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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Living Through Our Pain

Although it's easy enough to say that we love someone, what happens when life gets a little rough. Can we feel the other person's pain when we ourselves are also going through a difficult time? When life throws us a curve, it's not that we put aside our own problems, but we willingly accept them for what they are. Whether they are consequences of our actions or lessons we must learn, doing what needs to be done and balancing ourselves quickly is necessary so that we can go on to help others. Living a compassionate life is not easy, for it comes out of chaos. Showing others that we care, takes a pure mind and heart. We all live with pain, it's finding a way to flow with it so that we become stronger in life and continue on our journey. Today, observe others and listen to their stories. You'll be surprised as to how many people are going through difficult times, yet they perservere because of their love for their family and friends. These are the few that go on to help others selflessly. Be one of these few. 
Sometimes we need a little levity in life...

(Although my kids fight with each other, like any other siblings, it warms my heart when they are going through a tough time and they comfort each other. We try hard as parents to teach compassion to our children, but we never know if we are successful until later. It's only when they are older, can we see how much they care for others.) Q, R, and S, I'm so proud of you all.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feeling Good About Yourself

How many of us go through life finding fault with ourselves? We are the first in line to make disparaging comments and last to extend well deserved compliments. Our humble background may have something to do with our modesty or it could be just our esteem issues that we haven't dealt with yet. Whatever the case may be, if we are to live a life of compassion, we must begin with ourselves. Who else needs compassion more than ourselves? The ability to acknowledge our weaknesses and strengths for what they are, is an important part of accepting and understanding who we are. We are no more or less than anyone else. As we begin to feel good about ourselves, we can transfer this feeling towards helping others. Today, treat yourself as if you were your best friend. Do something that expresses how much you love and care for this special person. How different is this from the way you normally treat yourself? Be mindful that how you feel about yourself is reflected in how you treat others.

Glass art makes people feel good...

(I normally feel good about myself, but what helps is when I treat myself to little things that make me smile. Just being at Pike's Market in Seattle makes me happy. I don't even have to buy anything, just walking around and looking at all the flowers, crafts, and food is relaxing. I guess I need to do that more often.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Listening To The Music

Sometimes if we listen very carefully, we are able to hear the music that surrounds us. Since we are bombarded by artificial noise from the time that we awake, it's often times difficult to hear clearly the sounds that come from nature. But by putting the two together, a unique symphony is created. As busy as we are, we still can't help but notice the chaotic sounds that play constantly during the day. Whether it's a car horn blasting or a bird calling to it's mate, they all become intertwined. Take a moment to listen to life's music, for hearing is a gift that we often times take for granted. It's only when it begins to fade away, can we truly appreciate the faint memories that continue flowing in our mind. Today, just listen and be a part of your world.
Even in the midst of chaos, the music still plays...

(Music is a very important part of my life. Although I'm musically challenged and very limited in my repatoire, music still makes me happy. It's wonderful how there is a song for every emotion that we are going through that expresses how we feel just perfectly. The challenge is finding the song or letting it find me. So far I've been very lucky.)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering Those We Love

When we're young, time seems to go by so slowly. It's not until we're older that we value every moment. At that point, life becomes more like a gift that we need to appreciate and be thankful for. There is no time to waste on negative emotions because every day lost, is a day that can never be recaptured. We can't go back and redo what we've said and done. So it's important for us to remember to care for those that we love while they are still here with us. Although life may get in the way, we can make it a point to be quiet and rebalance ourselves. When we lose the people who have made an impact in our life, we only have the special moments to hold on to. So make each day count and live without regrets. Today, take a moment to acknowledge those that you love. Say all the things to them that you were saving for the special moment. Everyday is the perfect day to say "I love you."
The love we have never ends...

