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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Think Carefully Before We Speak

Sometimes our mouth moves faster than our mind and we say things that we soon regret. But there are moments when we are so busy that we can't remember what we've said and we leave a trail of hurt behind. When this occurs, it's difficult to retract what has been said in haste because too much time has gone by. Although we'd like to make amends, the damage has been done. Words leave a path of energy that lingers long after we've left. Unintentional or not, we can control what we say, so we need to think carefully before we speak. If we are responsible for what we do and say, then let our words be said out of love and compassion. Today, choose your words carefully. Speak to others as you would like them to speak to you. Let your voice reflect the person who you strive to be.
If turtles can talk, what would they say...
(I'm not sure if it's only words that can hurt us. I think alot of damage can be done in the delivery. For my family, the way we resolve hurting each other is by letting each other know when we're out of bounds. I appreciate my kids telling me when I'm being rude because it reminds me that everyone deserves to be treated and spoken with respect. S,R,Q - I love your honesty)


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Finding Our Place In Life

We might as well stop comparing ourselves with others because we are not alike. We differ in so many ways that it is useless to follow in someone's footsteps. As much as we try to emulate people we look up to, somehow we do not achieve the same results as they did. So when did we stop believing in ourselves and put all our trust in others. Everyone's path is different, as is our journey. It is up to each of us to find our place in life. Once we begin to believe in who we are and trust that there is a reason we are here, then we will find where we belong. Today, do something nice for yourself. Sometimes you worry so much that you've taken the joy out of the day. There are so many blessings around you, take a moment to appreciate all that you have been given and give thanks to what you've received. Be open to the opportunities that are coming your way.
So alike, yet so different...
(I tend to think about things hindsight. I jump then question what I did afterwards, but by then it's too late. I don't waste time comparing myself to others because I have my own plans. So much to do, so little time to waste on looking at what others are doing. I tend to lead and don't look back to see who is following. I guess I hope that everyone else is blazing their own path. We each have to find a place to call our own)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Trusting In What We Know

There are times in our life, when all is quiet that we catch a glimpse of our destiny. It's just a short burst of clarity, a knowing within us that there is something we need to do that is bigger than ourselves. Although the details are too murky for us to discern, we are left believing that there is purpose to our journey. As frustrating as it may be, trusting in what we now know has to be enough. It's difficult to remember that the universe has plans for us, when our path seems without purpose at times. But when we least expect it, there is another defining moment which reconfirms our understanding of what life is all about. Keep the faith, knowing that we are our experiences and they are all part of the universe's plan for us. Today, don't be discouraged. Instead of asking so many questions about your future, concentrate on the present. Know that it is not for you to know your purpose, but to have purpose in your life. Remember that it's not the number of people you impact that's important, but that each person you touch truly believes that someone cares about them.
Here I can find peace...
(Although I know in my heart that there is a reason for where I am at this time, I still question the universe when times get difficult. What a gift to receive a glimpse of what can be, but it can also be a detriment because now I have a decision to make. Do I walk on the path trusting the unknown or be safe and stay home? I chose to walk the unfamiliar path, but I have so many angels who walk with me that I'm never alone. I believe that the universe sends me help whenever I am in need)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Be The Guiding Light

When we were younger, we depended on others to lead us on our path. We were insecure about our journey and needed the help of those who love and care for us. Being nurtured helped us to have the strength and courage to pursue our dreams today. But now that we've grown, it's our time to be the guiding light for others. To teach what we've learned and to mentor those who need our help. Although we may question what we know, there are those who are waiting for what knowledge we do have. It is part of our journey to light the way for others, as they manuever carefully on their path. It is a blessing to be able to give back what we were given selflessly with love. Today, live in gratitude. Appreciate all that you have and give freely to those who may need your help. When your eyes open to the needs of others, you will see what a truly blessed life you are so fortunate to have.
The light shines upon us...
(When asked, I don't think I know anymore than anyone else. But then I realize how much knowledge we all have when we combine what we do know. It's as if when we all come together, the light shines much brighter. I alone may not make much of a difference in how the world evolves, but when joining my energies with others then all things are possible. I am the dharma lamp of bliss.)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ask For Nothing

