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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Surrounding Yourself With Light

When all seems to be so dark, remember that there is light that surrounds you. Although you may not see it, it exists. It shines from within you and keeps you safe from harm. You are not as alone as you think. For what is within you has developed over the years. It's the strength that comes from the struggles you've overcome. It's the patience that you've learned when things don't happen within the time that you wanted. It's the faith that you've developed living through the miracles that you have no explanations for. You are the light that will guide you through the darkness that may seem overwhelming. It's time to turn on the light so that it will be dark no more.
The light shines brightest at night...

(I didn't realize what a blessed life I have had an opportunity to have these past few years. Now that there is darkness around me, it is all more glaring. Sometimes you don't know who you are until you are where you aren't supposed to be. What was is no longer. Even the darkness can blind you.)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's Time For A Change

As you begin the new year, are you going to continue making the same excuses? How have they been working for you so far? How many years have you told yourself that "I'll do it later, it's not a good time"? When will the time be right for you to make the changes you seek? Change will occur no matter what you do, so why don't you take charge of your life and make the change you want to see. Every day you have an opportunity to make the best of what you have, but you choose to settle for what you receive.  It's time to take a step towards your heart's desire. Acknowledge the blessings in your life, but feel free to also ask the universe for what you want. This is a year to move forward towards living a life that you were meant to live. 
 Beauty is all around you...

(This year is a strange one. It's only January and life has been a little crazy. I've had to step aside and look at what is happening with an objective eye. It's only when taking a moment that I realized that the chaos was around me but not about me. Although it impacts me, it's how I deal with it that keeps me sane. I asked for change and change is what I'm getting.)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Celebrating A Quiet Moment

Getting caught in the craziness of life, you may forget how important the quiet moments can be for your sanity. It's those unexpected times when you're able to slip away for just a minute to relax. When the peace and serenity surrounds you and you can hear yourself breath is far and few between. There are no decisions to make or place where you need to be. Because these times are so uncommon, you need to celebrate this quiet moments. The universe seems to know when you need a break from everything. 
A quiet moment...

(I don't look for a break from the craziness anymore because there never is enough time. But I do appreciate seeing the ocean as I'm driving home, seeing the sun shining through the valley, and eating dinner with my daughter. It may only be only a few minutes, but it's time for celebration. I'll take whatever I can get during these busy times.)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Know That You'll Be Fine

Sometimes it's difficult to believe that everything will be fine when you're going through a rough patch. How can the sun come out when it's been raining for so long? You forget that above the thunder clouds, the sun continues to shine. You've just gotten used to things not going your way that you may not see the miracles that are happening. The universe continues to support you whether you are aware of it or not. It's not about the lessons you are learning but that everything comes in it's own time. Know that when you are feeling your lowest, there are so many that surround you with love. It's time for things to change. Stand up tall and greet the morning with the intention that this day will be different because you are determined to make the best of it, no matter what comes your way.
We are closer to perfection than we think...

This is a new year and time for me to start moving again. I finally feel better. There is so much to do, but going through these past weeks I realize that everything comes in it's own time. I may not know the time but I have faith that the universe supports my efforts. This year is about relationships, communication, and best intentions. We can accomplish so much when we don't know that we"can't".)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nothing Is As Easy As It Seems

On the surface, life seems to be so easy. In fact, when looking at others they seem to be living a life without worries. But are you only looking at what they want you to see. Are their tears hidden behind the laughter? You are no different from anyone else. Your life is not meant to be so difficult that you fear to be yourself. It's not an easy life that you seek, but one that fulfills your spirit. The challenge is to experience all that life has to offer you, including the tears you shed, the laughter you share, and the anticipation that miracles are waiting for you around the bend. If life was so easy, then you wouldn't recognize the special moments when everything seems to come together perfectly. It's time to see what the new year has in store for you.
Join me for a cup of hot chocolate

(We found this outdoor restaurant coming down Haleakala. It was really brisk so we enjoyed the hot chocolate with whipped creme. Peace and quiet. How quickly life changes. Sometimes I have to hold on to memories like these to help ground me. The great thing about life is that nothing remains the same.)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Getting Back To Where You Were

It's time to get back to life. When chaos turns you upside down it may be a little confusing. But when the dust settles, you'll be surprised at how much better you can see things. Now that you've had to step away from your normal routine for a little while, it may not be as easy as you thought to get back to where you were. What was, may not fit where you are at this point in your life.  Although you are not the person you were just a minute ago, you may be just the person you need to be right now. Celebrate all that the new year will be bringing to you.
It's a new dawn...

I thought I could just get back to my life after returning home but to my frustration it's been difficult. Although my mind was telling me one thing, my body was refusing to listen. Chaos has given me an opportunity to stop and re-assess. This year will bring challenges but so many opportunities for us all.