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Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's Time To Let Go

Sometimes you hold on to things for far too long, even though they no longer hold any meaning. The feelings you say you have are from the past. You remember what is no longer, but you have difficulty letting go. It's harder for you to think that you can live without, than it is to walk away. It's painful letting things go on as they are because no one ever wins.  Memories of what was, are slowly fading away. What was once so beautiful, is not so clear anymore. Pretending or creating something that doesn't exist takes you away from the path that the universe has created for you. Everyone hurts in the long run, but being a compassionate person you will not intentional hurt others. But it's time to let go of what was not yours to hold on to in the first place. When feelings for another is no longer, then it's time to let go and let the healing of the spirit begin.
Let's end where we began...

Friday, August 30, 2013

You Are So Much More

When you are feeling that you are less than, know that you are so much more than you can ever imagine. It's difficult for us to describe how much you will make an impact on others in your lifetime, if you do not believe in yourself. Everyday is a struggle when you are living with self doubt. You are blind to the beauty we see within you. If you could look into our eyes and see what is reflected, you would be amazed. What a difference between the person you believe you are and the courageous spirit that stands before us. Know that you are so much more and when you are ready to continue your journey, we will be waiting to walk besides you. As you venture on your unique path, your destiny will unfold before your eyes.
The sun is always shining behind the clouds...

(How much more is there within me? I'm giving so much attention to my own personal needs, that the universal plan, which guides me on my journey, has been taking a back seat. If I pause for a moment, things may become clearer. It seems the crazier life gets, the more I need to relax.)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

What If There Was Nothing

Sometimes it seems as if the universe has nothing to offer you. You feel the emptiness, which seems to surround you. You are only a drop in a vast ocean. What is your significance, if yourself do not know the meaning of your life. There is sadness in the not knowing where you fit. But why is it important that you know the answers to these questions. For you must continue to live. To fulfill your needs and become who it seems you must. In the desire to just be who you seemed destined to be, comes understanding. That you are here not to determine your place in the universe, but to just be. Being a part of all living things that interact to create an ever evolving energy source. What if there was nothing? Then there would be everything that matters.
Just being is enough...

(I've had this thought lately that nothing is everything. Wanting more only binds me to what I am trying to avoid. It's like being in a prison that I've created myself. If I let everything go, then it seems as if everything I need flows back to me. No promises, no forever. Sometimes when I 'm in the process of releasing, I am able to hear and understand more around me. This is so confusing, yet simple in thought)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On This Auspicious Day

Today is an auspicious day for all. The universe will open up and the light will shine upon everyone. Engage in activities that focus on your strengths. Think  positive thoughts that will support all that you do and wish for. Today is a day that will bring the change in your life that you have wanted. The people you meet and the places you go will be an important part of your future. Although you may not see the connection of what you experience today till later, it will be made clearer hindsight. What happens today will impact your tomorrow. You may not have all the answers to your questions. Live with faith today. You can make your dreams come true, if you believe that your life is auspicious on this day.
Life above the clouds...

(Being above the clouds is an awesome feeling. It's as close to heaven while being here on earth at the same time. There is no need for words, just being is enough. Sometimes, I don't have to want anything because I have everything. I am balanced on this auspicious day. Filled with appreciation and gratitude I will go through the day.)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Storyteller

There is a storyteller in you that yearns to tell tales of the past, present, and future. How wonderful it would be to have children of all ages sitting at your feet captured by the stories you tell. Whether the stories are based on truth or feelings that you want to share, how fulfilling it would be to have others listen and hear what you have to say. There is a storyteller in everyone, wanting to help others through a story. You all have the gift to love and support those in need with just healing words. There are stories to tell that need to be shared with the world. Believe in all that you have to say and trust that the words will come when they need to.
Close your eyes and just feel the energy that flows around you...

