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Sunday, December 29, 2013

As The World Changes Some Things Stay The Same

It seems to make sense that if your world is changing that everything around you changes also. But many times that's not the case. The way you view life is so different because of your experiences. What you thought you knew yesterday is not what is real today. Hopefully you have grown to understand life a little better after what you have been through, but whether you have or have not, you are different from who you were. Now that there seems to be more clarity in your life, why are those that surround you the same. But maybe that's what all this is about, not how the world has changed or how others should change along with you but what you have learned about yourself by going through this experience. As you understand yourself a little more you will see that although the world changes, things remain the same.
Reach out for the blessings in life...

(It's so easy to blame others for the situations I find myself in, but it's becoming more clear that I am where I am because of the the actions I have taken. I have to live with the consequences that come with the choices I have made. Sometimes I disappoint myself, but other times I wonder what did I do to receive such blessings. All in all, I find that I'm the one who is changing, not so much others.)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Accepting What Life Brings To You

It's difficult to explain how different life can be when the universe turns your life upside down. You can't understand what you've never experienced until you're actually going through it. You have been working on being compassionate to others and being empathetic to their plight, but hearing what others are going through and actually having it happen to you are two separate things. There are times in life when the unexpected comes so suddenly that you need to sink or swim, however frantically. But surviving is the key. Priorities change just as quickly, what was is no longer. It's by living through adversity do you discover how valuable life is. What is compassion or empathy but truly accepting others for who they are and the challenges they are going through. Your purpose in life is to help others in time of need. It is not up to you to decide when, leave that up to the universe. Be the support that you would like to have in time of need.
Peace and Serenity

(My father is home from the hospital and I'm helping him recuperate. Being a caregiver for an elderly person is so different than caring for a child. I never realized how much lack of sleep can do to my mind and body. I felt like I was barely surviving. But through this experience, I realized what a wonderful opportunity I have to care for my father. He's a quiet man so I'm not learning anything new from him, but being able to help him is a gift that I can give to him. Now that I've gotten into a routine, I can blog again. I'm just grateful that I have this time with my father.)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Exceeding Your Expectations

There are times in your life when you wonder if you'll ever meet your goals in life. What you wanted to be and achieve sometimes seem so far out of your reach. You've been working hard to make ends meet that attaining your heart's desire has become a faint memory. Sometimes you need a little reminding of dreams past. It's not that you don't have desires, it just that life has gotten in the way of your dreams and wishes. But what if the universe was just waiting for you to decide that enough is enough and that it's time for you to receive all that you've wanted. What if you could exceed even your expectations? Now is the time to put your desires out into the universe. Say it out loud and with the belief that if you ask it will come. 
Three infinity pools just waiting for you...

(Standing on the balcony overlooking these pools, I felt strongly that everyone has an opportunity to experience this. It's just knowing how much you want it. I think many of us including myself are too humble for our own good. It's not that I don't think I deserve my heart's desire, I am not taking the time to define it. I believe that the universe tries to accommodate us as much as it fits in our plan. So in the coming year, I better be more specific. Now watch and see what happens.)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Appreciating The Blessings We Have

How long can you keep going at the pace you've set for yourself? You're running around trying to meet your deadlines, making sure that you're not missing anything. But after a long day and it's time to put your feet up, how much of the day did you enjoy? What about it that made you smile and laugh? You're tired and can't really remember what the day was about. With the holidays in gear, you can't move fast enough. But what are you accomplishing, except running yourself to the ground. It's time to sit down for awhile and take a breathe. Enjoy the hustle and bustle around you, appreciate the blessings that you have and be grateful for every day that you are here with your loved ones.
Look at all the wonders that surround you...

(I am learning how much more I appreciate life, when someone I care for is ill. It's funny how busy we think we are until something happens. It's a time when family comes together, dropping everything. I was scheduled to be with my family next week for the holidays. But finding out that my father was suddenly ill, I find myself flying out this week. In life, there are no plans just being where we need to be. It's good to be reminded every once and awhile as to what is priority. Life is so precious.)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Life Is About Making Mistakes

You've tried for perfection and it's not working for you. Worrying about whether you've gotten everything right. Being anxious about what is expected and fearing that you're close but missing the mark. It's not that anyone is telling you that you haven't succeeded. In fact, they are letting you know how hard you are working and that you have done everything that you've set out to do. But somehow it's not enough for you.  Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. It's time to revisit what you've done. Life is about making mistakes and appreciating how they have made you who you are. What you call a mistake, the universe calls a sign to pay attention to where life is leading you.
You never know what the day will bring...