(It doesn't matter how long ago someone passes away, their memory is as fresh as the day they left us. The emotions though dulled, still linger in our minds. Sometimes it feels as if it were just yesterday that they left. My love and appreciation for them continues to grow every day.)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stumbling Through Life

There are times in life when we want to do our best, yet we find ourselves stumbling over our own feet. Even with the best intentions, we may make mistakes. But it's natural for us to be less perfect, so we can remember what it's like to be human. We are all alike in that we are not perfect and stumbling helps to humble the best of us. Before we find fault in others, it is best to remember how clumsy we all can be when our path becomes unsteady. Stumbling through life can be rewarding when it slows us down so that we can actually see where we are going and where we have been. By being too careful in life, we may miss the unexpected opportunities that are hidden along the way. Today is all about appreciating the mistakes you make. You learn more about life when you stumble and catch yourself, then when you plod carefully and learn nothing new. Don't be too cautious or you won't see the opportunities that may be laying right before you.

Sometimes if we aren't aware of our surroundings, we can miss alot...

(I almost missed this truck, if I didn't stumble on the sidewalk. It was pretty much in front of my face, but I don't tend to look around when I walk. Although I didn't try it that day, it reminded me to take a little more time to appreciate my surroundings and not to be in such a rush all the time. I miss so much in life, when I don't pay attention to what's important.)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Truth Will Lead The Way

Whenever we feel lost or not sure of how we ended up where we are, think about what we know for sure. The answers may not come quickly to us, but in disjointed thoughts. The visions we once had of our heart's desire have become faded and unfamiliar. The more honest we are with ourselves, the clearer we will become of where we need to be. It's when we fool ourselves in believing that we can be everything to everyone that we begin to lose our way. We accomodate others before ourselves, when it may not be the best for us. Getting used to not listening to our desires gets easier and our inner voice becomes only a whisper as time goes by. Finding our way, comes when the truth leads us back to where we belong. Today, practice being honest with yourself and see where it leads you. Truth is sometimes painful, but so is leading a life which is not yours. Be who you were meant to be.
Let's do this together...

(The hardest thing in life is being honest with ourselves. I've hidden so long behind the role of being a mother and wife that I've forgotten who I was. Finding my way back may be rewarding in the end, but right now the path is unfamiliar to me. Everyday I'm discovering new things about myself that I never knew existed. I like who I'm becoming.)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Start The Day Anew

Every day is an opportunity for us to start anew. It's time to put away all the "I can'ts", "I've never done that before", and the "That's not me" lines. How many times do we keep ourselves from participating in new experiences because of our fears? We have let so many opportunities pass us by because we were scared to try something new. Sometimes being too safe hinders us from moving forward. That's the wonderful thing about life, if we make a mistake we can correct it the next day or if we find that we don't like something, we can appreciate the experience and then move on. The universe has an unlimited amount of patience and will continually guide us on our path. So it would be wise for us to take advantage of all the opportunities that come our way and experience life to the fullest.  Today, enjoy the day. Expect the unexpected and live life trusting that all will come your way for you are truly blessed and loved.
It's mornings like these that we truly want to start the day anew...

(Some mornings I get up and everything seems fresh and I have renewed energy. It's not that I am expecting all to go my way, but there is a knowing that I am okay with myself no matter what happens. I appreciate these days because it is truly a "feel good" kind of day. It's like being insinc with the universe and everything is flowing smoothly.)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Challenging Ourselves

For most of us, creating a life which is safe and comfortable is our goal, but is it our destiny? There is a saying, "Don't get too comfortable because when you do a big change is coming." What is the point of our finding our comfort zone, if the universe has other plans for us? No matter what the universe throws at us, being safe will always be a part of our survival instinct. We will build a nest no matter what is happening in our life. Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves to have the right attitude as we go about adjusting our life around the chaos that comes in and out like a tornado. If we face what comes our way with determination, then we can overcome anything and our life won't be as disturbed. Challenges come every day, so it's up to us to keep our life as balanced as possible, so we can meet them with open arms. Today, greet your challenges with a steady resolve. You can integrate all that come your way into your busy life. No more grumbling, for the universe has a plan for us all.
I may have never been here before, but I trust my GPS to guide me..,

(As I get older, it seems as if I have a harder time adapting to new experiences. That's why I love to travel because it challenges me to get outside of my comfort zone. I have to navigate to places I've never gone before, but once I get there the rewards override my initial fears. If I don't venture out and trust that I'll be okay, then I may not hear what the universe is trying to tell me. I can't wait for my next big adventure. I feel like it's coming soon.)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Learning To Be Patient

