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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quieting A Restless Mind

Sometimes as hard as we try, it's difficult to quiet a restless mind. If we were more in control of our environment this would not be a challenge. But living in a world that constantly changes makes it impossible. This being the case, it may be easier to come from another perspective that we don't have control over what occurs around us. It would benefit us if we are able to release our struggle with the unknown and come to an understanding that change is inevitable. Then we can succeed in moving forward because we are now co-existing with change. Our minds will be more at ease knowing that we won't have to go into battle every day fighting against unforeseen events, but welcome them as we would any uninvited guest. We may not be happy of their company, but we will make the best of their visit. Today, quiet your restless mind. It is not important that you solve all the ills of the world within the next 24 hours. Allow yourself to breath and take part in the miracles that will transpire this day. Let your mind observe all so that it can contemplate on how each day leads you closer to the life you are meant to lead.

It's frustrating not knowing what will happen...

(This little girl waited patiently for the water to sprout, while the other kids ran around catching whatever they could. She stood there dry, as everyone got soaked. I admired her tenacity and patience, but I wondered how much fun she was having because she was concentrating so hard.)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Courage To Gather

There are many who are ready to gather because of their beliefs, but need the courage within themselves to move forward. It is the strength and determination that is grows daily within them that will help them overcome any fear that they may have. For some of us coming together because of our beliefs may be a right that we have taken for granted, but for others it can lead to persecution. Although we may not pay attention to what is occurring throughout the world, know that there are others besides ourselves who have to fight for the little freedom that they are given. Let our loving hearts extend to those who are in distress, may we give them our support in their struggles. Today, be conscious that there others besides yourself. If you were lucky in life to be born with many comforts, offer your compassion to those who have very little, for you were truly blessed in these uncertain times. It is a gift to be able to care for those who need your help. 

One day may there be peace throughout the world...

(When I think about how can I help those who are suffering, I begin to feel so helpless because the numbers are so great. But then I realize if there is suffering throughout the world, this would include my own family and community. That is where I will start...)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Messengers of Light

It is important to recognize that there are those who have helped us on our path without knowing their impact on our lives. We are interconnected in so many ways that unless we stop to reflect upon how we arrived to where we are now, we would never realize that just our interactions with these people could make a difference in something momentous happening in our life. If this is so, then these special people are messengers of light who are here to guide us to where we need to be in order to continue our path in becoming compassionate and loving beings. Today, reflect upon those who are your messengers of light. Let them know how much you appreciate their help in moving you forward in your journey. Many of them may be surprised, for it was not their intention to be recognized but to help you because they care about your well being. Show them your appreciation by thanking them and continuing the practice of giving aid to others who may now need your help.

It's times like these that make us feel that all is well...

(B - a special thanks to you for moving my life along the path which it needed to go. You are a kind hearted soul who has only the best intentions. You are truly one of my messengers of light.) 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Search For Answers

For many of us, we waste so much time asking questions. Although it may be in our nature to be curious, the ongoing need to know more may keep us so busy that it hinders our moving forward. We have become so dependent on others to answer our questions that we no longer trust the knowledge that lies within us all. If we allow ourselves to be quiet for just a moment, we may hear our inner spirit respond to the questions we are posing. Today, be at peace with yourself. Reflect upon the life you are meant to lead. Be still and open yourself to the response that comes from within. Trust that your compassionate spirit will give you all the answers that you seek.

 No matter where our path leads, the experience is always interesting...

(This path was built over wetlands which borders the ocean. We were lucky to spot some strange looking wildlife as well as spend some time on the secluded beach. What a great way to spend the day with Q & R.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Life Lessons

We often hear about life lessons, especially when we are going through a difficult time. Although it may be easier to cope with our challenges when we are told that the outcome will benefit us in the long run, it also can be a little frustrating trying to come up with what lesson we are being taught. For some of us, we may just give up and hope that what we've learned will help us somehow in the future. And just when we think we have an understanding of some of our lessons, we get tested to see how well we know them. It's like getting pop quizzes in life. In fact, it's like going to a class we didn't sign up for but is mandatory, then not being given a class syllabus so we don't know what lessons are being taught, then finally getting tested for something we haven't really studied for. It doesn't seem fair that we aren't allowed to drop this class which lasts our whole life. Somehow we were born to be lifetime students. Today, be prepared for class. Be attentive. Listen to what others have to say, apply what you have already learned, raise your hand before speaking, take initiative to participate in discussion, and take notes for future reference. Be the best student you can be and you will succeed in life.