(I tell stories all the time. Stories that are filled with "what if's". I think the purpose of sharing stories is to make others think and question. I know a very talented storyteller. Her gift is to make people comfortable by her "talking story" style. She brings people together and heals them with her gracious and welcoming ways. Although we are all storytellers, for some it's their passion and purpose in life. D- You are a natural storyteller that will heal many with your voice and chants. Tell your stories and they will come.) 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Walking The Talk

You, who speak of compassion, have difficulty helping your neighbors. You, who are the first to help the sick, the poor, and those in need, have no empathy for your co-workers. You are familiar with the words of wisdom that come from the masters and meditate each day so that you can better yourself, but yet you are very clear as to who receives your aid. You are blind to the walls you've erected over the years that separates yourself from others. You see yourself as a compassionate person because all who you have chosen to help are less than you. But if take away all that you've learned, you would be stripped of judgement. You would be no more or less than anyone else. You would be the reflection of all who stands before you. When you open your heart and your mind to all who need your help, no matter who they are, then you will truly be walking the talk. 
It's like looking into a mirror...

(I spoke to someone who thought that these messages come from me. I tried to explain that I get messages in my mind and all I do is write them down. That's why I too comment on what I write. I think we are all here to learn life lessons, while enjoying life along the way. I don't think it's supposed to be so hard that we stop being happy. If I walk slowly, I should be able to keep up with what I say.)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

If Time Could Stand Still

If time could stand still, what would you do. If there was no past or future, all there was the present. How easy or difficult would that be for you. For those who live in the past, reliving all their mistakes. Thinking about "if only's", how difficult would it be to live just for the moment. There are no mistakes to correct only today, to do the best you can. And what about those who live in the future. Not concentrating on where you are right now because you are planning for tomorrow. In the present, you never have to worry about what is coming because there is only today to enjoy. The present is what the universe gifts to you each day. It is a blessing to live life to the fullest, no more, no less.
If time could stand still...

(I am a person who lives for tomorrow. I have to stop myself every once and awhile, otherwise I'll miss so many things in life. Since I am always planning, it makes me uncomfortable to be still. Waiting in lines, I'm reading magazine covers. At stop lights, I'm thinking about what I'll be doing next. Walking in the malls, I'm writing lists in my head. I literally have to turn off the light at night. Being in the moment is truly a precious gift to me.) 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Letting The Light Shine Upon You

Today the Universal light shines upon you, so open your heart and accept what is being given to you. Believe that you are living the life you were meant to lead. With all the blessings and love that you need to reach your potential, the universe is shifting to grant you your wish. Trust in yourself and all that you are here to be. As you go through life, you will impact so many others. By being a compassionate spirit, you will not only give but receive love beyond what you envision. Be open to all that comes your way and you will flow with the universal energy with ease.
Finding your place to be...

(Today was a special day, when the universal light was supposed to shine a little brighter. By opening to whatever it has to offer us, we clear our way of debris. I was at the top of Haleakala when I said words of appreciation and thanks to all who support and guide me along my path. I didn't plan to be there for this day, but trust the universe to put us where we belong.)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hiding Behind A Mask

What kind of mask are you wearing that prevents others from seeing who you really are? You are so used to pretending to be someone who you feel others would like, that you have lost faith in who you are. Your true feelings are hidden behind smiles that you've pasted on your face. Tears are held because you feel that no one would understand the sadness that sometimes lay within. What if you were to take off the mask that you are so used to wearing? What if you were to find that others would accept you for who you are, not who you pretend to be? When you become comfortable with who you are, then your beauty will reflect the spirit that shines within you. At that time there will be no purpose for a mask that you no longer need. Know that we love and believe in you.
Seeing the natural beauty in all things...