One of the most difficult things in life is the act of waiting. Learning to be patient is a skill worth developing, but often times overlooked. Our life moves so quickly that we have become used to doing multiple things at once while we are constantly on the go. Everything we do is completed within a short period of time because we've got other things that we have to do. Whether we don't have the time or it's impossible for us to slow down, being still is rare for most of us. But learning to be patient is such an important skill to attain because it helps us to appreciate and value what is to come. If things come too quickly, we tire of it and move on without thought to what we have received. By being patient, we discover more about ourself and the life we lead. Today, move slowly. Whatever you are asking for will come, so why rush the moment. Take life one day at a time and everything will fall into place.
While we are still, we can appreciate the beauty that surrounds us...

(I thought I was a patient person, but these last couple of days have me moving quickly in life. I know I can't hurry certain things along, but I sometimes I wish I could. Waiting for things to transpire can be the most exciting thing. At this time, I am waiting for life to unfold.)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Believing In Something

Everyone believes in something beyond ourselves. Whether it's a higher source that guides our actions or in proven facts, it's a belief system that we base our decisions on. The challenge comes when we begin to judge others based on our personal beliefs. If we are all unique, who are we to say that we should all conform to one belief system. As compassionate beings, are we not to accept others as they are, each of us working on our own personal journey. Who is to say that something that is working for us, may fit another who is very different. Is it not enough to respect another person's belief in life, if it is to help others? If we start believing in each other, we may one day achieve peace within ourselves. Today, reflect upon your own beliefs. How are they guiding your behavior and decisions? Are you living a life of compassion or is it a life of self importance? Let your beliefs reflect your true inner spirit.
We may not understand, but we can respect what is peacful...

(I thought understanding was important, but there is more importance in respecting another person. I found that people may not understand who I am, but they do respect what I do. I had to think about this for awhile, but I've come to be okay with that. Sometimes I don't even understand myself, but I do feel good about who I am.) 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Letting Happiness Into Our Life

We all know someone who always seems disgruntled about life. Nothing ever seems to go right for these people or so they say. If we try to remind them of the good fortune that surrounds us, they will agree that for some people that is true but not for them. So what do we say to those that have chosen such a negative path to walk. Actually there is nothing to say, for they work as hard as we do to be where they are. We are fortunate to have these people in our life for it gives us an opportunity to reflect upon our own life and see where we are being negative and change the course of our own perspective. Appreciate these people for we are all in each others' life for a purpose. Be mindful that negativity does not venture into your own life. Today, be aware of all that you say and do. Be grateful for everyone that has touched your life, for they are now a part of who you are. You choose everyday as to the type of person you will be, so choose wisely. For it is a choice to let happiness into your life.
To see the beauty that surrounds us is a gift...

(Sometimes it's irritating being around people who are negative all the time, but there is purpose in all of our relationships. Although it's not easy, I'm learning to look at myself whenever I'm in the presence of people who are unhappy with life. It makes me appreciate what I have and the people in my life who remind me how truly blessed I am.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Keeping Our Committments

When our life gets out of sorts,it's more important than ever to remember our commitments. For they keep us balanced and remind us who we are. But when things get a little chaotic, we tend to forget the promises that we have made and blame life for getting in the way. Commitments reflect where we are, so if we want to get a better idea of what is going on in our life, we need to take a closer look at our commitments. They are our guiding posts in keeping us safe on our journey, so that we don't detour off our path. Today, think about the commitments you have made. Are they truly a reflections of where you are today. If not, make some revisions so that they do reflect what is important in your life. Keep your commitments, for they will help you to move closer towards your heart's desires.
How hard is it to commit to going to the beach once a week...

(You would think it wouldn't be that difficult, but it is. Time seems to be the enemy for me. But I guess it's remembering what I've committed to. Today, I made a commitment to go into the water at least once a week. I'm learning to take care of my mind, body, and spirit, in a way that feels right for me. Returning to the water after 35 years was wonderful. It was time for me to enjoy the ocean again.)