No matter how busy life seems to be,
we can always fit in time to reflect...

(We really have to have a sense of humor when talking about life lessons. I think whoever thought of it was very smart. We will now go through life wondering what lessons are we learning and never know if we're correct. I've thought of a few that I have to learn, but again am I right...I'll never know.)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We Are All The Same

Although there always seems to be someone whose life has been blessed more than our own, this may not be the case and we are only seeing what others want us to see. Unless we are unusually perceptive, we don't know what really lies deep beneath the mask, which many of us have worked hard to create. What we are being allowed to see is only a small part of who the person is. So unless you truly know the person who seems to have been born under a lucky star, you may not really know what their life is about. Know that although our packaging may be unique, we are generally the same. Each of us have challenges in life that we need to overcome, but the way we approach life may be very different. Today, observe how others go through their day. In between, their interactions with others there is a quiet moment when they reveal their true selves. For a short time, they are in sinc with who they really are. At the end of the day, reflect upon who do you present yourself to be. Are you living a life being true to yourself?
If you are able to fly, just do it...

(Sometimes we are so busy looking at how everyone is living their lives and how they have much more than we have that we forget to live our own life. We are losing precious time watching others go by, when we could be moving further on our own path.)  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting Away From It All

Sometimes when life gets too overwhelming, we have the urge to run away from it all. But for most of us, our obligations and responsibilities keep us tightly bound and we are not able to so easily escape the life that we once thought we wanted. When did we let life take a turn away from us. Where there was once balance, we now have difficulty finding our path. Although we may feel that we have to physically leave where we are to find the peace that we are searching for, there is a place within ourselves that we can go to find serenity. When things seem to move too quickly around us, it's nice to know that we don't have to go too far to put things back into perspective. Today, find the place of peace within yourself. Although life may seem to challenge you, take comfort in knowing that you have a part in creating the life you want. Don't despair, it is only the weary that lose hope. Rejuvenate your spirit and you will regain the strength you need to recapture the balance in your life. 

Getting away from it all helps me to think without all the noise...

(Talk about getting away from it all, this beach was beautiful and there was no one in sight. It seemed a little strange, but nice to have it all to ourselves.
What a perfect day.)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So What?

While in school, we may had a teacher that would write on our papers or say to us "So What?" On the surface, these two word may have seem quite rude. These words were meant not to confuse students but to have them dig deeper within. To not only question themselves, but to be able to explain to others their thought process.There are many things that we say and do without giving much thought. We react to something and then quickly respond. When asked why we do the things we do, our answer may be "I don't know" or "I'm not sure". Every moment of our life should be deliberate. Every word and action should have meaning. Know that when we give more thought to who we are and what we do, we have the potential to achieve almost everything. Today, ask yourself "So What?" regarding what you want out of life. How easily can you respond to this question? There are times in life when you need to take a moment and assess where you are and where you are headed. Asking yourself questions is the best way to better understand what is going on within. Be the best student you can be.

Sometimes the path of a student is not as easy as it should be...

(It's funny how the words "So what?" can be interpreted so differently. One of my daughters thought the words were rude and made her upset. While the other daughter said it inspired her to do better. Go figure. How powerful words can be.)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Losing Ourselves In Life

There are times when we feel as if we are losing parts of ourselves, especially when we choose to walk another person's path besides our own. Whatever the reason may be, we give ourselves permission to put others' needs ahead of our own. Although some may say that they were not given a choice in the actions they took, even choosing to take no action was a conscious decision. We tend to base our decisions on what we feel was best at the time. If this is true then at no time do we lose who we are, but we may take less care of ourselves when our priorities are shifted elsewhere. Know that it's difficult to get lost when we have an inner compass that is always ready to help us continue on our path. Today, reflect upon where you are in your life. If you are not satisfied with the way things are going, you have the opportunity to change. Ask yourself if you are living the life you envisioned or are you settling for what is comfortable. You have the ability to find out who you really are if you are brave enough to look within and hear the truth.