(As I get older, I don't have time to pretend to be who I am not. There is so much to do and so little time, that I would get confused if I'm not myself. How would others trust me, if I'm not true to myself. It's not easy being who I am because the person I am is still evolving. There is beauty in us all, now all we have to do is start believing in who we are.)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Freedom To Be

Remove all boundaries that keep you from being whoever you want to be. There are no rules, but your own that prohibit you from being unique. You claim to know yourself and who you are meant to be, yet you've only just skimmed the surface of your potential. Even if you were to know all, there is still a part of you that hides, even from yourself. When you are able to acknowledge all parts of yourself, then everything is possible. Every day you have the opportunity to impact the world, but for today it's just about being comfortable with who you are. There are days that you will make mistakes and do nothing more than just getting out of bed. But on other days, you will move mountains and be the change that will make things happen. Having the courage to just enjoy the day however you want to, is the first step to being free. No rules, no boundaries, just the freedom to be.
A place of serenity...

(As I get older, I find that I seek structure and a quiet life. Yet, I am conscious of the work I still need to do. Sometimes I think that the universe and I have two different goals. Then I realize that it's my focus on peace and serenity that is an asset in what I need to do. I seek order in chaos, quiet among the noise, and laughter where there is misery. It's like finding a small light shining through the darkness. We are all unique and it's having the freedom to be, that we find our value.)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Beginnings

If you could begin again, at what point would that be? What would you do that would be so different from what you have already done? Would you know more than what you know at this time? Would all your experiences, all the people you have met, the special moments be gone from your memory? When you make wishes of this magnitude, do you think about the consequences? Of course not, that is the purpose of "What if's". Going back in time gives you a break from the realities of life. But it's only by going back to the past, that you realize the gifts you are seeking are right in front of you. Every day is a new beginning, where you have the opportunity to live the life you envision. Instead of regretting what you have missed out in the past, move forward with anticipation that the universe has opportunities waiting for you.
New beginnings...

(I don't spend too much time looking backwards, because I have so much to do in the future. Sometimes I give myself permission to lean backwards to relax for just a moment. I can visit the past anytime I want to by going down memory lane with my friends and family. In fact, they have better memories than I do. The past has helped me get to where I am today, but the present is where I need to be to appreciate where I am going.)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Clearing The Air

Sometimes you may feel as if your head is in the clouds. Your thoughts are muffled and making decisions is harder than usual. It's not as if anything around you has changed. It's just a feeling that all is not right. As if you are flowing against the universal energy and are getting tired of the never ending struggle. Hard as you try you can't seem to think clearly. It may be that at this time, you need to slow down and get back to nature. Take off your shoes and feel the grass growing beneath your feet. Walk in the park and be around the animals. The beach is also a great place to slow down just a beat. Find a place where you can clear the air, rejuvenate your inner spirit, and find the peace you seek. 
Nature heals all...

(The universe is moving at such a fast pace at this time, that we need to stop and take a breath. I don't think we need to worry about not catching up because when we're ready, the universe will welcome us back. I go in and out all the time. Depending on how crazy my day is, I sometimes have to take a break. Walking on the beach or just taking my shoes off and standing on the grass makes me feel steady again.)

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Quiet Voice

Many believe that the louder they yell the more attention they will receive. This may be true, but at what point do others stop listening because all they hear is noise from a disgruntled person. As children, we throw tantrums to get our way, but soon we are ignored. Yelling is not effective because no one can hear what you have to say. What is the point of all the drama, if there is no purpose. It is human nature to listen, so use a quiet voice so others will have to concentrate on what it is that you have to say. When we use our words wisely, no one will mistake what your message is. If others still do not hear what you have to say, it's not because they can't hear you any more. It may be that they are not ready to hear what you have to say. Speak in a quiet voice and you will be heard.
Blow and make a wish...

(There is so much conflict in the world, that sometimes silence can be deafening. Talking all day at work, makes me appreciate the end of the day when all is calm. As much as I love people around me, there is another side of me that likes to be by myself. When it's quiet, I can hear myself think. It's actually a blessing to hear the universe flow through me.)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Your Best Day

When asked what your best day looks like, what would it be like? That is all we ask that you live each day doing the best you can. For many of you, comparing yourself to others is natural. You wonder if you are doing better or less than what others do. As your experiences are unique, so is everyone else's. If you were to do your best each day, think of how much you could achieve. Sometimes just putting one foot in front of another maybe all that you can do. With no judgement of others, live each day as if it was your best day. Be compassionate to others, who may need your support and understanding so that they may live a better day.
What a perfect day...