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Reflection Of Our Friendships

If you want to know more about yourself, just look at your friends, for you are truly a reflection of who they are. They say that water seeks it's own level, and as such, we gravitate towards people that are similar to us in nature. That's why we find these people so comfortable to be around and we place our trust in them. And as it happens as we change, so do our friendships. Those that we had close ties to, no longer seem to understand who we are and are so different from us. The relationship is not what it used to be and misunderstandings seem more common than not. If this is the case, it is time to move on and build new relationships that will nurture our spirit. The universe guides us towards those who will care for us. Today, take a moment to reflect on your friendships. Are they loving towards you and others or are they toxic? There is a reason for all our relationships, just make sure that the ones around you are there to love you, not harm you. You deserve to be cared for and nurtured, it is your destiny.
We should have signs to protect us against toxic friends...

(I'm not sure if the universe always guides us towards friends who care for us. I guess it may be that in teaching us lessons we become stronger, so therefore, we will be able to discern more carefully who is truly our friends. Sometimes I'm not great in judging who has my best interests in mind. But if I am truly a reflection of my friends, then I must be an angel because all of them are heaven bound.)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Calm In The Midst Of Chaos

Even though there is chaos in our life, there is still an opportunity to remain calm. If we are able to reach a state of being at peace, it doesn't matter what is happening around us we can still center ourselves. There will always be chaos, for that is how life continues to flourish. Although it's sometimes a  difficult path to walk, we learn and grow from adversity. And at some point in our life, we hopefully come to the conclusion that there is no purpose in fighting or stuggling against what will eventually be, but to become calm in the midst of the storm. When our mind, body, and spirit are at peace, we can then truly begin to hear what our spirit is saying. And in the message we receive, we find our truth. Today, do something that makes you smile. It's funny, but sometimes the smallest gifts bring us the most joy. Leave your worries behind for a moment and see the world with rose colored glasses. Enjoy the day.
Sometimes simple pleasures are the most satisfying...
(Although living so close to the beach, I hadn't gone for ages. So just to sit and do nothing was so relaxing. I had forgotten how peaceful it can be. My daughter and I had an evening picnic and enjoyed watching the other beach goers. This definately can become habit forming.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Looking Into The Future

If it were possible, how many of us would like to have the ability to see into  the future? Would the way we live our life change knowing what will happen before it occurs? Although most of us have said at one time or another, "I wish I knew what was going to happen", would we have truly done things so differently. Part of living our life is the anticipation of what is to come. The not knowing teaches us to be flexible and open to whatever comes our way. If we were always prepared because we know the future, there wouldn't be anything to look forward to. Although for some of us, the not knowing can be a pretty scary place to be. Knowing what we've achieved after overcoming adversity, helps us to understand that we don't need to know our future to live life to the fullest. Learning to enjoy and experience where we are in the present is truly a gift. Today, contemplate on the moment. Leave the future where it is, for it will come soon enough. And like in the past, you will overcome all the obstacles that come your way.  When you trust in yourself, there is no need to look into the future.  
What can she tell you that you don't already know...

(I don't tend to ask about my future because I'm too scared to find out what will happen. It's not that I'm afraid that there may be something bad that happens, but it just gives me more to worry about. Remember I tend to be controlling, so organizing the present is difficult as is then having the future to deal with also. I'd have to plan for something that hasn't even occurred yet. No, I think I'll leave the future where it is, a second or two ahead of me.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When It's Time To Say Goodbye

What do we do when there are no words left to say? We are told that what happens in our life is a direct consequence of what we have done. So if we want to know what went wrong, we can go back to our past actions. Would we change anything, if we knew how things would turn out. It may be a moot point because we wouldn't know what we know now, so we probably would do the same thing. It's in our nature to try to say the right things in the moment, but sometimes it's better not to say anything. They say that we learn courage and gain inner strength though adversity, but no one said how painful it can be. The best thing at this time is to be still. Today, just be. Although your world may be falling apart, be in the moment. Take care of yourself and let the universe nurture your soul.
No matter what is going on in the world, beauty exists...

