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Friday, March 22, 2013

Being At Peace With Ourselves

Sometimes it takes us awhile to realize that we are not at peace with ourselves. Our life moves at such a fast pace, that we don't notice where we are until we've missed where we should have been. We sometimes surpass our own goals, which has us keeping up with a life that we never intended to live. It's time to slow down, when we can't even remember what our priorities are anymore. We forget that we are responsible for the life we've created. At some point, it's important for us to take the time to catch our breath. Being at peace with ourselves is not the same as having a peaceful life. We can live a chaotic life and still be at peace within ourselves. Peace surrounds us all the time, when we're ready it will be ours to have. Today, be still. There is no need to move quickly, for in our haste to get from one place to another, we are missing so much. Being at peace is a place where only you know where to find.)
Playing until the last rays are gone...
(I'm not sure if I will ever be at peace. It's not for the lack of trying, but wanting it and achieving it is two separate things. At first, I thought to attain peace, a person would have to separate themselves from others. But now I understand, that achieving peace can be attained anywhere. It is a state of mind. To be at peace wihin myself , I will have to acknowledge who I am and be able to love myself as I am. At this point, it's a work in progress.)

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