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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Taking A Break From Life

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you don't always have to be running with everyone else. You are unique and so is your lifestyle. Although you may feel that a need to keep up with everyone else, it's time to recognize when you've pushed yourself too hard and need to pause for a moment. It is important for you to take a break, to relax and to rejuvenate. By moving so quickly all the time, you tend to create chaos in your life. This is not a natural state of being for you. It is more in your nature to ponder every once in awhile and to enjoy yourself. Now is the time to stop and reassess where you are. Take a deep breath and count your blessings. While you are at rest, acknowledge your strengths, as well as, your weakness for they are what sees you through life. By taking a break from life, you rebuild all that you need to create what you've envisioned.
Sitting on the side is sometimes the best thing to do...

(It's time for me to step aside for a moment and rest. Sometimes when I get into a state of planning and organizing, I lose my focus as to what my original goal was. When things begin to blur, it's time to take a break. Pausing is the best thing for me in finding my balance. Taking a break is not separating myself from others, but going deep within myself to create a place where I can breath again.)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Celebrating The Day

Although each day can be a special day, you seem to have difficulty understanding this. You have the opportunity to live your dreams and reach your goals, but somehow you awake dragging your feet.There are so many reasons to celebrate, but sometimes coming up with just one seems to challenge you. You question what makes one day more special than another. But what if you only had  this one day and no other, what a blessing it would be. You would cherish each moment, for another opportunity to be with the people you love and care for. Each day is a gift that has been given to you, to live the life that you were meant to live. Celebrating the day in your own unique way can be life changing.
Life may not be as difficult as we make it...

(Sometimes it's difficult to celebrate when I take responsibility of other people's chaos. I have to consciously set myself apart or I may forget how special the day can be. So I need to have quiet moments in which I can celebrate my joy. Finding a place within myself where I can find peace is essential to keeping my sanity. When life gets crazy, it's even more important to celebrate how special day can be.)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Letting Go

Most of the time you hear that it's better to release what you can not control, so that you can bring in the new. This would make sense because otherwise you lose focus on what is important. Having too many balls in the air is difficult and you may begin to drop some. But what if, just maybe there is purpose in all things. Even those that we are letting go of. When releasing what is less important at the time, you may be reluctant to do so because you feel that somewhere down the line it will come back to you. If everything we experience has purpose, then you are correct in saying that even things that we release will come to play in the future. So when letting go what you can not control at this moment, be aware that it is waiting for you somewhere down your path. By distancing yourself, you give yourself times to think more clearly. Everything serves purpose towards your destiny.
Bridges are meant to be crossed many times...

(Releasing things have often been difficult for me, because I think I could do better. Better planning, better decisions, better responses. I never thought that by the act of releasing, I was giving myself time to look at things more objectively. When I hold things too close to me, I become emotionally involved and I can't make good decisions. It's time for me to let go of what is bothering me because it's not where I need to be at this time.)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Finding Your Way In Darkness

Sometimes you swear that even if you have your eyes open, you are still in the dark. You are paralyzed because you're afraid that you will fall. Your steps are unsteady as you venture forward. It may seem that it would be better if you just stood still. By being still, you may become more aware of your surroundings. You will become more at peace with what is surrounds you when you begin to understand that there is purpose by being in the dark. In life, you may not struggle against the not knowing. When you push yourself relentless to seek your purpose, it may seem as if you are in the dark. But by pausing for just a moment, you will find that you are able to see your path more clearly. There is always a light shining to guide you, even if it's just a glimmer. Trust that you will find your way as you always do, whether in dark or in the light. 
There is beauty even in the dark...

(Sometimes I live my life in the dark. For there is no excuse when I get lost and I can't see where I am going. It also lends to having faith that I will find my way, even if I don't know where I am. Being in the dark is not always so bad. I've gotten used to opening to the universe when I lose my focus. But when I find the light to show me the way, the path is filled with wonder.)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Overcoming Obstacles

Although it seems as if everything is going against you, think again. You are where you're supposed to be. Whether it is chaos or uncertainty, know that all that you are learning will be put to good use later on down the line. The problem is that you can only see what is going on at the present time and it doesn't feel good. You feel as if someone has left you behind to suffer on your own. No one is paying attention to the difficulty that you're experiencing. It seems as if the world is crashing and it's centered around you. Enough! Take a deep breathe and roll your shoulders back. You are stronger than you think and are able to handle more than what you're going through. This is all about you, but not in the way you think. After experiencing this, your fortune will change quite quickly. This is not a test of your worth, but of your faith. Knowing that overcoming obstacles is just part of your path, you will be able to obtain all when the opportunity arises.
Open your eyes to nature's beauty...