(I've never been at a loss of words, but today I am. There is nothing more I can say that will change the situation. Maybe it's the loss of control that makes me sad, knowing that whatever I do, it may not be enough or even yet too late. I will be still and see what happens.)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Opening Our Arms To New Things

When we live life thinking how things should be, we miss out on how life could be. Sometimes we are so set in our ways that all we can see is our way or no way. It is in our nature to create a life that is comfortable for us. Anything outside of what we consider safe is wrong. That would include what others say and do. Our view of life is simple: black or white, right or wrong. Although it may seem that we listen to what others say and are open to new ideas, once there are decisions to be made, we go back to what we know to be true. It is scary for us to go outside of our comfort zone because we're not sure if we will get hurt. Fear has a lot to do with going beyond the boundaries that we have erected around ourselves. When anyone gets too close to changing what is familiar to us, we either react in anger towards that person or we outright reject their idea. This prevents our mind, body, and spirit from growing. Life is about trying new things and exploring possibilities. If we live life to the the fullest, we will achieve all we set out to attain. Today, be still. Be aware of how you initially react towards change. Are you as open as you say you are or do you get frustrated when others try to introduce you to new things? Be mindful of how you are responding to others, for being a part of the universe means that change is constant. Release your fears and accept what comes your way with open arms and all will be well.
Try the falafel, it's really good...

(Trying new things comes naturally for me, but I understand how some people do have difficulty being introduced to new things. It becomes very distruptive because it changes what you know to be true. I guess if you look at it from a perspective that it adds to your life, instead being a threat, it may be more accepted. In my family, I have those who open their arms to new things and those that, if able, would keep walking on. How different people are.)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Asking For Help

For many of us, it's easier to come to the aid of others than it is to ask for help. It's in our nature to be more comfortable in nurturing and caring for those in need. But there are times, although rare, that even we need a shoulder to lean on. Trusting others may seem difficult because it leaves us open to hurt and pain. But by asking for help, we may be teaching those who aren't nurturers by heart to learn to extend themselves to others. It is part of our journey to be part of the universal circle which is compassionate to all. Today, think about where you are in the circle. Are you more of a giver, taker, or both? By completing the circle, you begin to understand the important role you play in so many people's lives.
Sometimes in asking, you get what you want...
(Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. I think it's great that there are days that remind us to appreciate those we love. Although we should be doing this on a daily basis, it's good to have a special day for everyone. It's like having a birthday twice a year. I saw this rainbow cake in a cooking magazine last night and showed it to my daughter. This is her first attempt at baking a multi-layer cake. Doesn't it look good. She and I will be having a picnic this evening on the beach. What a relaxing way to close out this special day.)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Choosing Those In Our Life

What if we were able to choose the people who are in our life? From selecting who our parents are, to those who impact our life. Whether our relationship is for a short period or an extended time, what if we could predetermine the people who will shape the person we become. Then it would go without saying, that those we meet whether we like them or not are in our life for a reason. If this is the way it works, then when we ask ourselves "Why is this person in my life?", the answer would be because you asked for them to present at this time. Whether it's to remind us about what we should be doing or how we should be behaving, everyone we meet is critical to our existence. Whether we have the ability to choose the people in our life or not, it is time to acknowledge and appreciate all who have helped in making us into the person we were meant to be.  Today, think about all the people that are in your life. Why have you selected them and what are they teaching you? When you think that the people you are with are not just randomly put in your life, but a choice you made, you tend to look at things a little differently. If you do have a choice who is in your life, you would think you would have been so much more easier on yourself.
We are where we are meant to be...

(This message gives so much food for thought. If I chose to be with the people who are in my life, then I have to think "Why?". Why did I choose my husband, my children, friends, the strangers I meet? For each one, I have a different reason. But is it for me to understand or is it just information only. The important part may be to think of the concept and live my life as best as I can. This will take a lot of time to ponder over.) 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fighting For What We Want

When did things change so much that we are no longer satisfied with the way our life is going. We may not even be aware of what our dreams and desires are anymore because it’s been so long since we thought about them. Is it a matter of us getting too comfortable that we have gone along with the status quo, not caring whether or not we are living the life we dreamt about. If this is the case, then how scary would it be to begin identifying what we want out of life. For now, not being sure of where we are is a good place to be, for it may lead us to the truth. Not knowing may be a good place to start exploring who we are and where we are going. Some of us have gotten too comfortable being unhappy because it seems too difficult to find our way out of the situation we are in. We’ve gotten used to being disgruntled with life and the people that surround us. But think, is this the life you had intended to lead? There is purpose in our lives if we choose to take up the challenge. Knowing that something is different within us is the first step towards acknowledging that it’s time for us to move forward and fight for the life that we were meant to have. Today, think about where you are in your life? Is there something that you have thought about, but never gave yourself a chance to pursue? You can attain your heart’s desire if you have the strength to fight for what you want.
Go ahead and have some...