Sometimes we forget how beautiful our own path can be...

(In hindsight, I understand that I've always had the right to decide what was best for me. Whether I made the best choices is to be seen, but they have made me who I have become. At this point in life, I am happy with all that I am.)  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Releasing Control

It's difficult releasing control of life, when we're unsure of what the future will bring. Although we carefully plan our life, sometimes things don't always turn out the way we intend. As the unexpected occurs, the path which we are so familiar with begins to change. The more we lose control of our life, the more uncomfortable we become. But in hindsight, there is a reason for every twist and turn that occurs in our life. If we open ourselves to what the universe has planned, we may be pleasantly surprised at the heights we will be able to soar. Today, take a deep breath and release control of all that is preventing you from living your passion. Know that the plans you make may need to change in order for you to attain what you desire. So strive to be open and flexible in receiving all that comes to you.

Controlling our life would be like controlling the ocean, an impossible feat...

(It seems as if the more I try to control my life, the more it turns upside down. I'm getting used to expecting the unexpected. What I know to be true is that more we're connected to others, the more adaptable to change we have to be. Life sure keeps me on my toes and I wouldn't have it any other way.)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Being Brave

There are things in life that we fear, but would have difficulty identifying. Some are hidden so deeply within us that we may be surprised that they exist. All we know is that there is something that is preventing us from moving forward. It won't be easy to identify the fears that affect us the most because they are the ones that we hold closest to our heart.There is purpose to our fears because they protect us from getting hurt. So if we were able to untangle the knots that fear creates within us, we would be able to breath so much easier. Remember if we work on one knot at a time, they will be undone in no time. Today, be gentle with yourself. Think about what prevents you from taking the next step on your path. What makes your stomach cringe, your heart start pounding, and your feet move towards the opposite direction? Capture your fears in a net that you create yourself and release them to the universe. This is the year to understand your fears, embrace your uniqueness, and own your destiny.

Overcoming our fears is almost as difficult as making sense
out of the graffiti we find on the walls...

(The graffiti in Seattle is considered urban street art.
Although I don't understand what they are trying to say,
I can appreciate the beauty and feel the power of their work.)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Making Each Moment Count

Unless we are blessed with a wonderful memory, it is difficult for many of us to remember days gone by. Although we now have the ability to capture these moments on camera, the pictures we are left with only reflect a small portion of our experience. That's why it's so important to take the time to enjoy every moment in life. This is especially true when life begins to get mundane and routine and we lose track of how special it is to be alive. When we find that we are having a harder time recalling the past, we then need to stop and reflect upon what are we doing in the present. Take advantage of each moment that you are given for it is the key to who you are. Today, cherish your time no matter how your day is turning out to be. By being present in life, you open yourself to more opportunities. Let your spirit capture all the pictures that you need to fulfill your heart's desire.

  Sometimes we try to capture the strangest moments in our life...

(I never understood how people can pick up crabs and carry them around. As you can see R has no problem with them and during the course of the day she picked up other strange creatures for her sister to take pictures of. We had so much fun that day, I hope to remember it for as long as I can manage to.)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Standing By In Life

It's difficult to watch loved ones going through a trying time in their life. Although we're not exactly sure what to do, it's a natural response to jump in and try to help. We want them to feel better, so we say nurturing words to ease their pain. Even though we have the best of intentions, they may not need what we are scrambling to provide them. If we took a moment to pause instead of reacting instinctively, we would realize that those we love need to process what they are going through by themselves. But it is so difficult to stand by, watching them flounder. We are natural caregivers and want to give direction, but there is an understanding deep inside that there is growth during the most painful periods of our life. We need to remember that this to shall pass. Today, support those that you love. Let them know that you are there for them if they need help. Encourage them to do what is best for them for they are loved. Know that whatever happens, nothing stays the same. They will move on to where they are meant to be and this moment will only then be just a memory.