What would happen if our prayers were filled with gratitude about the blessings we have in our life? If everyone would spend one day being selfless, think of all the changes we could make. Helping strangers would become a standard instead of a bad idea because we've convinced ourselves that we wouldn't get anything out of it. The world would be filled with compassionate acts that would silence the selfish demands of what used to be the norm. If for one day, we could think beyond ourselves and what is good for us, then the universe would flow in harmony. Imagine that our spirit is filled with all that we need, then there is nothing that we would want. So just for today, let's give ourselves to the needs of others and we will be fulfilling our destiny.
She sits quietly as I walk on the path...
(I know that it's harder for me to be selfless when I'm going through challenging times, but my life has always been about suffering. So I just had to make a commitment to live a life of compassion understanding that life's challenges will always be there. I've come to be grateful for all that is in my life because I know that I am the person I am today because of all the hardships in my life. What is suffering but dealing with life lessons without running away.)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Are Not The Same

How unique are we, that we continue to follow what society dictates to be the norm. We invest so much time worrying about what others think than putting effort towards pursuing our own dreams.  It may be that we lack the inner strength to be different. Being unique has never been encouraged by society and it is still very difficult to be the one who walks their own path. Accepting ourselves for who we are and standing up for our ideals is what will rejuvenate the world. It's not natural for everyone to be the same. If we are truly connected to each other in some way, then our differences will be what will save each other in times of need. If we begin celebrating who we are, then we will have the freedom to be who we will become. Today, stop hiding behind others. Shine the light on your unique talents. You are worthy of all you deserve to receive. By accepting yourself, others will see your value. Take the lead, for you know where you're supposed to be.
There is a sense of bliss, knowing what brings you peace...
(I just deleted what I was writing. I was going to say that I don't compare myself to others but that would not be correct. I think we all live our life measuring ourselves with a standard which although we may say we've created, was actually created by society's norms. So I guess I do in some way follow what others think. Saddened by that thought, I think we all want to believe that we are unique and that we follow our own drum. But I supposed that it's enough to say that we put our own spin on what we believe is our unique self. That being said, I am okay with who I am today.)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Uncharted Waters

There are times when we wonder about the life we are living. We question whether this is what we envisioned it to be. Have our childhood dreams come true or have we settled for what we think we deserve. Sometimes it seems as if we are swimming in uncharted waters and in order to survive we somehow persevere. We may not know how or why, we are where we are, but we do our best to create a life in which all things are possible. No matter what our circumstances may be, we can overcome all obstacles and achieve all that the universe has planned for us. Even in uncharted waters, we can sail to our destination in peace. Today, take the day off to enjoy yourself. Find bliss in whatever you do and serenity in the decisions you make. Although it may not seem like it, you are where you are supposed to be.
Uncharted waters are dangerous, yet so beautiful...
(I don't know how to swim yet being in uncharted waters brings me peace. And in life that is where I am mostly found. Trusting that I am where I am supposed to be has sustained me during challenging times. Knowing that the universe leads me, not the other way around. Sometimes when the waves get a little choppy, I have to jump a little higher to get above them. That's the way life is, I never know what the day will bring, but I know I can overcome anything.)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Giving Willingly

There may be times in our life when we feel obligated in doing things for others. When this happens, our heart is not in the right place. Others may not know where our generosity comes from because we put on a front, which disguises how we actually feel. So what may seem to be an act of kindness may not really be in keeping with the true spirit of giving. We are blessed with so many things, that we often forget how fortunate we are. It's not only the material wealth that we have obtained, but the love and support of our family and friends. Having so much, why wouldn't we want to share the blessings we have received? Taking a moment to give willingly to others outside of our family and friends may be something we've never thought of before. But knowing that we are all connected in some way, then everyone benefits by sharing with each other. By giving to another, we start the chain of selflessness that will circle the world. Today, know that you are not alone. Because of the prayers that are being said throughout the world, you are being supported and loved by those you may or may not know. 
Although we're strangers, we are still connected...
(To give willingly with an open heart, a person has to have a giving spirit. I may not always have a giving spirit, but I try to have an open heart to those in need.)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Time Lost

