep them close to us, but it is our love for them that withstands the test of time. The things we love, we can also release for although we appreciate their beauty and how they make us feel, they do not define who we are. It is difficult for some of us to release what we hold so tightly because our fears reinforce our need to bind things to us. Know that when releasing all to the universe, we are freeing ourself of our fears. Today, think about what you would be willing to release. Reflect upon the emotions that come up when facing the decision to letting go. You don't have to take action, but acknowledge how you feel when you are challenged to release what you hold so tightly. Challenge yourself so you can live a more peaceful life.
 When looking in from the outside, everything seems more beautiful...
(Alot of times when I do my writing, I do it through the inspiration that I get with interacting with others or what goes on in my life. So although I write, the messages often challenge even myself. Today's thoughts, on the surface seems doable but I can see the difficulty in implementing it because it's so philosophical. In theory, it sounds reasonable. But in real life, I'm not sure. Here is another thing I need to think about a little more. My list of things to think about is getting longer. I guess that's what life is all about.)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Life Instructions

Even if we were to be given detailed instructions as to how to live our life, how many of us would follow it. We ask too many questions about our life's purpose and path, that I sometimes wonder if we are actually expecting a response or are we asking only rhetorical questions, which there are no answers. For what are we to do if we were given instructions to live a life of compassion. That would take alot of soul searching on our part. So given instructions to follow, would we get hopelessly lost anyway.That's why the universe does not give very clear directions, for it's up to us to decide the final road we are going to take. Today, be a part of life. It doesn't matter what you do, just do something. It's a beautiful day and you are alive. You don't need instructions on how to live your life, just live it.

If it were only this easy...

(It's funny how I expect life's message to be clear so that I can understand them. Otherwise, I can perceive it anyway that I want, fitting it to my purpose. I guess it's only when we take a step back that we can get a semblance of understanding, even then it may be doubtful. This can get complicated. Still hurting and looking pretty messed up from my fall yesterday, has been a very humbling experience for me. This is how I take it, "You are no better or less than anyone. Sometimes you need to fall on your knees to understand this." More to think about.)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Being True To Who You Are

There are moments when we question ourselves and the path that we have chosen. Not being sure if we have made the right decisions, we may be swayed by what others say or advise us to do. If we were to take a moment to listen to our inner voice, we would know where we are supposed to be. But most of us get caught up with our busy lives that we only hear the loud chatter of the people we surround ourselves with. It's okay to take a path that is different from everyone else. It's okay to start a new trail, which hasn't been explored before. We are different and that's what makes us who we are. We should be celebrating being unique, instead of hiding our shining light. Today, be true to who you are. Believe that the path you are on is leading you to the life you were meant to lead. Be courageous on the journey you have chosen. Because it's knowing who you are that will make all the difference in the world as to where you end up.
She looks so happy...

(Today I went to hear the Dalai Lama speak. It was a once in a lifetime moment and I was looking forward to seeing him. But sometimes the best laid plans go awry. I not only fell, literally on my hand, knees and face but I also fell asleep during the program. I honestly couldn't stay up. After hearing that we are all the same, spiritually, physically, and mentally, I slowly nodded off. Although hearing the Dalai Lama speak was a wonderful experience, I think it was also about listening not only to what my inner voice was saying, but also what my body was also telling me to do. I think I just needed to shut down for awhile after my fall. Thank you M for helping me clean up the bloody mess.)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Live By The Words That You Speak

For many of us, we truly believe what we say when we speak about how we should live our lives. We speak from the heart with good intentions as to living a life of compassion. We try not to speak ill of others and try to live by practicing what we preach, so that every day brings a new learning experience. But what may be truly challenging for many of us, is attempting to live a life that we only speak about. We understand what we need to do to attain a peaceful life, but knowing what is right for us as opposed to doing what we feel to be true is another matter. Today, be still and listen to what you are saying. Then reflect upon your behavior and actions, are they in sinc with your words. If not, how can you put into practice what you know and believe is the key to living the life you've only dreamt about. It's time to live by the words you speak.
We learn all these values when we're in elementary school, now as adults it's more important than ever to remember them...

(Sometimes these messages that I write come from the strangest sources. All I know is when I need help to write, something or someone comes to me with a suggestion. Thank you R, for helping me tonight. Luv ya.)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Having The Strength To Stand Alone

There are those who wish to bind us with their words. Do not let them have control of your mind, body, and spirit. We have the strength to withstand most, but those who we are the most vulnerable to, we will bend to their will. It's not out of anger or spite that they extend their wishes upon us but it is because they are comforted and feel secure that we have their best in mind. But when does the comfort of another take precedence over our safety. These are not children we speak of, for they do need our protection. We are speaking of those like us who have the ability to stand tall for themselves. Be cautious when giving yourself to another for not all have your best interest in mind. Today, guard yourself from those who take advantage of your good nature. You are to walk alone on your journey, with the universe and the spirit within you as your guides. Listen carefully and you will be directed as to what is your next step. If you are not hearing them, then you are listening to the ill advice of others. Do not wander too far, else you will get lost.