(Sometimes just getting out of bed is a good day for me. I beat myself up thinking that I'm not working to my potential, which I'm not actually sure what it is. I set my own expectations and sometimes they are unrealistic. I think I need to re-evaluate the way I look at my life. It's not what I can accomplish in a day, but how did I treat myself and others.)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Who Are You?

Three simple words, yet so challenging. Most would say that they know who they are and where they are going, but when asked the question "Who are you?" didn't know how difficult it would be to respond. It makes you stop and really think about who you are. How do you begin to answer this? Because it's such a simple question, you would think it would be easy to respond to but yet where do you begin to describe all that you are. How long do you think it would take you to answer? There are so many ways that you can respond to this question. But how would you describe yourself? This is a question that you should be asking yourself every so often. Being caught up with the craziness in life, you sometimes forget who you are and where you are going. Pause for a moment and ask yourself today, "Who Are You?" You may truly be surprised at what your answer will be. 
The universe sends us heavenly messages everywhere...

(Such an easy question, but it took me about three weeks to answer and even then I wondered about what I was writing about. Really, who am I? I thought I knew, but... How do you put  in words who you are? Challenging, and very difficult. I finally answered, but I wasn't sure if I was answering correctly. As if there is a right or wrong answer. I even questioned who was it that was asking me who I was. I think everyone should asked themselves this easy, yet difficult question. It really made me reflect who I thought I was.)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Turning Into A Butterfly

How many of you feel as if you are still in the cocoon stage? Still waiting for your big day, when all will be revealed. When you will become the perfect person that you know you can be. And when that happens you will be able to fly away from the humdrum life you've been living. All will be different when you escape your prison of uncertainty. It's not a comfortable place to be when you are not clear of your purpose and path in life. And not being certain if the decisions you've made are ones you can live with. But if you have been listening to us and the spirit that is within you, you would know that you are always where you are supposed to be. You have always been a butterfly. Flying from one experience to another, sometimes getting your wings singed. But being uncertain of your path and not knowing your purpose, is the life of a soul still searching for perfection. If you are to stop for just a minute and give yourself a break, you may begin to understand that being perfect is only a state of mind. You have never left your path and your interactions that impact others are the reason you are here. Never doubt that you are the beautiful butterfly you were born to be.

Be at peace...

(It's one thing to be comfortable with who I am and another to believe that I'm a butterfly. I have a friend who loves butterflies. She, herself, reminds me of one. She's beautiful and has a free and loving spirit. Like a butterfly, people are attracted to her spirit. I wish that one day, she'll be able to see in herself what others see in her. I guess that's what a butterfly is. They do their own thing, regardless of the attention they receive from anyone else. I think I'll practice on being one.)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Day Of Appreciation

We know that life has been a little chaotic lately and nothing seems to make sense. Your plans have gone awry due to no fault of your own. It seems as if the universe is not cooperating with you at this time. You've tried to resolve the problems that have come your way, but there are no answers that come to you.  At this point, it's time to pause for awhile and turn things around. Instead of pounding your head against a wall that you can't seem to find, think of all the things that you have at this time that makes your life fortunate. We know that it may be difficult, but actually it's a perfect moment to appreciate what the universe has given you to build your foundation. Your foundation which is strong will see you through these tough times. You are never alone on your journey, so take this day to appreciate your blessed life and give thanks to those around you who support your efforts.

You decide where you want to go...