Where does the time go that we try to hold on so tight to? We gather as many minutes as we can to do everything that we set out to do every day. It seems that no matter how much we try, time just slips through our fingers. Although we try to schedule in our work, play, and family, something always seems to be left out. Sometimes it seems as if we can't accomplish anything, no matter what our intentions are at the beginning of the day. Time is so fleeting, that we are often reminded of how much more we still need to accomplish in our lifetime. How will we be able to do all that we desire within such a short time. If we were to stop every once and awhile and reflect upon where we are, would we be able to put our life into perspective. Although we can't recapture time lost, we can cherish each moment that we have and create new experiences that will bring happiness to our life. Today, live a day without a time device. Free yourself from looking at the time. Tune into your own natural schedule. Time is not lost, if it was never supposed to be.
Animals don't know about time...
(I have a thing about time. I have several watches, clocks, and calendars. This doesn't mean I'm on time, it's just that I really like devices that tell me the time and day. I'm not sure if it gives me comfort to know where I am supposed to be.  I don't think about the time I've lost, but how much more time I need to accomplish all that the universe has plans for me to do. I have to remember to slow down and enjoy the moment before it's truly lost.)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Being At Peace With Ourselves

Sometimes it takes us awhile to realize that we are not at peace with ourselves. Our life moves at such a fast pace, that we don't notice where we are until we've missed where we should have been. We sometimes surpass our own goals, which has us keeping up with a life that we never intended to live. It's time to slow down, when we can't even remember what our priorities are anymore. We forget that we are responsible for the life we've created. At some point, it's important for us to take the time to catch our breath. Being at peace with ourselves is not the same as having a peaceful life. We can live a chaotic life and still be at peace within ourselves. Peace surrounds us all the time, when we're ready it will be ours to have. Today, be still. There is no need to move quickly, for in our haste to get from one place to another, we are missing so much. Being at peace is a place where only you know where to find.)
Playing until the last rays are gone...
(I'm not sure if I will ever be at peace. It's not for the lack of trying, but wanting it and achieving it is two separate things. At first, I thought to attain peace, a person would have to separate themselves from others. But now I understand, that achieving peace can be attained anywhere. It is a state of mind. To be at peace wihin myself , I will have to acknowledge who I am and be able to love myself as I am. At this point, it's a work in progress.)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blessings All Around Us

Sometimes we are so busy looking for what is wrong with the world that we often overlook what is going right. Our mistakes seem to be glaring and stand out, but our successes may go unnoticed. We try so hard to find our faults that we overlook our strengths. Our life is certainly what we make it but it seems that we're always underestimating all the good in it. There are blessings all around us, if we only open our eyes to see them. At first we may not recognize them, but they are what makes life worthwhile. Today, give someone a hug. Share your blessings with others and you will see how it can change your day. You are a gift to someone's life besides your own.
Sometimes you can find beauty in between the trees...
(I know that I get so busy that I am oblivious to the blessings around me, that's why I run along the beach on the weekends. The beauty of the ocean reminds me of who I am and how insignificant I am in this world. I am only just a small part of the huge picture. Whatever part I'm playing, I take it seriously because I know that we are all connected in some way. If I blow my part, then I'm not sure how many people will be affected. If I'm going to be a blessing for others, than I will do what I need to do.)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Freedom To Be Unsure