(I sometimes have to remind myself that I can step aside from chaos if not for just a moment. I don't have to fight back or struggle with what's not right. I can move from the line of fire, if I choose to. I understand that it's not personal, but depending how I'm feeling it sure feels like it. But I have faith enough to know that now is not the time to be combative.  There are more important things to concentrate on than feeling sorry for myself. Being at peace is not always an easy state of mind.)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Not Quite Right

There are times when you can't put your finger on it, but things are just not quite right. It is not a sense of doom or that misfortune is around the corner, it's just a feeling of being off balanced. You aren't quite sure how to explain what you are feeling, in fact you may be confused. It is an internal knowing that things may not be as it should. During the day, you may use caution in all that you do but it turns out that everything runs as smoothly as it should. Then what is this unsettled feeling you have. It may be that you are feeling the universe moving at a different rate of speed. It also could be that the energy that is flowing throughout the world is not as it should be. Be still within yourself and make sure that all that is within you is at peace. For in the coming days, things may spin in different directions which may cause havoc, but all will be well for you. Although things may not be quite right, you are one with the universe.
Seek a place of solace...

(To balance myself on days of unrest, it's nice to find a place that I can be at peace. The beach is a perfect place to be. Watching the sunset, I realize that no matter what happens in life, the sun rises and sets everyday. There is a sense that everything will turn out for the best. Not for me, but all of us.)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where Does The Spirit Go?

When you are missing those who have passed away, you sometimes wonder where have they gone. It's wanting them to be with you that makes you think of these things. It may not be important that you find the answer, for it will not ease the ache in your heart. Although they are gone from your life, their memory lives on within you. You share your special moments with them because you feel their spirit are still here with you. Sometimes they seem to be closer to you than those who are physically with you. Your spirit is stronger knowing that all those who love and care for you will always be a part of you. So when you ask where does the spirit go once we pass away, know that we all become the compassionate and loving energy that flows throughout the universe. 
There is always forever...

(Sometimes I wish I could be with those who I loved and have passed away. Just for a moment, to be close to them one more time. I know that would never would be enough, so why ask. I ask because I miss them so much. Because of this, I cherish the time I spend with my friends and family knowing that these are moments that are so fleeting.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Letting Go

As difficult as it may be, let go of all that binds you. They are what holds you back from reaching your potential. They keep you from making decisions that have your best interest. You know each one so well that you know which one to lean on when you fear moving forward. Each comes with it's own set of excuses, which you have memorized by heart. What if you were let go of each of these that in some way comforts you. Releasing them to the universe, leaves you open and defenseless. It is time for you to stand on your own two feet. You do not need to keep anything that does not lend to your being what the universe intends. Be brave and stand tall, we will hold you up when you think you'll fall and bring you comfort when you feel at a lost. It's time to let go!
Let go and see what comes...

(It is difficult to let go of anything that I've gotten used to. I am definitely a creature of habit. I park the same place. I take the same route home. I eat pretty much the same things. When I release my habits, everything goes crazy. But in the end, I'm always where I am supposed to be. Trusting in the universe is taking one step at a time.)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Carrying The Burden Of Others

It's not that you have enough to worry about, that you carry the burden of others. You feel responsible for their hurt and pain, so you make up for it by taking care of what does not belong to you. Being empathetic and compassionate is the way of a gracious spirit, but to feel that you own what others are going through is more about your ego. By letting go, you allow others to choose their own path. Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to make their own mistakes and learn by them. When you walk on the path of others, you sometimes forget where your own path is headed. Be aware of how much you are losing yourself, when you live only for the purpose of carrying the burden of others. When you become without ego, you will see how you can still be a part of others' lives, yet not live their lives for them. 
All I can hold is one nut at a time...