(I tend to be a perfectionist. It takes me forever to put out my work, but realizing this I have to have a time limit. But in life, I am much more flexible. I guess it's because of all the mistakes I've made. I've found the more I plan, the more the universe changes them. All I can do is wait and see what happens.)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Changing Your Mind

When you've wanted something for so long and it finally happens, you're surprised when you find yourself not caring as much as you thought you'd would. Isn't this what your heart has desired for so long, but as you can see time changes us all. You are no longer who you were and your dreams have changed as you have. You've been working so hard for something that you've held close to your heart. But time has not only changed who you are but what you desire. It's time to stop for a moment and regroup. Who are you and what is it that you want out of life? When you can define what it is that you want, put it out to the universe and see how quickly it will come to you.
A time for dreams to come true...

(Sometimes I want something so badly but then I forget about it. Then someone reminds me what I asked for. When manifesting for things, it's a good idea to write what you want down so when it comes to past you're more appreciative. I know that the universe has a plan for me which supports a lot of things that I want for myself. I just have to remember what they were.)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Surprises Around Every Corner

Just when you think that you've got life down where you know all that there is to know, it surprises you. As they say, you can't count on anything but change. No matter how much you try to control life, there is always something that turns it upside down. Whether it's positive or negative, what ever happens it was meant to be. Although you may not know until later how it impacts you, you are who you are because of all the experiences you've had. It's time to embrace all that comes your way. When the unexpected turns up at your doorstep, welcome it with open arms for it will change your life forever.
Let the shine upon me...

(Every time I think everything is settling down, then life gives me a kick in the pants. I feel as if I should be ready for the unexpected, but how could it be unexpected if I'm expecting it. Sounds strange, but I'm better prepared for what ever happens because I'm okay with where I am, at least for today.)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Don't Save Your Hugs

There are times when you feel that you have to have a reason for what you do. In fact, you've gotten used to analyzing everything in life before making a decision. Thinking about what people would think or say before you do anything. Although it may not mean much to you, there are so many opportunities in life that you are missing and are waiting for you. It's time to stop second guessing yourself and trust the spirit that guides you. Tomorrow may be too late. Grasp life with all the love and compassion that is within you.

Capture the moment...

(I was saddened to hear the passing of one of Hawaii's Director of Health in a tragic accident. I didn't know her, but my heart goes out to her family and friends. We all wish we could have had just one more moment with our loved one, but the moment will never be. I thought of all the hugs that were held back and could have been. All I can do is give as many spontaneous hugs as I can for the rest of my life.)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stepping Away

Sometimes when you're so used to chaos, you stop noticing it. The yelling and drama becomes an expected part of your life. It's as if you've become numb to the turmoil that is going around you. Although you may be the first to say that this doesn't bother you, the craziness that surrounds you begins to affect your mind, body, and spirit. How do you find peace in a toxic environment? You don't. It's time to give yourself permission to step away from it all. Living a life that you envision is a choice only you can make. Finding happiness is only a step away.
There is light at the end of the path...

(Today was all about drama. The universe is truly testing me. I think that's what it's all about. Finding a place of peace within myself among the chaos that surrounds me. Nothing can pull me in unless I let it. It's challenging, but I'm proud of myself. I did pretty well. No life line calls to friends for support. I did it all by myself. High Five!)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dreams Do Come True

You never thought the day would come when your dreams would come true. You've spent half your life wishing for things that seemed out of reach, then when they come to pass it's unsettling. Although you put your whole heart into your wish, it never dawned on you that you would ever get it. In fact, part of growing up was sharing your secret desires with the universe. But now you find yourself living your dream, it seems surreal. This changes everything you've believed in. Maybe you are deserving of your heart desires. If you are able to attain what you've always dreamed about, then maybe the universe is able to hear your whispers. Now is the time to open your arms and ask away, because all that you've ever envisioned for yourself is just a wish away.
Dreams do come true...

(Today, a friend told me that her dream of acting was closer than ever. Her tears confirmed that the universe does hear our wishes. Although we may wonder if the universe is listening, I know it waits patiently until the time is right. Like this picture, I sit alone waiting for I don't know what, but I know that a light shines upon me as I journey through life. M - congratulations on being a step closer to your dreams. They are coming true and I will be there as you begin to live the life you truly deserve. I believe in you!)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Speaking Another Language

Sometimes no matter what you say to another person, you swear that you're speaking another language. There is definitely a communication problem, but where do you begin to correct it. It seems what ever you are trying to say, the other person doesn't seem to understand. It can be frustrating when you find yourself repeating yourself.  No matter how you put it, it seems to fall on deaf ears. You're not sure if you should just step away for a moment to gather your thoughts and regroup. Nothing you're saying at this time seems to be getting across. Maybe, just maybe it's not you but the other person. What if they are not ready to hear what you have to say? What if they do hear you but need time to process the information? Stop and think of the message you're trying to get across, then give the other person time to think about what you're saying. Nothing will get accomplished when there is too much emotion swirling around. It's not understanding the message that is important. It's learning to have patience with others and realizing the importance of good relationships.

There are no words to describe nature's beauty...