In today's world, it's important to know what we're doing and where we are going. To be confident in ourselves is power and showing our fear is a sign of weakness. If we don't know the answers to our questions, we will seek until we find it. There is discomfort in the not knowing. If this is what we've grown up to believe, then what would happen if we begin questioning our life decisions. If being lost was part of the process of finding where we should be, then alot of us would be in a good place. If we had the freedom to be unsure of ourselves, then we could be at peace with who we truly are. And we would finally relax and explore life knowing that wherever we end up, it'll be exactly where we're supposed to be. Life isn't supposed to be so stressful that we stop enjoying who we are.
Today, relax and have fun. Don't worry about all the mistakes you make because they will lead you to where you need to be. When you question yourself, you get to know who you are.
Which one would you choose...
(There are times when I get so undecided that I get upset with myself. I never think that maybe it's not the right time to make the decision. Now that I think about it maybe being undecided is actually a warning to myself that I'm not ready to make a commitment. It's especially hard to tell another person that I don't know what to do as of yet. I'll probably come up with an answer later than sooner but not right now. It's not easy being unsure and not knowing.)


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hurting Ourselves

Sometimes when we strike out to others, we in turn our hurting ourselves. If the other person doesn't know what our intent is, then how is what we are doing hurting them. We spend an awful amount of time thinking about how others are going to regret not having us in their lives but to what end. Is it being self absorbed that makes us think that others are spending an equal amount of time thinking about us. Negative thinking only attracts negative consequences in our life. Instead of looking within ourselves to see what is hurting us, we blame others for our pain. Taking responsibility of our feelings is the first step in the healing process. No one can make us feel better about who we are, but ourselves. If we stop blaming others, we will begin to move forward in our life. Today, step outside of your comfort zone. Instead of pushing others away, welcome them into your life. It's okay to give yourself permission to lead the life you deserve.
It's time for peace...
(It's difficult being surrounded by negativity people. Half of me wants to nurture them and the other half wants to run as far as I can go. I understand that we all have choices as to how we want to live our life, so I question why someone would want to live their life thinking only the worse. If I choose to live with only positive energy, what will happen to the negative energy? There comes a time when I need to begin taking care of myself and my spirit.)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Speak Out

Following the crowd is much easier than walking our own path. We choose to follow because we are afraid that by speaking up, it may alienate us from the very people we want to associate with. On the surface, it may seem to be a simpler life, but how many decisions are being made that go against what we believe in. And what will it take before we begin to disagree with what others are saying. There are times when we need to take a stand and speak out. We are all unique and should be celebrating our differences, by sharing our perspectives instead of discouraging them. By encouraging others to speak out, we can truly say that we are ready to listen to all things that may eventually change the world. Today, say your piece. Stand up and tell others what you believe. Trust that your voice will be heard and you will make a difference. Celebrate who you are and speak out.
Although the seasons change, I am still me...
(It is scary to speak out, but the more I believe in something the easier it is.. I think the more we share our thoughts, it creates synergy. One person alone cannot change the world. With our combined ideas and experience, we can all make a difference. I believe each of us have something to contribute and that we can solve any problem if we work together.)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Welcome To My World

The life we've created gives us comfort. We enjoy knowing what to expect tomorrow, when the world is so chaotic. We built a tight circle around us included our family and friends that love and support us. What more do we need? We may never find out what new experiences there are, if we never go beyond the boundaries we've created. Being cautious of the unknown is one thing, but preventing what may be our destiny is another. Although it may be challenging, welcome others into your life. If our lives truly interconnect with others, then by opening ourselves to the possibilities would change the direction of our life. Trusting that there is a universal plan bigger than us all is a good place to start. Today, believe in yourself. You have a journey that begins here, where it ends only the universe knows. Have faith and move forward with confidence.
Why can't we have it all...
(Believing that there is a universal plan is the easiest part. The challenge is implementing it when I'm the only one who hears what needs to be done. My family and friends are my greatest supporters. They trust in me and that's good enough for them. I've met so many people recently and I know that they are part of this bigger plan. There is a reason I moved to Maui and I'm seeing the plan being played out so quickly. I don't have or need to know the details, just that I am where I am supposed to be.)