It's hard to decide which way to go, if you don't know where you're going...

(I am so used to being in mother mode, that I tend to extend my support to those who may not even be asking for help. I guess that's the dilemma. By helping others too much, am I taking away their ability to stand on their own. How much is too much help? Another thing to think about.)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Looking In The Mirror

Sometimes it's difficult to look in the mirror because we tend to see all. On most days, we can pinpoint a flaw or two, but there are other times when they are all so clearly visible. Knowing that they exist makes us feel vulnerable to the world. Although we've gotten quite good at covering them up, there are moments when we can't hide the ugliness within us. We know what we have to do to rid ourselves of these thoughts, but it's difficult to overcome what our mind tells us is true. Sometimes we may hurt others unintentionally to protect ourselves from what we perceive to be a danger to us. As unreasonable as this may sound, we've done this over and over that we've begun to justify our behavior. That's why we avoid looking in the mirror because mirrors never lie, they only reflect what is standing before them. It's time to open our eyes and see who we are in the moment. Today, see yourself in all your glory. Now is not the time to take action, just reflect. Acknowledge, accept and love the person who you have become. Tomorrow is another day, in which you can worry about what needs to be done to move forward. Just be... for today.
Although we may not know what this is, we can appreciate it's beauty...

(Sometimes I go through life so oblivious to what is happening around me. It's not until something jars me out of my bliss that I stop and look at the whole picture. It's a difficult thing to do when I've been unconsciously trying to avoid the very thing that catches my attention. It's not so hard to recognize the facts for what they are, because they haven't changed since the last time I looked. Mirrors seem to pop up whenever I least expect it. Maybe if I keep my eyes closed, they will just go away.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Universe Cries Out For You

How many of us are caught up in self destructive behaviors? We may say that we have no control over what we do because that is who we are. It is in our nature to respond the same way whether it works for us or not. We either end up fighting or running away. No matter how much encouragement and support we receive, it's so difficult to hear because we are in survivor mode. When our heart beats so loudly, it deafens us to words of reason. All we want to do is to move far away from what scares us or makes us face our fears. The universe cries out for us because like a child these are the times that we need to be loved and cared for. Although we may  seek spiritual guidance only at times of peace, know that the universal energy flows through us where ever we may be. Today, know that you are safe no matter what you are going through. The universe always shelters us from harm, but only you can control your behaviors. Live life knowing you are where you should be.

Don't think so hard, just eat it...

(It's difficult for me to see someone I love hurting so bad because of their self destructive behaviors. I am helpless to do anything because they are deaf to my supportive words. It's as if they know what they are doing, but can't stop themselves from sabotaging their life. All I can do is pray for their safety and know that the universal energy also surrounds them.) 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moving Beyond Our Fears

For most of us questioning our abilities is part of who we are. Wondering if we are up to performing the tasks that we are called upon to do successfully. It is part of our nature to doubt ourselves, because doubting comes from our fears. Whatever they may be, it is amplified when we are forced to face them. Unless we are able to recognize it for what it is, we may become paralyzed and unable to move forward. It will literally stop us from succeeding in what we are trying to achieve. We have the ability to convince ourselves that we are not ready to move to the next level. It is at this time, we need to talk to those who know us well and support our venture. In other words, allow them to be the voice of reason to walk us slowly through our fears. Although they may not vanish all together, we will come to see them for what they are and work through it with determination and the help of others. Today, take a look at what is holding you back from taking the next step. It is natural to question your abilities, but don't let it become a large part of your life. You are where you are because of your strengths and the weaknesses that you have overcome. Acknowledge your fears and know that whatever comes, you are safe. Step away from the negative self talk that bind you and let the universe guide you safely through the life that you deserve.

If you're going to wait for the bus, why not wait here...

(While on my morning walk, I saw this bench at the bus stop. How relaxing is that. Instead of getting frustrated that the bus is late, you can chill watching the people on the beach. Somehow worrying about the same old stuff isn't as bad when you're surrounded by natural beauty.) 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Life's Standards

In life, we all live by standards whether they were set by society, culture, or family. As children, they give us guidance as to what is expected by others of our actions and behaviors. Although they may not be taught to us in a formal setting, we know exactly how we need to live our life to be considered normal. It makes others nervous when we move outside of these boundaries. As we grow older, we may begin to question or push these limits that no longer feel comfortable for us. Without even considering how it may affect the order of things, we may begin living a life that feels more natural for us. It is with true courage that we continue being true to who we are. As long as we are not hurting ourselves or others, we can create a new standard by living a peaceful existence. Today, challenge yourself  and do something different. How brave are you to push the standards that you know and live by? Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do but felt that everyone would question your actions? Ask yourself if it’s your standards that are holding you back or is it your fears? Take a leap of faith and be true to yourself.