(Sometimes I have to reflect upon what I'm going to say before speaking to people. It's only a check and balance that I'm saying what I want to convey. I know that half the people I speak to don't understand what I'm saying. It's only by asking me what I meant will they understand. Or maybe not.)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

You Can Do Anything

What if you had no fears to stop you from attaining your heart's desire? What if nothing stood in your way of doing what you've always wanted to do? What if you were free to break out of the boundaries you've set for yourself? The world awaits you to do as you wish. Nothing is preventing you from achieving your heart's desire but you. It may be difficult to believe because you've given yourself so many excuses why you aren't able to reach your heart's desire that they have become your reality. Change the story that you've been telling yourself, then you can do anything. You are the key to your success. You are the storyteller of your new ending. You are the light that will guide you to all that you have only dreamed about.
Be who you are meant to be...

(Sometimes I'm blinded by my own passions that I lose focus of everything else. I know that I should be more balanced, but then if I'm not driven I won't get what I want completed. It's that passion that makes me feel that I can do anything.)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Don't Stop Now

You may find yourself stopping every once and awhile and reflecting on the past. You want to make sure that you didn't leave anything behind. You can't stop the "what ifs" from popping up in your mind? You spend so much time looking at what has passed that you find yourself missing what is going on right now. It's so easy to forget that there is so much ahead of you when you relive the past over and over again. Somehow it never gets any better no matter how much you go over it. Looking back with regrets prevent you from see the picture clearly. You forget all the special moments that made you who you are today. By being present today, you may have a better appreciation of what you've experienced and the blessings you have. Now is the time to continue on your journey with anticipation  that opportunities are waiting just around the corner. Don't stop in your pursuit of your heart's desire. 
See the miracles that are right in front of you...

(I can see where a person could live with regrets but what good is that. If regrets could change the life of someone to do better or to help others than I say go at it. But regrets are only that. Feeling sorry for myself over 15 minutes doesn't do any good. 15 minutes that was a random time. Let's make it 5. As you can see I don't do regrets very well. I tend to move on.)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Fall

Sometimes in life, you hesitate in moving forward because you know that something will come along to prevent you from succeeding. You prepare yourself for failure telling yourself that there is nothing in life that you desire. If you don't get your hopes up then you won't get disappointed. You go through life waiting for the worse to happen. But what if the worse is just a part of the cycle of life. And it is by going through adversity that you become the best you can be. You gain the strength to overcome the obstacles that come your way. Know that for every shoe that falls it's the perfect match for the one that you are wearing now. And for a moment in time, you have a pair of shoes that is just right for you.
All the pilots are wearing perfectly matched shoes...

(Sometimes I feel as if I'm going around with only one shoe on. It gets pretty uncomfortable hobbling around trying to pretend that everything will be alright. But before I know it, I have both shoes on again and I'm doing much better. I know when someone owns a pair of red shoes that they feel good about themselves.)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Peace In Your Heart

Although you may have been waiting for the holiday season to come around again, you may still find yourself looking for a quiet spot when the crowd gets too loud. You've been anticipating the special moments that the holidays bring, but when the season finally gets here it may be a bit overwhelming. Balancing life at this time is important. When you concentrate too much on doing one thing, another area may become neglected. Adding new activities to the mix, you can either juggle everything successfully or watch the pieces fall around you. So take the time in between all of your busyness and enjoy the season. You can always find a moment to sit quietly somewhere and just watch the holiday festivities from the side. Enjoy the season with peace in your heart.
Happy Holidays...

(When I think about the holiday season, I used to think that it's just about marketing. But when I looked beyond that, I began to really enjoy myself. This really is a season to be happy.)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Young At Heart

There are so many things that you still want to do in life. It's as if you were born yesterday and have opened your eyes for the first time. Everything is shiny and new. The world is yours to experience and you are ready to take on all the adventures that come your way. Every day is yours to live life to the fullest. It doesn't matter what your age is when you're young at heart. When you look at life as a blessing, then all will unfold in front of you. 
Life is an adventure...

(I haven't tried something new for awhile. I think it's time to do something different.)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I Can Still Be Amazed

Just when you think you've seen it all, you see something that stops you in your tracks. The most amazing thing that you've ever seen. It's not that you've become jaded or that you'd admit to having seen everything in life, but life tends to get boring when you do the same thing every day. You get used to life and every thing seems to be colored by the same paint brush. Then one day, something happens that re-opens your eyes again and makes you remember that there are still miracles in life. We are all blessed with these special moments. Each of us see things differently, but for each of us these moments are forever etched in our minds. They are just reminders that the universe has many things in store for us if we'd only keep our eyes wide open.

There are miracles everyday...

(Things that amaze me, just sneak up on me. My niece just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. No matter how much we prepared for this event, when we saw his pictures we were amazed. What a miracle! Babies are truly the universe's way of letting us know that we must be doing something right because there is another generation that is here to continue our journey.)