(You would think that when a person gets to be my age that I would indulge more than I do. I'm not sure if it's culture, gender, or just who I am, but I find that I think too much when it comes time to getting what I want. It's not so much going with the status quo or the challenge of attaining my desires, it's more the level of the wanting. If I really want it then it's mine, but if not it'll sit for awhile. I guess it's all a personal choice. But the seafood boil was something that I did want and enjoyed. Yum!)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Loving Unconditionally

In this chaotic world we live in, how many of us can say that we are blessed with someone who gifts us with love unconditionally? Most of us would refer to a parent/child relationship, where love and trust have no boundaries. But what about our other relationships, what kind of foundation are they built upon. Although love may be described in so many ways, having someone love us unconditionally give us the freedom to be ourselves. We don't have to prove we are something that we are not, for they will love us for who we are. All the walls that we build because of our fears come tumbling down because we know we are safe. Being loved unconditionally is a true gift, which should be acknowledged and appreciated. For receiving such a love is to be valued. Today, think about your relationships. Be  mindful of not only the love you receive, but the love you extend unconditionally to others. Know that your love will grow stronger when it is reciprocated.
How easy it is to love our pets unconditionally...

(I never really thought about the different kinds of love that we share with others, but after reading this message, I realized that there are only a handful of people that I love unconditionally. I don't count my children because they are a part of me, so that would be like loving myself. But in loving others come responsibility. It's a serious thing, this loving unconditionally. I have to think more about this.) 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Letting Go

It's in our nature to hold on to whatever gives us comfort and makes us feel safe. Sometimes we hold on too tightly for fear we may lose what we already have. But in doing this, we may give up the opportunity to bring other things into our lives. We let slip away so many experiences that the universe wants to share with us. When we concentrate so hard on keeping the things we love close to us, we have a difficult time seeing the beauty that surrounds us. Our fears of losing the people we love are reflected in our possessive behaviors, which may actually serve to push them away. When we are in the state of fear, we are not being who we were meant to be. Trusting that we are provided with everything we need may be a difficult concept to understand. But by letting go, we will find that those we love will continue to love us on their own accord. Today, be still in the moment. Think about your loved ones and what makes them so special. Know that by letting go of the fears that surround your relationships, you will discover that they become more meaningful than you can imagine.
Sometimes we aren't open to change...

(This message came to me after I spoke to a young man about his relationship. He was so afraid that the young girl he had met was going to leave him that he worried about it daily. I asked if he spoke to her about it and he said "no". But listening further, I found that his behaviors were reflecting his fears. He is not alone in his fears. I think we all worry at one time or another about our loved ones. I ask myself, "Is what you are worrying about real?" If the answer is no, I let it go. Too much fears, keep me from participating in life.)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Letting Our Questions Lead Our Way

In our efforts to find peace in a chaotic world, there are so many questions we need answers to. But when our lives are in turmoil, our questions reflect our indecisiveness. Sometimes in hindsight, we are able to understand that there were answers, in not having the answers.  When we reflect more upon the questions we ask, we find that knowing the answers weren't as important as we thought. Our questions may tell us more about ourselves, then the answers we hope to receive. They reflect who we are and where we are on our journey.  If there is any chance in finding peace in our life, we need to begin with what we want to know to be true. The questions we ask will lead our way. Today, pay attention to the questions you are asking. How are they shaping who you are? There are so many things that you ask about that clutter your mind. Be conscious of what you are asking and then listen very carefully, for many of the answers you seek come from within you.
Somethings are just meant to experience...