It would be easier if we had signs telling us what to do in our life...

(It's easier to just follow what others have done before us. But I know it's not my path to do so. It's hard to forge a path of my own, when I'm not sure where it is that I'm going. Sometimes it's just blind faith that has me going on my journey.)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Deepest Part Of Our Soul

If we were to explore the deepest part of our soul, I wonder what we would discover. If our soul were to have traveled many lifetimes, are we the accumulation of all our experiences. Are we working through the karma of this life or the many past lives that we have lived? Is that why we are never quite sure of our journey because it may have begun thousands of years ago. Has our path connected us to souls we have had relationships before, that never resolved itself and could take us several lifetimes to work through. Maybe that's why some people seem so familiar although we've only met them for the first time. And then there are those who we instinctively recoil from, with feelings of distrust and anger Is it that our souls recognize each other, although we do not? We may never know the answers to these questions, but it is food for thought. In understanding our soul a little better, we may find the answers to the questions we are asking. Today, be still. Listen very carefully and let your soul guide you through the day. There are some important questions which you seek the answers to. If you are very quiet, you will hear them.
It doesn't matter how many lifetimes, he's had. \
Life is simple and he's happy...

( I pass by this guy everyday. He sells his produce seven days a week at the same spot. Each morning, he smiles at me and wishes me "Good Morning". Whether I buy or not, he always has a fruit for me to try. Sometimes I get bogged down with my philosophical thoughts, that I forget how simple life can be. I'm not sure if I could live as this guy does, but I could certainly do with less worries.)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Remembering To Say Thank You

Everyday we have an opportunity to say thank you to our loved ones. To appreciate the joy they bring to our life and acknowledge the support that they give us. But there are so many of us, that take these special people for granted. It's not that we're not aware of how they impact o life, but we forget how important it is to stop and say thank you. To express how grateful we are that we are not traveling our journey alone, but are blessed with the unconditional love of these wonderful people. Know that it wasn't by chance that they are in our life. We are who we are and will be because of them. Today, think about how many people have made a difference in your life. For those that are still impacting your life, tell them how much you love them and appreciate their support. Don't let another day go by without saying thank you.

Sometimes time slips by before we know it...

(Today, more than ever I was made aware of how many special people I have had an opportunity to meet. I know that the universe has blessed me with so many angels who are watching over me. They are always there to remind me that I have purpose in my ife. I wish that everyone could have as many beautiful people in their life as I do.)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Releasing Your Fears

There is so much positive energy flowing throughout the universe that's available to us if we choose to access it. So it's difficult to understand why we would prevent the flow of universal energy, if it is so easily accessible. For many of us, fear actually has the ability to paralyze us from moving. We often times bind ourselves so tightly, living within boundaries that we've created so that we won't be hurt. But a life driven by our fears, is not living but just an existance. We are being suffocated by our struggles to be free of the very thing that keeps us tied. Just knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that will help us to break loose from our bindings may be our saving grace. When we move beyond our fears, we will begin to live a life we were meant to lead. Today, choose one fear to conquer. It may take a day or years to overcome, but if you take it one day at a time you will achieve your goal. As you release your fears, you will see a whole new world open up that is filled with opportunities. Seek and you will be given what you ask for.

It's easy to forget our worries, when we are surrounded by such beauty...

(I sometimes wonder how much more I could do if I could overcome my fears. I've never really sat down to reflect upon what exactly are all my fears but the ones I know for sure do make me think twice about doing things. I wouldn't say that they prevent me from actualizing what I want, but they do make me trip once and awhile. Overcoming one's fears is easier said than done.)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inequality In Life

If theoretically we are all the same, why is it so difficult for us to treat everyone equally. It may be in our nature to focus on differences, so that we are prepared to respond more appropriately to these attributes than to the person themselves. Not knowing the individual when we first meet them, we tend to categorize them initially. But there are some even after the first meeting, they continue to develop a relationship based on what is presented on the outside. Ethnicity, job title, economic status, educational background may all come into play, but these are not the only things that make a person who they are. If we look beyond, we may see the spirit that lies within that truly guides a person on their journey. If we treat everyone as equals, no more or less than who we are ourselves, the world would be a a more peaceful place. Today, be an observer of life. Watch how people act towards each other. Then reflect upon how you have been interacting with others. Is there any differences between yourself and others? Are you treating everyone the same? Giving respect and being gracious to all. Seeing everyone as equal is one thing, believing is another.
I wonder if ducks treat each other differently...

