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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stopping Time

If you were able to stop time what would you do? Would you correct a wrong, fix one of man's ills, or do nothing in that moment but be still within yourself.  Sometimes we become so busy that life seems to pass us by so quickly.  Often times we hear ourselves saying, "If I only had the time I would..." Truly what would you do. Are we so out of touch with what is important that we find it so challenging to stop if just for a moment to reflect?  Today is your moment to do just that.  Think about how you would end that sentence and make the time to do it.  We are not able to stop time at will, so have the will to control your time.

If I could stop time, I would...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Judging Others

It is easier to judge another than ourselves. And is what we are judging just a reflection of what we do not want to see in the mirror if we were to look too long. The errors of our ways, the defects of our physical being, the ugly side of who we are are brought to focus when we judge another. For who can we compare those who are less than, than ourselves.  Using ourselves as judge and jury is difficult and quite unfair because there is no balance nor true clarity. So who are we to judge others, if we cannot be genuine and release the fears that we hold so close within ourselves. Be gentle and compassionate to your spirit and the judge within you will become much wiser.

I am comfortable with who I am

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fate and Destiny

If our fate is our destiny, then what choices do we have. Why is it that we think that fate is the same as destiny? Fate is a result of the actions we have chosen to take in our lives.We experience numerous fates and hopefully we learn from each of them as our life evolves. As we have the same lessons no matter what path we choose, so is our fate. Destiny, on the other hand, is pre-ordained and singular. The end result of where our life has led us. For most, their destiny is to lead a life of simplicity. For those who have lived many lives, it is to continue and pick up where one has left off. The universe leads you to the destiny of your spirit. 

A Moment of Reflection