(I'm still thinking about this message. Being appreciate of what I have in the midst of the chaos. Settling my thoughts would be the first thing, then my breathing would definitely have to slow down. Now all I would have to do is go to the beach and clear all my thoughts. A day of appreciation is something to remember.)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Where Your Path Leads You

Why is it that you need to know exactly where you are supposed to be? If you were to just follow your path with faith, think of what you could experience?  You second guess yourself, questioning the insights you get. You no longer seem to hear the spirit within you. You follow a path that you have created. A path that is comfortable and safe, which has led you in circles. You have avoided experiencing new things because it will take you out of your comfort zone. But what scares you, may be the best thing for you. Taking risks on your path may be uncomfortable, but will open many doors for you. Where your path leads is not important, for what you experience is where you need to be. 
Sail away...

(I am one who lives by organizing. So to trust my universal plan is very difficult. I open myself to what comes my way because I know that there is something more in life than I can ever imagine. My reality is only limited by what I've experienced. If I want to live my purpose, then I need to follow where my path leads me.)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Wandering Soul

Have you ever met people who seem to be floating through life, never finding a place to belong. It's not that they are any less committed to a cause or where they are at the time, but it's as if they can only stay in one place for a short time. It's as if they have a calling to continue their journey elsewhere. It may not be important to them to form attachments, as it is to search for what their spirit is seeking. We find ourselves feeling sorry for these lost souls, but what do we know of their journey. It may be that they themselves are listening more closely to their universal plan than we are. We are so quick to judge those that we don't understand or are different from us. Just as we are sometimes pulled by our spirit to do something of purpose, they may also. So instead of feeling sorry for them or getting upset because we don't understand their ways, we can be compassionate that their path is a challenging one and they are only being true to where their spirit leads them. A wandering soul may be one of the most misunderstood people in the universe.
The honu has a spirit that guides many of us...

(I am the first to say that a wandering soul makes me uncomfortable. To understand what is the total opposite of what I am is difficult. I know that these spirits are put in my path to teach me patience and tolerance. I don't think I'm a quick learner because there are always wandering people around me all the time.)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting Back Time Lost

As hard as you try, you can't recapture time. Special moments that mean so much will eventually fade as time goes on. You are left with only snapshots of time gone by. Pictures of not only the good times, but difficult times as well. But what about those moments that you wish you could do over. Mistakes being made that you know if you had the chance, you could do better. Saying "I'm sorry" to those who deserved an apology, but pride got in the way. Helping those who needed your help, but you were too busy. If only, you could go back and be the person who you are today. But since you're not able to get back time lost, move forward and be the compassionate spirit that now walks your path.
Because memory fades, make each day count...

(This picture makes me feel good. I guess it's because I know what it's like to walk on the beach with my bare feet. To look forward to jumping into the cool water on a hot day. To be one the only one on the beach. I may have a poor memory, but I do remember what makes me feel good.)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Voice Of Compassion

Although you may try to live a compassionate life, it may not be so easy. Many would say that life gets in the way and though they try to be compassionate to others, it is difficult. We agree that it is challenging when you are reacting to others. You are like a mirror, reflecting what is being directed at you. But what if you were to take the mirror down and face others as yourself. Creating a strong foundation for yourself, you will be able to with stand any negativity that comes your way. It is not enough to live a compassionate life, but to be compassionate every day. For you are blessed with only this day. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Being a compassionate person is not difficult, when you remember that it comes from within. You do not have to fake it, if this is who you truly are.
Just smile and everyone will love you...

(When I was younger, I would try to please others because I thought it would avoid conflict. But it wasn't always the best thing to do, for them or myself. I've since learned that to truly help others, the best thing to do is to listen. Listening to others and accepting them for who they are is a practice in compassion.)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Walking Down An Unknown Path

Don't be afraid to walk an unknown path. Know that you are protected and supported no matter where you go in life. Walking with faith is difficult when you are not used to having an easy life. You are more used to things going wrong or life being more chaotic than it should be. You look at others with envy sometimes because their lives seem so easy or without problems. But know that everyone is walking their own path of difficulty, you are too blind at this time to see other people's pain. When you feel that you are alone on your journey, is when you at your most selfish.  Remembering all that we have taught you has been forgotten. You are stronger than you feel at this time. Look among you and see all the people who love and care for you. Remember you are never alone and you will move forward as you have done before. It's time for you to walk down what seems to be a new path, but what will begin to be more familiar as you open your eyes to what has been there all along. Let the beauty of nature begin to heal you again.
The beauty of nature heals the soul...