Let's be happy again...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Living With Compassion

Being at peace within ourselves and living with compassion may be our destiny, but it is a lifetime challenge. In our hearts, we know what must be done to achieve these lofty goals. We may meditate, chant mantras, follow the instructions of highly respected teachers, say daily prayers, and attend religious services, in hopes of finding the key to become a better person. With all the work we put into our efforts, we should have reached our goal by now. But attaining peace is not the same as being at peace with oneself. Living a life of peace and compassion is a way of life. Although we may initially react with human emotion when we are challenged with adversity, understand that the challenges are not meant to break us but for us to see our weaknesses for what they are and to overcome them. Today, live a day of compassion. Reflect upon how you interact with yourself and others. Does your day flow as easily as you would like? At the end of your day, know that your spirit guides you towards the peace and life of compassion that you seek. 
It's easy to find peace and compassion when we are alone...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Communicating When We Are So Different

There are times when we don't understand each other. There is even misunderstanding with those we are close to, although we know them well. Because we are so unique and can't read each others' minds, it often times gets frustrating when we have difficulty communicating. Words and their intentions get tangled and hurt feelings begin to fly. Although it is challenging, know that we can learn so much from each other because we are so different. We become better communicators when we take the time to explain what we have to say more clearly. Remember the words may change, but our message is important and needs to remain strong.  Today, be patient when speaking to others. It is your responsibility to help others to understand what you are saying, as well, as, listen intently to what they have to say to you. Communication is the key to personal growth. 

     Sometimes the best way to communicate is by not saying anything...

(Here are 2 sisters enjoying their frozen deserts after spending the day sightseeing on Maui. They've been traveling together for years all over the world and this year they decided to take a cruise. Knowing each other well, they actually don't have to say much for the other to understand.)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Changing Patterns

Creating patterns come naturally for us because they keep us safe. If our world kept changing, it would make life too chaotic and unpredictable. We trust that the life we created will protect us from harm. But happens when the patterns we've depended on no longer fit who we are at this moment? What worked for us twenty years ago may not apply anymore. Have we been preventing ourselves from experiencing life and seeing the opportunities that have come our way? Know that if we focus on our heart's desire and how to attain it, our patterns will begin to slowly shift. Today, reflect on your patterns. Are they working for you? Think about your daily rituals and the habits that you hold close to your heart. Are they helping you to achieve what you want or are they holding you back? Question what you believe to be true. Know that the truth depends on the questions you are asking.

 There is beauty in patterns if we look hard enough...

(I find that I really have to work at finding peace when my patterns are disrupted. I think that's the purpose of having family. They help me to remember that I am imperfect and am loved no matter how much I bother them. S, B, Q, and R - you make my patterns seem silly. Having you in my life, brings me a sense of balance and grounding. Thank You!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Ripple Effect

If we had a chance to look back at all the opportunities we’ve missed, would we have done anything different. In hindsight, it’s easy for us to say that we would have taken advantage of the moment. But not knowing what we know now, there would be no reason to change our actions. Sometimes, it’s part of our journey to miss opportunities because the timing is not right. All of our actions and non-actions have a ripple effect. What we do or not do is of our choosing and affects not only who we are but what happens later on in our life. It’s like throwing a stone in a pond and watching the ripples continue on forever. Whatever we decide to do, the consequences of our actions affect others in ways we can’t imagine. Know that it is part of our destiny to leave unique imprints of who we are. Today, be the change you want to happen. Create ripples in the universe that matter not only to you, but to your community. You have the power to be part of the universal change that is occurring throughout the world. Don’t settle for ripples, choose to generate memorable waves.
What kind of imprint do you want to leave...

