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Saturday, March 16, 2013

All Is Not Lost

During our darkest moments, it's difficult to see the light.  We are so caught up with our emotions that we can't find our way out of the maze we've created. It's as if any movement is fruitless because we are paralyzed by ovewhelming emotions. We feel defeated by our own helplessness. Although we could climb out of our depressive state, we are unable to find the way out on our own. It's not as if we enjoy being here, but the feeling of hopelessness is difficult to shed.. But even in the dark, we can't help but see a glimmer of light. If we allow ourselves to follow it's path, we would see that all is not lost. It takes strength and the belief that tomorrow will be a better day that can propel us forward if we let it. As challenging as it is to remember, knowing that we are never alone gives us the courage to live in the light. Today, turn on all your lights. It's not time to be in the dark. Although you may be alone, you are loved and prayed for by many.
Be still with me...
(I am normally a positive person, but today I was so sad. Not sure why but I felt an overwhelming sadness come over me. It took awhile for the feeling to leave me, but it was in those moments that I realized how difficult it must be for those who live with these feelings everyday. To climb out of a depressive state is challenging and I commend those who struggle everyday to walk in the light. I wish I could light their path with a ray of sunshine to ease their way. R & Q - thank you for guiding me out of the dark.)

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