(Being at the beach when the sun sets is all I need to put my life into perspective. Somehow all my problems seem insignificant when the sky lights up over the ocean. How we live our life impacts who we are. Think about this. If I'm worrying or upset, what is happening to my mind, body, and spirit. Living a life of compassion is not always an easy path to choose. Nature brings me back to a place of healing if I forget where I have chosen to be. D - thank you for the fantastic pictures. My computer recently broke so I've lost a lot of them. You have perfect timing.)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Losing Yourself

At certain times in your life, you may find yourself lost. Standing alone in what seems like a vast forest with trees as high as buildings. No one is in sight, but you alone. There isn't a sense of loneliness, just being alone. It may be more of a "I'm not sure where I am, but I know I'm safe" feeling. It's not always bad to feel that you are by yourself to resolve the problems that are weighing on your shoulders. For you to stop and pause at this point in time is a matter of self preservation. Where would you go if you continued to move forward. No, being lost is a good place to be. Now you can stop and reassess what is going on in your life and decide whether you want to do something, let it sit for awhile, or move on. Whatever you decide will be the right decision. The next time you feel lost, be comforted knowing that you will soon be found again.
Sometimes you have to get to the bottom to see the beauty on top...

(When I feel lost, I usually slow down. I know that whatever I'm doing won't be as good as I'd like it to be because I'm not focused. It's like being a ray of light. Sometimes I'm so bright, it hurts my eyes and other times, there is nothing to lead me on my path. I know that if I was never lost, I'd never stop and appreciate what is around me.)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Finding Balance In Life

When life seems to run away from you, it's difficult to retain your balance. Unless your foundation is strong, you tend to be a little unsteady. Everything that is thrown your way from that point on has you spinning. What once made sense to you, has you questioning the most simplest things. You are no longer sure of where your path is leading you. Although you may feel as if you're not quite centered, life is as it's always been. It continues to flow without effort, no matter what your state of mind is. It is you, who changes like the wind. Whether you adapt or not, it has no bearing on what is. It is what you've learned from your experiences that impacts who you are and how you will react in the future. When you find your balance in the midst of confusion, the universal energy will flow more freely within you.
There is beauty even in the rain...

(I think there is truth that I can find balance even during chaos. It's not what is happening around me  that matters but how I am reacting internally. I am not only my emotions and my mind, but I am also my spirit. Even if things doesn't make sense anymore, there is still hope that all will pass. Like the rain, everything becomes much cleaner and more transparent after it stops. It's being present in the moment, yet finding the peace that exists within us all.) 

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Love That Transcends Time

Sometimes we need to believe that the universe brings to us spirits that connect with our soul. There is no other reason for being in our life,than for the simple fact that they complete us. Whether they are here for just a moment or for a lifetime. They belong with us. And if we believe that life has no beginning or end, then we are truly blessed because their loving spirit will live within us forever. Somehow by being together, we learn to support and care for each other unconditionally. There are times when we question why these spirits were brought to us, but then we realize that they are teaching us lessons in love, faith, trust, and compassion. Spirits come to us as living beings and depart as universal energy. The gift we receive when we are a part of this joining is not only about our happiness alone, but the loving energy that continues to flow throughout the universe because our spirits are connected forever.
If time could standstill for just a moment...

(The passing of a pet is heart wrenching. They are like children, who trust us to care for them and love them unconditionally. They wait for us patiently as we sort out our busy life. Their spirit is as meaningful and loving as any human. The only difference is that they have no expectations of us and believe that we are perfect in every way. How many of us can say that of each other? Acknowledge and give thanks to your animal friends, for they are our saving grace. P & R - My heart goes out to you at this time of sadness. You shared a wonderful spirit who will always be with you. You both have been truly blessed.)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What Color Would You Choose?