(Sometimes I get so caught up with everyday life, that I forget that I am leaving a ripple in the universe and what I do matters in ways I can't even imagine. I guess that's when the life kicks us in the pants to pay more attention to what we're doing.)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Being Open To The Unknown

Every new year, we begin on a positive note that we will work on making the year a better one than the last. Although optimistic, we're still not clear on where our path will lead us. We then lose track of our well intended plans when life becomes chaotic once again. On the other hand, if we open ourselves to the unknown, just think of the possibilities and opportunities that may come our way. How do we prepare for something that we can't anticipate. The answer is we can't. We just have to put forth our best efforts and know that the universe will give us what we need to pursue our dreams. What an exciting year this will be. Today, just go with the flow. The more we are open to the unknown and let down our defenses, the clearer we are able to see what comes our way. Know that what you ask for will appear, but it may not be in the form you are familiar with. When you open your mind, body, and spirit, the universe flows through you with ease to guide and support you through your journey.

We never know what we'll find when we keep our eyes open for the unusual...

(I'm not sure if this gentleman makes these things, but he was the most relaxed person I saw that day. You come and buy, okay. You come and just look, okay too.)  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Angel Messages

There are times when we feel alone and the answers to our questions don't come as easily as before. We stay awake wondering why our life is so difficult. Our path which once seemed smooth is now difficult to maneuver. We have asked the universe for help so many times that we have gotten used to the silence that often accompanies our cries. Then when we have almost given up hope, we receive the answers to our prayers. They may come through the strangest means, but we have to believe that the angel messages that we are receiving are meant just for us. Although our journey at times seems lonely and difficult, we have to have faith that we are growing stronger through our adversity. Know that we are never truly alone.  Today, believe that all will come in it's own time. You learn more about yourself when you walk alone, then you do when you are being distracted by others.  Use this time to reflect upon where you are and where you'd like to be. Look around you, you are surrounded by your loving angels who are anticipating your next move.

Every day we have an opportunity to live the life we were meant to live...

(It's funny when I was looking at this beautiful sunrise,
 I knew that this year will be a year of unexpected opportunities for many of us. If I am open to my angel messages,
I will be able to understand more clearly
where the universe is directing me to go.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Catching Glimpses Of The Real You

If we were to ask others to describe who we are, we would have a different response from each person and each would be accurate. Although we may think that we act the same with everyone, we would be incorrect. Everyone is unique and our relationships are a reflection of that.The more we learn about ourselves through the eyes of others, the more we will understand how complexed we are. It is sometimes difficult to be able to see ourselves clearly, so with the help of others we can have a better understanding of who we are. Trust that what we learn from others is true and know that we can grow by knowing the truth. Today, be aware of how you interact with others. Are you being true to yourself or are you who others expect you to be? Remember that everyone you meet gives you an opportunity to be the person you were meant to be. 

There are times when it's so good to have others in our life...

(D- thank you so much for taking R out paddle boarding. She can't wait to come back for the summer to go out again. This is a year of new experiences for us all.)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Green Monster

It may not be often that the green monster rears it's head, but when it does be very cautious because it doesn't care about the feelings of others. It's very self absorbed and acts in a very hurtful manner. It strikes out at anyone who has what it wants. There is a green monster that resides in all of us and suprises us each time it rears it's ugly head. We refer to our emotions of jealousy and envy as the green monster because when they appear we lose all sense of self. Being jealous and envious should not be thought of as negative emotions because they only reflect how we truly feel. Instead of feeling guilty about having these feelings, we should be embracing them. Once we learn what we desire then we can begin planning how to attain it. Today, think about the times that the green monster showed up in your life. How did you react? Instead of working against these feelings, be open to what they are trying to tell you. Be honest with yourself and what your heart desires, then you will be more at peace.

Embrace all of your emotions, for they all serve a higher purpose...

(Sometimes if given the time, we find that the initial feelings we have are lust. Just wanting something because it's so beautiful or outrageous, but if given time it doesn't fit our lifestyle. Even fame and fortune takes work.)

