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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Someone To Lean On

We've become so independent and self sufficient. Able to do anything we put are mind to or are we? It's easy to lose focus on our goals when we are concentrating so hard on doing everything well. Being strong may be holding us back from asking help when we need it. There is strength in being able to lean on someone when we need the support to move forward. Today, think of all the people that have supported you in the past. In your search for success, remember how interconnected you are to others. What a feeling to know that you do not have to stand alone ever again.
Kahakuloa, remote and so beautiful...
(This quiet town was a nice surprise after leaving suburbia. It's tucked away in a tiny valley with the ocean shore adding to it's beauty. Because it's so far from the hustle and bustle of city life, they depend on each other for many things. It would be nice if we could live like that again, knowing that being interconnected is part of something bigger than we are.)

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