Saturday, March 16, 2013

All Is Not Lost

During our darkest moments, it's difficult to see the light.  We are so caught up with our emotions that we can't find our way out of the maze we've created. It's as if any movement is fruitless because we are paralyzed by ovewhelming emotions. We feel defeated by our own helplessness. Although we could climb out of our depressive state, we are unable to find the way out on our own. It's not as if we enjoy being here, but the feeling of hopelessness is difficult to shed.. But even in the dark, we can't help but see a glimmer of light. If we allow ourselves to follow it's path, we would see that all is not lost. It takes strength and the belief that tomorrow will be a better day that can propel us forward if we let it. As challenging as it is to remember, knowing that we are never alone gives us the courage to live in the light. Today, turn on all your lights. It's not time to be in the dark. Although you may be alone, you are loved and prayed for by many.
Be still with me...
(I am normally a positive person, but today I was so sad. Not sure why but I felt an overwhelming sadness come over me. It took awhile for the feeling to leave me, but it was in those moments that I realized how difficult it must be for those who live with these feelings everyday. To climb out of a depressive state is challenging and I commend those who struggle everyday to walk in the light. I wish I could light their path with a ray of sunshine to ease their way. R & Q - thank you for guiding me out of the dark.)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Looking At The Bigger Picture

Sometimes we get so caught up in doing what feels good that we don't want to know what the consequences of our actions will be. In time, the newness of self gratification wears thin, when there is no one but ourselves to see the world as we do. The life we once thought was so wonderful has become less than, when we have no one to share it with. For when we are self absorbed, we don't pay attention to anyone but ourselves. So now as we journey forward, it would be wise to look at the bigger picture.  For what we do now directly affects who we will become. Today, take life a little slower. See what happens when you take your time in all that you do. Give more thought to all that is and you will view life a little differently.
Unique, beautiful, and all handcrafted...
(I often get so caught up with life's drama that I get swept away. Looking at the bigger picture is difficult when all I can see is a snapshot of what is going on right in front of me. It takes a lot of concentration and energy to look beyond what is and see what can be. Sometimes I want to and sometimes I refuse to. Right now I can see so far beyond, that I can't wait for the present to catch up with what will be.)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stepping Back

There are times when we need to step back for a moment to see if what we remember of the past was truly what it was. Our memories become foggy and may only represent what we'd like them to be. The stories that we tell, we've embellished so much that they are as accurate as they are entertaining. The emotions that we experienced are much more clearer than the experiences themselves. The happiness, as well as, the sadness are part of who we are and even if our recollection is not as good as it was when we were younger, we can still remember how we felt. Those memories will last forever. By stepping back to what was, we have a better understanding of who we were, who we are, and will become. Today, be present in all that you do. Don't lose the day by being too occupied. You can't remember the past, if you're not present today.
In learning about our culture, we may understand how we came to be...
(I have always been facinated by culture. I believe that through our culture we can learn about our past. We all come from somewhere and the experiences of our ancesters are imprinted in our genetic makeup. If we better understand who they were, we can appreciate how we've come to be. WIth the strength and courage of the generations before me, I have the opportunity to be who I am today. I never take for granted those who have helped me on my journey.)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spending The Rest of Your Life With Me

There is something deep in my heart that knows you are the one. I may know you already or may have never met you yet, but you will be the one that brings me peace. I have waited for you and now you are here or will be with me soon. You are part of who I am, yet you respect the person who I will be. You are not the perfect person that others hope to find. You are comfortable with your imperfections and accept mine as well. Heart of my heart, will you spend the rest of your life with me.
I want to share my day with you...

(As I wrote this message, I kept thinking about this special couple that I know. They remind me of what love truly is. I know that there is no such thing as the perfect couple, but they come pretty close. (T & M - You both are always in my heart.)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Know Who You Are

How well do you know ourselves? We may be well acquainted with who we were several years ago, but what about now. Are we familiar with how much we have changed? There are so many things that have happened that we feel different and we don't react the same way as we've used to. These are subtle changes that we don't realize until we stop to reflect upon how we  have evolved. Knowing ourselves and being aware of how much we've changed helps us to understand the person we are today. It's a time for celebration when we can acknowledge how much our new experiences has brought us opportunities and have made us who we are. Today, think of things that make you happy. Have they changed over the years? During the year, take the time to celebrate who you are and who you are becoming.
We lead the life we choose...
(Sometimes knowing who I am is not enough. There is also believing that it's okay to be who I am. It's trusting that no matter if others accept me or not, I continue to follow my unique path. When all is said and done, I only know what is true to me.)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Receiving What We Deserve