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Gift Of Forgiveness

We have heard that it's better to forgive and forget, but no one told us how challenging it would be to clean up the baggage we have carried for years. The sense of betrayal and hurt may be as fresh as the first day we experienced it. Although we may be fuzzy about the exact details of why we are upset, the raw emotions still lingers. As hard as we try to hold on to these feelings, as time goes by, we tend to loose some of the intensity that we initially felt. Keeping these misplaced emotions within us may become toxic at some point and may eventually affect us physically. We have an opportunity to heal by taking care of these festering wounds. Know that although we may never understand the actions and behaviors of others, we have the power to release the negative feelings that have kept us from moving forward. Today, forgive those who you have harbored ill feelings for, so that you can move forward on your path. There is no room for toxicity, when you have so much to accomplish in this lifetime. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness and release all to the universe.

                   Houses are like people, when you don't take care of them,
 they often times fall to disrepair...

(Although this house hasn't been tended to, it still has a lot of character. There is beauty in it's rustic structure and overgrown foliage. I'm not sure everyone sees how special this place truly is.)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Creating The Calm You Seek

When the world around us becomes too overwhelming, create the calm that you seek. If we remain in a toxic environment we may become physically, emotionally, and spiritually ill. It is difficult to release negative energy when our immune system has been challenged. We may find that we are too tired to care for ourselves and find that we don't have the strength to forge our own path. When this occurs, we need to remove ourselves momentarily by changing our normal patterns. Know that there is a quiet place within us where we can find peace and begin healing. Today, create the calm that you seek. Think about what gives you joy and take the time from your busy schedule once a week to do what it takes to make you happy. You will be able to accomplish so much more when you find peace within your heart. Know that you deserve all that you seek in life.

There are times when life just stands still...

(I don't know these two gentlemen, but when I saw them in the water I felt a calmness that went straight to my heart. They weren't in a rush to go anywhere. They just sat and talked as the morning sun rose. I envied their quiet moment.)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rewriting Our Karma

When talking about Karma, we often times become fatalistic regarding our future. We may use it as an excuse to explain things that occur that we don't understand. We feel a sense of helplessness when unsure of the direction our journey. Since we are all interconnected in some way, it makes sense that our actions as well as the action of others, have consequences that affect each other like a domino effect. Know that once we identify our Karma, we can change the direction of our life journey. Today, let's begin this year by clearing out some of our past Karma. Think about one area in your life that seems to always need attending to. Instead of placing the blame on Karma, close your eyes for a moment and reflect upon how from today you can approach the situation differently. Know that you have the power to shift your Karma so it flows through you and not against you.
Sometimes sitting quietly helps us to think more clearly...

(Being in these chairs, my mind wanders to what may be possible in my life and what changes need to occur to make it happen. The hardest thing I find is remembering this moment of serenity, once I leave this peaceful place.) 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Playing It Safe

Sometimes when fearing the unknown, we find that playing it safe gives us comfort. Hopefully if we're really careful not to create too many waves, we can go about our lives without attracting trouble. But by keeping our eyes lowered all the time, we can only see the debris that is scattered on the ground. This proves our point that we need to be aware of where we are going or we won't know what we will be stepping on. Although we are being diligent about our safety, we are missing all the exciting opportunities that are open to us every day. Know that by playing it too safe, the life we are meant to lead is passing us by. Today, challenge yourself by doing something different. Step outside the boundaries you have erected, for they no longer are keeping you safe but preventing you from living a fulfilled life. This is your year to attain your heart's desire.

No matter how beautiful our cages are,
we can only see the world through the bars that surround us...

(The wonderful thing about this cage was that there weren't any birds in it.)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Protecting Who We Are

We are often times told to take care of ourselves which would include making sure that we are doing what makes us happy, following our heart's desire, and nurturing our body and spirit. But before we can do all of this, we would need to know more about ourselves. There are many of us caring for others, that we tend to lose who we are and what our needs are. So where do we begin to take care of ourselves if we're not even sure what our needs are. It's important this year to discover the essence of our existence and protect it. We've evolved into meeting the needs of others that we've forgotten that we too have desires to be fulfilled. Know that caring for ourselves will come more easily once we become better acquainted with who we are. Today, be kind to yourself. Before helping another person, do something nice for yourself. Begin protecting your essence by taking a moment to tell yourself that you are special and deserved to be loved.

Sometimes we find comfort in the most strangest places...