(It dawned on me today, how many questions I ask because of the need to know. But if I were to gather all my questions, it may tell me about how I am doing for the day. I think when I'm feeling scattered, I tend to ask more questions because I'm not sure about my decision making capacity. On the other hand, when my day is going well, I don't need to ask so many questions because I'm feeling more confident in what I am doing. There is no time for questioning myself when I am driven. Just more things to ponder on.)

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Balance In Life

Everyday we are given an opportunity to achieve our goals. To put our best foot forward and to correct our past mistakes, but how many of us do this on a daily basis. For many of us, we may put off what we can do today for tomorrow, then live a life regretting what we could have accomplished. Although it may seem that we have to do everything at once, this may not be the case. Finding a balance in our life, helps us to maintain a steady momentum in reaching our goals. Taking the time to not only work towards our heart's desires, but to spend time celebrating our accomplishments. We can capture all of our dreams, if we let some of them come to us instead of chasing after them. Today, take a moment to be still. Let all thoughts be where they may. Where no thought is valued as much as a busy mind. For in letting your mind wander, you may be able to see your life more clearly.
This is a place where our thoughts are not needed...

(It's quiet and calm again, yet I am missing the chaos that my family has brought me this past week. I have created a balance in my life which I appreciate, but there are times when the universe wants to shake things up a bit. It reminds me that I am not in control as I'd like to be.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Living Life Pleasuring Others

Sometimes we lose ourselves when we live life only to please others. When the happiness and comfort of others come before our own, it may lead to regrets. We let others guide us on our journey because we are too busy trying to support them on theirs. If we were to stop and ask ourselves what is our heart's desire, the answer may not come as quickly as we would think. It's not that we don't have any desires, but it's been so long since we've thought about ourselves that we may not recall what they were. Our lives become so entwined with those we love, that it is difficult to separate their wants and needs from our own. Although we care for those we love, to lose ourselves in the process is dangerous. At some point in our life, when we reflect upon the choices we have made, hopefully they were made with good intentions for all. Our life is about treating ourselves, as well as, others with compassion. Today, think about all that you do for everyone, then do one of those things for yourself. You have the ability to do so much, so begin by caring for yourself as much as you care for those you love. Take pleasure in walking on your own path.

Sometimes we don't go where we want by sitting in the back seat...

(This weekend, I followed. Although I wasn't able to do as much as I would have liked, I was okay because this trip was about family. It was crazy, but what would I expect with 3 grown children traveling over 2 hours together. This trip wasn't about me, but pleasuring others. Tomorrow I'll be traveling by myself, that's when it'll be my time for pleasure.)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Watching Life Go By

Sometimes when we're not sure of what to do, it's okay to watch life go by. It's in our nature to want to move things along and by doing so, we may not make the best decisions. But for some of us, any decision is better than none. It's times like these that if we had waited to think about how our behaviors and actions have consequences way into the future, we may have reflected upon our situation a little longer. We assume that others wait for our responses far longer than they actually do. We'd be surprise that the amount of time we spend waiting to respond seems much longer to us than it does to others. Sometimes the answers may come quickly or in some cases may not come at all. It's through our experiences that we find many of our answers. Today, be patient with yourself. Don't stress yourself needlessly. Be okay with who you are and what you don't know because all will be revealed in time.

Watching life go by is easier on a beautiful day...

(As a person who has difficulty not doing anything, watching life go by isn't easy. I'm always planning or organizing in my head. Although I understand the importance of just "being", it's a work in progress for now. Being together with family this weekend is helping me to relax.)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Leaving Ourselves Vulnerable To Others

Why do we find that trusting others is such a difficult thing to do? To leave ourselves open to the hurt that others may inflict upon us is against our nature. We want to be able to trust that our loved one will do us no harm and that our relationship will last the test of time. But if this is so, why then do we go about hurting each other needlessly and saying words that we know will break each other hearts? When pride has us lashing out instead of caring for the person we love. And even after all the craziness, why is it that our heart continues to believe in forever? Pride is so useless when it makes us deaf to the suffering we are causing and turns us into something that we are not. When all is said and done, leaving ourselves vulnerable to others is a work in progress but there is so much we can learn when we do. Today, think about your relationships and how you are behaving with your loved ones. Are you as loving and caring as you once were? Are you being true to yourself or reacting to the words you are hearing? Be still and remember who you are before you speak. Let your words reflect only the compassion that is within your heart.
Sometimes things are not what they seem...