The universe has plans for us beyond what we can ever imagine. Our point of reference is only from our past experiences. Although we may not know exactly what our purpose is, we trust that we are moving forward on our path. But even with knowing that there is a bigger plan for us, we still have doubts. It's one thing to know that there is something more in life and another to actually believe that we deserve it. Somehow we receive what we think we deserve. We attract what we permit to enter our life. In order to achieve and attain all that the universe has planned for us, we need to permit the universe to provide all. Believing that the universe doesn't make mistakes, includes opening up to all that we deserve. Today, do something that makes you smile. Believing in who you are is the beginning of knowing what you want out of life. Ask and it will be given.
Let's manifest together...
(When someone told me "You receive what you think you deserve." It made me a little sad because there were times in my life that I settled for less, thinking less of myself. But then again if I am what my experiences have been, then technically everything worked out the way it was supposed to be. So moving forward, I need to trust that whatever I receive is part of the universal plan to help me achieve my purpose in life. Let's see what happens.)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Acknowledging Who We Are

When we are what others expect us to be, we lose who we are. Sometimes it is easier to follow the lead of our peers, than it is for us to forge our own path. We know what family and friends expect from us, but what do we expect from ourselves. By acknowledging who we are, we are respecting the spirit within us that makes us all so unique. Instead of pretending that others know us better, we need to shine our light so bright that we never lose ourselves again. Today, be the leader you can be. To know and believe yourself is to understand your potential.

Come sit with me for awhile...
(This evening, I spoke to a young person who surprised me by acknowledging who he was. I wasn't sure if I heard right, but he repeated himself. I wish I was so sure of who I was at that age. I was a perfect amoeba. Believing that our experiences make us who we are, following others has helped me to understand people a little better. When we know who we are when we're younger, we are able to move on our path with more confidence. S - I am so proud of you!) 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Someone To Lean On

We've become so independent and self sufficient. Able to do anything we put are mind to or are we? It's easy to lose focus on our goals when we are concentrating so hard on doing everything well. Being strong may be holding us back from asking help when we need it. There is strength in being able to lean on someone when we need the support to move forward. Today, think of all the people that have supported you in the past. In your search for success, remember how interconnected you are to others. What a feeling to know that you do not have to stand alone ever again.
Kahakuloa, remote and so beautiful...
(This quiet town was a nice surprise after leaving suburbia. It's tucked away in a tiny valley with the ocean shore adding to it's beauty. Because it's so far from the hustle and bustle of city life, they depend on each other for many things. It would be nice if we could live like that again, knowing that being interconnected is part of something bigger than we are.)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Simple Answers

Our life has become so complicated that it's become our norm. When resolving problems, we go out of our way to ask as many people as possible to get a consensus. We'll research until we're satisfied that we have enough resources to make an informed decision. There are so many different places we can search due to our easy access to the internet and our dependency on technology. But even with all this at our fingertips, why is finding answers just as difficult than before. Because we look so deeply into our problems, we find that it takes more time to resolve them. In doing this, we may miss what may be just in front of us. If we were to see our problems from the perspective of a child, we would see how simplistic they can be. Children don't see a complex situation, they only see what their mind can accept. By looking at our problems from a child's perspective, we would see how simple answers may be the best answers. Today, don't complicate matters. When you overthink what you should be doing, you become paralyzed with doubt. Do what is right for you and all will be right.
 Food brings us back to basics...
(I'm guilty of making mountains out of ant hills. I think it's the researcher in me that will keep looking for answers for fear that the right one is just around the corner. Even as a child, I was complicated. Overthinking didn't make me a fun playmate. Even now, I'm better at planning for the future than being in the moment. Simple answers is something I have to strive to understand more. Being in a place that brings peace and calm brings me closer to my goals.)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Accept Me For Who I Am