(Although the chair looks a little ragged, it's the most comfortable chair I've ever sat on. It fronts a country store in Makawao. Most people would think it's just for decor, but I knew it was there just for me.)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finding Fault

We often times hear that we are our worst enemy. This holds true, especially when identifying our faults. We seem to have no problem in listening to the negative things we say about ourselves, but if something positive happens we are quick to say that it was just luck. To get a better perspective of who we are, it may be better to speak to someone who doesn't know us very well. For a stranger may be more objective and honest in pointing out our weaknesses as well as our strengths. We may be hindering our life journey because we doubt our true abilities. Know that it is human to question ourselves and it takes concentrated effort in working towards understanding our strengths and overcoming our insecurities. Today, look beyond your faults and you will see glimpses of the special gifts that lay hidden within you. Sometimes you need to take things at face value instead of questioning every action that you take. You are a powerful being, if you let yourself be who you really are.

There is never perfection in nature, but this is pretty close...

(Somehow the flowers in the Northwest are so vibrant and colorful.
I love the bouquets that are sold at the farmer's markets.
Although they don't smell, they are so beautiful.)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cleansing Your Body

For the past month, we have been indulging in all that is decadent. Our taste buds were wined and dined with all the food and drinks that we love. It is during this time of year that we allow ourselves to stray off our normal diet regime. There is no room for guilty feelings when we are enjoying the company of friends and family over the best of meals. But now that the festivities are over, it's time again to take care of our health. Cleansing our body of impurities is a priority as we begin the new year. With a healthy mind, body, and spirit, we can accomplish all we that seek to attain. Today, reflect upon your health. How are you feeling? What needs to be changed in order to live a healthier life? Even the smallest of changes can make a difference in how you feel. Make your health a priority this year, so that you can enjoy the exciting opportunities that are coming your way.

 Nothing feels better than running on the beach by the early morning light...

(Having Karate drills at Ala Moana Beach at 7am is rough,
but what better way to begin the new year.
These four have been meeting every New Year's morning for years.
It's not only about getting a good work out, but it's a recommittment
to the days when honor, integrity, and respect
were essential qualities to have in our lives.
And it's also about the gathering of very good friends.
S & B - your laughter and sense of irreverence was as always sorely missed.)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Pacing Yourself

In the coming year, it is important that we pace ourselves carefully in order for us to achieve our goals successfully. Most of us have the best intentions at the beginning of the year. We enthusiastically join programs that focus on taking care or improving ourselves, but after a month or so we may find that what we are doing takes too much of our time or we may lose focus all together. It's not that it wasn't a good idea, but we need to take more time to develop a plan for the year. How important is it to accomplish your goal? How will it to impact your life? What is a realistic time frame or is this a life long goal? Planning is the first step towards achieving our goals. The second step is taking action. The third step is to maintain the goals we've achieved. Know that we are worth the investment we make towards improving ourselves. Today, take time to relax and be at peace with who you are. Think about your strengths and how they will help you to reach the goals you will be setting. Plan on one or two goals, no more than that. Know that whatever your heart's desire you can attain, for you deserve the life you were meant to lead.  

This looks a lot easier than it is...

(Meditation is a life long effort. Quieting the mind is challenging when there is so much noise going on in my head. Looking at this statue gives me incentive to continue my efforts, at this for today.)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing In The New Year

This is a year for new beginnings. We will all have an opportunity to attain our heart's desire if we can overcome the fears and self doubt that have prevented us from moving forward. Knowing that all is possible if we commit to changing what has not worked in the past. Dare yourself to do something different this coming year and be open to what may come into your life. Think of all the "what ifs" that you've secretly hidden away. This may be the year that the "what ifs" became "look what I've accomplished". This year, give yourself the gift of being joyful. Define what makes you happy and pursue it. By allowing yourself to be who you are meant to be, all things are possible.

    With the rising sun comes new opportunities for us all...

(I'm not one for predictions, but I have a feeling that this coming year will be a prosperous year for many. It will come with hard work and a commitment to achieve but the outcome will be more than what you can imagine. It is a time for all to come together to work as one. When this occurs anything is possible. I wish that all of you attain your heart's desire.)