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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finding What You Seek

There are days when you may wonder why the Universe has placed certain people around you. They are not who you would normally choose to walk with you on your journey. In fact, it seems as if the Universe went out of it’s way to find people that are your complete opposite. Whether it’s that one person who is the bane of your existence or a few that seem to challenge your every word. If there is a lesson in this, you just aren’t connecting the dots. Being self centered to a degree, there may be a little feeling sorry for yourself right now. But what if it’s not all about you. Could it be that these people are in your life at this moment because of what you can share with them? Although you may deny it, you too are a guiding light for many. No one is perfect, so we are here to teach each other what the other lacks. So instead of feeling out of sorts, take up the challenge that the Universe has given you. As others learn from what you offer, you will learn from those that have what your own spirit seeks. 
You may find what you seek during quiet reflection…

Monday, July 20, 2015

Believe In Your Dreams

What are you asking for? We hear your whispers but even then you don’t sound very sure. We understand that it is frustrating because you been trying so hard to say the right things, but in the end it’s not quite what you mean. Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult asking for what you want? You’ve been working hard to reach your goals, but sometimes what you’re asking for doesn’t have anything to do with that. Sometimes what you truly want is something you’ve never thought you could attain. And yet you still question yourself whether what you want is worth asking for? It’s as if you have judged yourself and found yourself to be lacking. Don’t you know, whether you say the words out loud or not, we still hear you. For it’s not the words that are important, it’s the spirit in which you share your dreams with us that resonates so strongly. Know that we support your journey and what your heart desires. Have faith that all will come to you as you have dreamed it will be.
Sometimes you don’t always have to question, just appreciate what you see…
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Release What Doesn't Belong

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start cleaning. You’ve had the urge to do something new, but you’ve hesitated for a while. But the feeling that something is coming around the corner is stronger and stronger. As things begin to appear in your life, you will need to release what you’ve held on so tightly to. So think about all the things going on in your life, what have you outgrown or doesn’t fit as well as it did in the past. You’ve tended to collect things but have forgotten why you’ve kept it in the first place. Maybe you can pass it on to someone else who needs it in their life. There is a time for everything and now is the time for major cleaning. Know that as you slowly let go, other things that now belong in your life will quickly come to you. What an exciting time for you!
It’s time for planting…

Monday, July 13, 2015

Finding Your Angels During Tough Times

Although it seems that you are the only one that goes through tough times, know that we all have had similar experiences. It’s difficult to imagine that anyone but ourselves can feel the same pain and frustration as you have. No matter how much you want to share what you are going through, it’s hard to explain. There is a feeling of hopelessness and being overwhelmed. It’s like being caught in a crazy wave and being tossed around so that you don’t know which way is up or down. How can you swim to the surface when you don’t even know where it is? Even those close to you may not even realize how deeply you are affected with what is going on. But it’s with the help of these special angels that you are able to eventually surface and catch your breath. It doesn’t matter if they understand what you are going through.What is important is that they are there to support you when you need it most. Remember tough times will come and go, so send a note of thanks to those who stand by you no matter what, for they are an important part of the foundation which you stand upon.
Cari - Hana waves crashing crazy
There is calm after the storm…

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Structured Creativity

Sometimes it’s frustrating when you’re not able to get in touch with your creativity side. You’re at a loss at how to find the flow of ideas that once came so easily. You’ve tried to empty your mind, but all your worries of the day have a way of slowly creeping back in. Finding a place to find your inspiration is more difficult than you thought. In fact, who would think that artists being free spirited people would have such a hard time discovering their creative muse. But you’d be surprised that although they present themselves to be undisciplined about their work, they may be one of the most organized people. Being creative takes discipline, patience, and a commitment to your passion. So by following the path which calls to you and is structured in a way that only you would understand, you will find the creative inspiration you seek.
Finding creativity where ever you find yourself…

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Doing What Is Right

What if there was no Universal Plan overseeing what you are doing in life? No guiding spirits to help you on your journey. No messages that whisper words of wisdom in your ears. What if from this moment you are on your own? You would be responsible for your own actions. Maneuvering through life’s complicated mazes, not knowing if you are headed in the right direction. Questioning whether the choices you are making are the right ones to get you to where you want to be. For some of us that’s what we are feeling right now. When we begin to believe that we are standing alone and there is nothing to help us on our journey, then we truly are alone. No matter how you are feeling, whether  you believe that there is a Universal plan, spirit guides or loved ones who have passed on that are watching over you or not you still have control of doing what is right not only for yourself but others. It’s great to have the support of others, but the responsibility of your actions lay on you alone.
Where would we be if we trusted our instincts…

Friday, July 10, 2015

Keeping Your Promises

Promises made but so easily forgotten. At that moment, you had every intention of keeping them. In fact, it was part of deal you made with the Universe. If you do this, I promise that I will… Whatever you promised you meant it with all your heart. It was made with the best intentions. Although you may have forgotten what you committed yourself to do, the Universe remembers. But it’s like reflecting on the actions of a child. Children in the midst of chaos and trouble make all kinds of promises to their parents. They will clean their rooms every day till the day they die. They will eat all their vegetables, even if they throw up. They will try really hard in school, even if their teacher doesn’t like them. Whatever they promise, their parents look upon them with love and patience. That’s how the Universe looks upon us. It understands that when you make your promises, you truly mean it with your whole being and that’s what counts. No one is holding you to your promises, so don’t be so hard on yourself. The Universe will continue to help and support you on your journey, no matter what promises you make. Just be kind and compassionate to yourself and to others and you will be on your way tp keeping your promises.
I promised that I would try different foods this year…