There is so much frustration and anger in the world today because we expect so much of others. We project our own ideals upon them and wonder why they are not responding as we would like them to. As much as we say that we accept others for who they are, how truthful are we being? In theory, it is easy to say because it is the right thing. To believe that we are all equal in all things, but truly are we really? There is not only our personal expectations but society's as well. We are definately bound by own rules. It's only those who continue to say "Accept me for who I am" that can break the paradigm of what should be, to what can be. If we are only left to be ourselves how easy would that be. Let go of all expectations and find joy in the unexpected and often times hidden treasures will be found along the way. Today, be only who you can be. Find out who you are and have the courage to just be. We all have our own rhythmn, accept that you have an original beat to follow.
One of a kind beauty...
(I've worked hard to be comfortable with who I am and to understand myself and what I believe in. But the strangest thing happened today, someone said something to me that made me think "This person really gets who I am." It wasn't really an earth shattering experience, just a very quiet feel good moment. But I responded by negating what they said. That made me realize that not only do we need to accept others for who they are, but we need to accept ourselves. Knowing who we are and accepting all that we are is two different things. Wow, I've got alot of work to do.) 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Learning From Our Mistakes

Just by being human, we know that we'll make mistakes. Although we strive for perfection, it's by being imperfect that we grow stronger. We are who we are because of our past experiences which include all the mistakes we have made. When we keep making the same mistakes, that's when things become problematic. Acknowledging that we are not always right and that we don't know everything, leaves us open for the universe to implement it's plan for us. Learning from our mistakes, we become capable of doing all that we aspire to do. Today, be at peace with who you are. Your mistakes are only practice for what is to be.
Are there mistakes in nature...
(I am the first to admit that I am a mistake. Who I thought I would be or become is no longer. The universe has a way of leading me to places that I have no control. It's by giving up the control and just going with the flow that I move forward. Since being okay with who I am and being a mistake, I am so happy when my days are filled with peace and wellness. I am only who I can be.)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let Faith Lead Your Way

This is a year for transformations. All that we know will change in some way. Our finances, careers, relationships, and homes will undergo challenges. If our foundation is strong, we will be able to weather the storm without too many bruises. How can we prepare for the unexpected if we are still struggling with our faith? On the surface, it may feel as if this year is especially difficult but if we believe that everything has a purpose then we are just part of the experience. It's how we handle the situation that will make a difference in the outcome. There will always be challenges in our life, but understanding that whatever happens is what makes us who we are. Having faith in that which makes us stronger, can make a world of difference between having a successful year or having a year of frustration. This is a year that we let faith lead our way. Today, give yourself permission to laugh. No matter what happens, remind yourself that tomorrow is another day to do better. Your faith is as strong as your belief that you can achieve all that you put your mind to.
There is beauty everywhere if we choose to see it...

 (I believe that the year of the snake, is a time when like the snake, we will shed our outer skin and become anew. We will still be the same, yet different. Although it's a natural process, it is still uncomfortable. I can see how some people would struggle against something that gives them discomfort, but that doesn't prevent what is happening. I am who I am because of my life experiences. But with a stronger faith, this year will be a year that I'm excited to see how things will evolve.)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Acknowledging Our Fears

There are too many times when we stop ourselves from doing things because of our fears. It may be difficult for us to understand why we can't overcome what seems to be holding us from moving forward. Fears are not always what they seem to be. Understanding that they are an important part of who we were and who we have become. Knowing this, we can appreciate that our fears are our first line of defense, protecting us from things we may not even be aware of. Instead of struggling to overcome them, it may be more beneficial for us to incorporate them in our planning. Acknowledging our fears, is the first step of walking on our path with confidence. Today, use your fears to attain your goals. They can help you to achieve what you want in life. Embrace your fears and let them lead you towards success.
Give up the control and let the kids cook...

