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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Freedom To Be Unsure

In today's world, it's important to know what we're doing and where we are going. To be confident in ourselves is power and showing our fear is a sign of weakness. If we don't know the answers to our questions, we will seek until we find it. There is discomfort in the not knowing. If this is what we've grown up to believe, then what would happen if we begin questioning our life decisions. If being lost was part of the process of finding where we should be, then alot of us would be in a good place. If we had the freedom to be unsure of ourselves, then we could be at peace with who we truly are. And we would finally relax and explore life knowing that wherever we end up, it'll be exactly where we're supposed to be. Life isn't supposed to be so stressful that we stop enjoying who we are.
Today, relax and have fun. Don't worry about all the mistakes you make because they will lead you to where you need to be. When you question yourself, you get to know who you are.
Which one would you choose...
(There are times when I get so undecided that I get upset with myself. I never think that maybe it's not the right time to make the decision. Now that I think about it maybe being undecided is actually a warning to myself that I'm not ready to make a commitment. It's especially hard to tell another person that I don't know what to do as of yet. I'll probably come up with an answer later than sooner but not right now. It's not easy being unsure and not knowing.)


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