(I would be the first to say that I treat everyone the same, but is this really true. If it were, wouldn't I treat a stranger like I treat my friends and family. This makes one think. Do I? Of course not, so are there levels of equality or is there only one but it is an ongoing process to attain such a lofty goal. Another thing I need to think about.)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Taming Our Spirit

There are times in life when we feel restless within. It may be difficult to explain, but there is a knowing that all is not at peace. We go about our daily tasks, but there is a feeling that we've either forgotten something or something is amiss. When we dream, we are taken to strange and mysterious places. These are moments that we need to be still and quiet our spirit. Sometimes the body, mind, and spirit are not in harmony and when they go in separate ways we are unable to live in peace. Today, be at one with yourself. Release all your fears and worries so that you can hear the voice within.

There are places where our mind, body, and spirit all come together...

(There is a feeling of restlessness within me and  I'm having a difficult time being at peace. I feel as if something or someone is coming but I'm not quite sure what it is. Accepting change is not always so easy when we live by the patterns we have created. Although I understand that whatever comes is part of my journey, there is still aprehension in the not knowing. I think it's best to take a deep breath and reflect on this a little more.) 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Meaning Of Life

What is the meaning of life? To be more specific what is the meaning of our own life? What is the purpose of us being here? We may never know the answer to these questions because they are so philosophical in nature. We'll get as many answers as the people we ask. Depending on their past experiences, educational and cultural background, we may receive a variety of explanations. It's in our nature to ask questions, not that it's the best thing for us to do because sometimes the search for answers keep us from moving forward. Trying to figure out life's puzzles may get frustrating at times because the answer may not come in words but an experience. It's time we release our questions to the universe and live our life knowing our purpose is hidden somewhere in our day to day experience. Know that it's not in the knowing that we find our purpose, it's in the living. Today, be present in all that you do. For it's in the present that you will experience the meaning of life.
On such a beautiful day, we can contemplate about life forever...

(It's so easy to get caught up in my "Why" questions, when I'm walking by myself on such a beautiful day. Although I ask, I'm not expecting any answers to come. I think it just makes me feel better to formulate questions in my mind. Part of the healing process is knowing what you don't know and being okay with that. Or not wanting to know the answers because then I'd have to work on them. Oh well, it's another beautiful day in Paradise.) 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Experiencing Life Firsthand

How many of us commit to becoming better people? To be more forgiving, respectful, and gracious to others? We read passages about how living a life of compassion can help towards achieving our goals. We also surround ourselves with like minded friends, so that we never lose focus on the path that we feel we have been directed to be on. Although we find solace in this peaceful existence, are we actually practicing what we've learned. It's easy to be with others who are like ourselves, rather than struggling to understand those who are so different. But how are we to live a life of compassion, if we don't experience life firsthand. As difficult as it may be, we need to step outside our comfort zone. Trust that the universe will guide us to people who will not only need our help but will help us grow as we continue on our journey. Today, let yourself release the "I" in your vocabulary. Think about how many times you've used this word in your conversation in the last couple of days. Know that as you integrate what you've learned into your life, your path will take you on a journey you never expected. Begin experiencing life firsthand and see what awaits you.

Being in a unfamiliar place is often times disorienting...

(It dawned on me the other day, as I was talking to a friend, how often we use the words "me, myself and I". I think it's in our nature for us to think of ourselves but when referring to spirituality how much are we learning if we are keeping ourselves separate from others. It was then that I thought how are we to truly understand what we are learning unless we experience life firsthand. I guess it's time to go outside and play.)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Holding On Too Tightly

Sometimes we hold so tightly to things that mean the most to us that it seems unimaginable that we may lose them along the way. Life is impermanent. Nothing stays the same. The tighter we hold on to our things and those we love, the harder it is to release them. Whatever fears we have that keeps us from letting go, paralyzes ourselves from moving forward. Things may comfort us and those we love may make us feel safe, but we are missing so much more that the universe has to offer. If we open our arms and trust that the things and people we love will still be there for us, then all is possible while we move forward towards the life we were meant to live. Today, have faith that whatever you do, the people who support and love will always be a part of you no matter where they are. Trust that the things you treasure at this moment, will always hold a special place in your heart even when they are no longer there. Know that the wider you open your arms, accepting the universal flow, miracles await you.

Sometimes we want to capture this moment forever...

(I'm a creature of habit, so it's challenging for me to let things go. I enjoy doing the same things and being with close friends and family. It's hard when they begin to move away and everything seems to change. It's not easy, but I'm trying to accept what the universe is sending my way. Accepting is one thing, understanding is another.)