(This message turned on me. I thought it would be all about overcoming  my fears and getting rid of them so I can achieve more. But it developed into something unexpected. Acknowledging my fears and letting them help me to understand myself. Everything that is a part of me, including my fears, is who I am. I have to own the fears that I have instead of using them as an excuse not to achieve what I want. Fears are the new motivation for me.)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Who Are Our Parents?

As children, we look to our parents for answers. In our eyes, they can do no wrong. In fact, this continues even as we become adults. Although we get older and mature, our parents never seem to age because they were always wise and knowing. No matter how old we become, we look up to them as being experienced guides to our own behaviors. What they taught us as we were growing up, now seem to become ingrained in our minds. So that we will probably carry on the same values with our own children. But happens when a parent betrays our trust. Learning that our parents are not perfect but make mistakes like all of us is difficult to comprehend. They are supposed to be our moral compass. For some reason, when parents fail us, we look at ourselves to fix the problem. But this will only lead to frustration on our part, because the only one who can change is the person themselves. People often overlook the consequences of their actions when they become too entangled in their fantasy. As children, the first step is acknowledging that our parents are human and can make mistakes. And second is to let them be responsible for the consequences of their actions. As children, we never see the whole picture of what is going on. Loving our parents and letting them fall is one of the hardest things to do. Today, allow yourself to breathe. You can not change anyone but yourself. As angry and confused as you may be at this time, know that there are people that support and love you. If you need to talk to someone, you are not alone. No one is perfect, especially our parents.
Those were the days...
(I don't know when I became the parent and my father the child. I catch myself lecturing him as if he has no clue as to what he is doing. Somewhere between raising my own children and having them grow up, my father has aged. He smiles at me when I'm telling him something and not for the first time. It's as if he understands that what I'm saying to him is out of love. I have often forgotten that he is human and can make mistakes. The question I ask myself is, do parents have a right to make mistakes? I hope so otherwise, I'm going to be in big trouble with my own kids.)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Courage Within

There are many circumstances in our life, in which we feel that we may not have been true to ourselves. Although we may know who we are, there is something within that is not ready to stand up for all that we believe. There is a slight hesitation to be different, to speak up and rock the boat. The voice within us questions why we can't say what we feel. With discernment and respect, we can share our view of the world so why are we still standing on the sidelines nodding in agreement to everything others are saying. Each of us has something to contribute. It's the courage within us that sometimes lay dormant that will help us to speak out to what matters not only to ourselves, but to others. Even when one voice is lost, we may be missing out on an important perspective that may change the course of the world. By gathering the courage within us to speak out, we can make a difference. Today, choose to be different. Know that no matter what others may say, your voice still needs to be heard. Practice speaking quietly to yourself, until others begin to hear what you have to say. Let the courage within you gather strength so you no longer fear the opinion of others.
The road less traveled...
(I think for all I know of myself, it does take courage to say what I feel in front of certain people. Although it shouldn't matter who they are, it does. For one thing, if I'm in a larger crowd and I don't think my view will change the consensus then I may not. But with family and friends, then I will  because it's fun to discuss things at length. If it's true that we are all interconnected, then I guess I should be sharing more of what I believe because it may affect someone. I'll have to think about this more.)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Finding Your Passion

 If someone were to ask you what is your passion, how would you respond? There are many of us that may have a difficult time answering that question because we're just not sure what it means. If we can't explain it, how would we know if we had it. I guess if we were to start with what it's not, we may have a better idea. Or to be more descriptive, how would it feel to live with passion as part of our life. Sometimes when the words just don't come, it's easier just to describe the emotion. When it comes down to passion, for some of us it may feel like a blast of energy. For others, it may come with a slow understanding that what we are doing just feels right. Finding our passion may not be the key to life, but one of the many things that will bring joy to our spirit. Today, do something that makes you happy. You deserve to treat yourself as a reminder of how special you are. Passion will come if you just let yourself be you.
My children, my passion...
(I never really thought about what my passion was. To me it's always seemed to be an overrated word, that so many strive for but never feel they have. People have so much in life but are missing them because they are looking for more. If I interchange the word passion with love, I bet more people would see how much passion exists in their life. No more said.)