(It hurts me to hear another couple going through a silly misunderstanding, leaving both feeling unloved. Hurtful words being tossed around, but reaching their target successfully. It's so much clearer being an observer, but there is nothing I can do. Hopefully, these two people wake up and see how destructive their words are having on each other. It's a lonely road, living only with our pride.)

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Sometimes in life, we have a knowing inside of us that we can't explain. We don't have evidence that what we are feeling will actually occur, but the sense of what is to come is so strong. So we wait. Wait for what we know will be, what will happen. But if we are victims to our fate, why is it that we are being given a glimpse of what is to be. What is the purpose of knowing something is going to happen before it's time? What are we to do with the information? For many of us, we may replay the information we have been given, over and over. But to what purpose do we do this. Can it be that we are given glimpses just to prepare us so we are not blindsided and make a mistake by avoiding the situation as we most likely would do if not warned? We need to be more aware of the messages we receive in life, so we can make the most of the opportunities that come our way. Today, think about the messages that you've been receiving lately. Have the same issues been coming up repeatedly? Are you thinking about something you've never had the chance to resolve? Now is the time, to bring all that has been forgotten to the forefront. Address what has been lost to you, for the answers will now be presented to you and you will know what needs to be accomplished. To know is empowering.
Looking in the sky, we often times find the answers...
(There are things that I know, but continue to doubt myself. What do I know? So I wait to see if they transpire. I now understand that it's not the knowing that is important, but how I am reacting to what I know. Also how will I truly respond if everything that I know transpires. I won't really know until it happens. More to think about.)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gentle Flowing Down The Stream

Sometimes in life, we may feel as if we are not making any progress. Our life has become mundane and without purpose. We may look at others in comparison and question ourselves as to when life had become less fulfilling. Although it may seem as if we are not moving forward, this is not the case. Like water, we flow gently down the stream and are in constant motion. Every experience that we have is new, every moment we have in life, we have created. We have opportunities to change the direction we are headed. There are no excuses as to why we are in the position we find ourselves in. As the water continues to flow down the stream, we should move forward in life. Today, find peace in what you do. You may not be where you feel you should be at this time, but know that when you have peace in your heart everything will be fine. When this happens, it doesn't matter where you are, you will be able to find beauty in the world. It is not your surroundings that you should rely on to bring you serenity, it is your inner spirit which guides you.

The ocean always brings peace to my soul...
(Watching a stream flow the other day, I realized that we do not ride on the water but are the water. I've always visualized maneuvering over rocks and being in rough water, but looking at the water I felt as if I was flowing with it. We go through life like the water in the stream, never stopping, but always moving forward. This makes sense to me.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Looking At Life From A Different Perspective

When life begins to fall down on our head, we tend to blame the universe. Something must be happening because everything is going wrong. It's pouring rain and I forgot my umbrella. My keys are locked in the car, so I'm getting soaking wet. Now my car won't start. There are many times, when our life becomes so chaotic that it seems as if we are living a comedy. When we actually lift our hands up and say, "I surrender". At that time, we open ourselves up to what needs to be done. It's not your life that is in chaos, for that is what life is about. It may be about how we go about handling the chaos. Take a moment to pause and clean up the mess around you. Completing one task at a time, instead of letting the whole situation overwhelm you. We have the experience and skills to accomplish anything. So let's tackle our chaos with a smile. Today, take a deep breath and move forward. By taking a step at a time, you can walk through the chaos that is occurring around you. Don't forget that there is help all around you, you only have to ask.

Do you think he stresses about his life...

(It's funny how chaos is shared. When our loved ones' lives are in turmoil, somehow it becomes our chaos. But as it passes from one person to another, it gets watered down. And the further along it goes, the perspective gets a little more logical. Today, I'm the second person, so the chaos is still pretty wild. That's okay, we're all in this together. S, you can still turn this into a great day.)