If you were given crayons to color your life what colors would you use? For some of us, being conservative, we may feel uncomfortable using more than a few colors. But there are others, who would use all the colors in the box. Blending colors freely and inventing colors that only nature could duplicate. How easy it is for these people to envision the beauty of their work even with their eyes closed. Then why is it that we, who are so fearful of coloring outside the lines, have such difficulty. In life, we are all given a box of crayons to color our experiences. We can either choose to explode the moment with blinding colors or we can use muted colors that conceal the beauty that is within us with a soft veil. What colors will you choose to use in your life?
Can we ever duplicate nature's beauty...

(I feel as if I've always been conservative. Maybe every once in awhile, the royal blues and magenta have made their way in my life. But they were only used as accenting colors. I sometimes envy those who wear rainbow colors comfortably. Although, brilliant color may not be my thing, I appreciate their presence in nature.)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Minute To Whine

We acknowledge that sometimes you are confused and that you may not know where you are going. Life is scary and there are no guarantees. Knowing that there is a plan for you should give you the strength and courage to move forward. But there is a point when you want to stomp your feet, shake your fists to the sky, and shout that life is not fair. It's when life has turned upside down with you on the bottom and nothing seems right. It's not that you want understanding or hearing that life has a silver lining. No, whining seems to be the only thing that will make you feel better at this time. There seems to be no sense in the action, but for you it is everything. Well, we will give you a minute to whine but then it needs to stop. Use all the energy you're putting into feeling sorry for yourself to good use. Even if it is to reflect upon your current situation. Gather yourself and push yourself off the pity chair. It is time for all to balance, including your life. 
There is a dragon in all of us...

(It's time to move forward and stop feeling sorry for myself. Whining is okay until it manifests into something physical. Everything becomes a habit when it's done for too long. Not being in a good place is not the place for anyone to be. Everyone deserves a place of healing and I need to create a quiet place again. Whining is a selfish act, but so is taking care of oneself. Both is important for growth.)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Leaving Your Imprint

There is so much to accomplish in your life that you forget how much you impact others. Even for just a moment, you leave some of yourself behind. You underestimate how much you can make a difference in other people's life. It is not your way to put so much thought into things that come naturally for you. You are not here to ponder about things like that. As it is for you, there are others like yourself that are here to change the world. As you experience life, celebrate your blessings. For it is when your spirit rejoices that others will feel your positive energy. Leave an imprint that will flow throughout the universe.
Even nature impacts us...

(To think that I leave an imprint on those that I meet is an awesome responsibility. I have to really be careful to lead my life with good intentions. It is not enough to have good days and bad. If I am to impact others let me leave only a positive impression or one that makes others reflect upon their own life.)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ties That Bind Us

You may wonder why you are connected with certain people in your life. It's as if there was an invisible string that pulled you together and keeps you bound in some way. Then at some point, the ties loosen and you drift apart. There doesn't seem to be a reason or timing, it just is. The universe has plans for you that include these people. Your interactions with them mold you to be who you are. Whether your relationship is amiable or not, there is still purpose in how you interact. It's as if all is predestined. It's just when the time is right that you meet and engage in what has always supposed to be. Sometimes it seems as if you have met before, your energies seem more familiar with each other than your memories. There are ties that bind you to people who you have met and those you will meet in the future. When you find yourself being pulled towards someone, be open to all that they can share with you and know that you bring a special part of yourself to share with them.
We learn so much from each other...

(Sometimes I question why certain people are in my life. Are they here to support and guide me? But I have it all wrong, it's what I can do for others that is the key. It's their relationship with me that makes me a much better person. I am thankful for all those who are in my life, for those who have passed through, and for those who I am yet to meet. They are all my saving grace.)