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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Time Lost

Where does the time go that we try to hold on so tight to? We gather as many minutes as we can to do everything that we set out to do every day. It seems that no matter how much we try, time just slips through our fingers. Although we try to schedule in our work, play, and family, something always seems to be left out. Sometimes it seems as if we can't accomplish anything, no matter what our intentions are at the beginning of the day. Time is so fleeting, that we are often reminded of how much more we still need to accomplish in our lifetime. How will we be able to do all that we desire within such a short time. If we were to stop every once and awhile and reflect upon where we are, would we be able to put our life into perspective. Although we can't recapture time lost, we can cherish each moment that we have and create new experiences that will bring happiness to our life. Today, live a day without a time device. Free yourself from looking at the time. Tune into your own natural schedule. Time is not lost, if it was never supposed to be.
Animals don't know about time...
(I have a thing about time. I have several watches, clocks, and calendars. This doesn't mean I'm on time, it's just that I really like devices that tell me the time and day. I'm not sure if it gives me comfort to know where I am supposed to be.  I don't think about the time I've lost, but how much more time I need to accomplish all that the universe has plans for me to do. I have to remember to slow down and enjoy the moment before it's truly lost.)

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