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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Think Carefully Before We Speak

Sometimes our mouth moves faster than our mind and we say things that we soon regret. But there are moments when we are so busy that we can't remember what we've said and we leave a trail of hurt behind. When this occurs, it's difficult to retract what has been said in haste because too much time has gone by. Although we'd like to make amends, the damage has been done. Words leave a path of energy that lingers long after we've left. Unintentional or not, we can control what we say, so we need to think carefully before we speak. If we are responsible for what we do and say, then let our words be said out of love and compassion. Today, choose your words carefully. Speak to others as you would like them to speak to you. Let your voice reflect the person who you strive to be.
If turtles can talk, what would they say...
(I'm not sure if it's only words that can hurt us. I think alot of damage can be done in the delivery. For my family, the way we resolve hurting each other is by letting each other know when we're out of bounds. I appreciate my kids telling me when I'm being rude because it reminds me that everyone deserves to be treated and spoken with respect. S,R,Q - I love your honesty)


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