(I think it's one thing to help someone, but to take over their problems seems crazy. But that's what I do as a parent. Now that the kids are young adults, it's time that I step aside. It's difficult watching them fall since I've always been there to pick them up. I guess getting bruises and scratches may be the only way they can learn. I think I'll just close my eyes for awhile, till this growing up stage ends.)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Silence In A Chaotic World

Sometimes it's best for you to remain silent. To observe what is happening around you before you react. You may not know all that is going on and create an unnecessary storm. You may think that you need to stand up for something that you believe in, but later find that it was more about your ego. Remaining quiet and opening to all that is around you may be better for all than to make decisions based on self pride. Silence quiets the heart and gives you time to listen to your spirit. In the coming days when communication is key, see how silence an work for you.
In the silence, you can hear your spirit...

(I want to say my piece, but I realize that it is useless because the other person isn't going to hear me. At this time, silence is best for all. If I release my pride then I may be able to to understand the importance of just listening. But until then, I will hold on to what I need to say. To have a peaceful life, I need to release my ego.)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Peace In Your Heart

We wish you peace in a restless world. As you go through your busy life, know that we are here to support you and guide you on your path. At times, you are deaf to all we bless you with, but your frustration seems to help you to quiet your mind. After days of struggling against the tide, you give yourself up to what the restless wind brings. It's during these uncertain times that you let go of the control and let things come as they may. There is peace in your heart when there is a calmness to your spirit and your mind ceases to chatter. Know that we are always here to help you when you ask for what seems to beyond you. Know that you don't have to work so hard to pursue your dreams, for they are right in front of you. Live a peaceful life and all will flow along side of you. Today is a day to celebrate all your blessings, for they are what bring you the peace you seek.
Peace is wherever you look...

(Sometimes it takes me longer to see the blessings that are in my life. It's not that they are hidden, but I close my eyes to them. To live a peaceful life is easier when I am at peace within my spirit. It is part of my purpose to be who the universe plans for me to be. Being ego less, is to understand that there is more to life than I and to be at peace with that state of mind.)

Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Just Another Day

It may be just another day, but what a day it can be. You have the opportunity to change your life around if you'd like to. You can be who ever you'd like to be. You can accomplish everything that you set out to do. If you are open to all, then accept all that come to you. You have 24 hours to make a difference in a world that is ready for change. It may be just another day, but to you it can be day of wonder. Live your life acknowledging the gift that you have and with appreciation that every day you have an opportunity to share this gift with everyone.

Beauty transcends time...

((It's usually not into mid-morning that I am into my day. It's about that time that I welcome the day and whatever it brings to me. I may not be clear on what my purpose in life is, but I do know that the universe directs where I am going and who I am meant to meet. It may be only 24 hours, but what I can do within that time is mind boggling.)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Moving Forward

Sometimes you hold on so tightly to the past that you have difficulty moving forward. Although you know there may be something just around the corner that may open new doors of opportunity, you are still hesitant to look beyond what is in front of you. You can only see where you have been. There is safety and comfort being around things that are familiar. You trust what you know to be true. How can you trust something that you've never experienced before. But it is time to move forward or else the universe will do what it needs to, so you can continue to walk on your path. Do not be surprise if in the near future the unexpected arrives at your door. You will be pleasantly surprised at what comes your way. Open your arms to the good fortune that awaits you. 
Let's go shopping...

(I look forward to what is ahead of me that I sometimes forget to appreciate the present. I guess the secret is to balance life as much as possible. Although I think it's okay to stay just for awhile where I'd like to be. I don't think about this very much because the universe seems to push me where ever it wants me to be. But for now, I'm happy where I am.)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Be Kind To Yourself

There are times when you are so critical of yourself that you become paralyzed. You are unable to move forward because you are so worried that you're making the wrong decisions. Every thought that you have questions what you've done. It's not that you're afraid of failing, you are afraid of succeeding. You have become comfortable in not living up to your own standards. If you were to push yourself any harder, would your life be something that you could be happy with. So you've become your worse critic. By not expecting anything, you are not disappointed. But what if you are kind to yourself. If you treasure every moment that you are given an opportunity to just be yourself. To not be anything more than who you are meant to be. Let yourself just be for today and be comfortable with what this brings you.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Living In Gratitude

What if just for today, you lived in gratitude? There would be no thought of being the best or climbing the ladder of success. There would only be a quietness in your mind. An understanding that all that is, interacts with each other. All that you have was created by others to provide you with comfort. There is nothing that is not a part of your life. If this is so, then you have much to be grateful for. With the understanding that all is connected, comes a better appreciation of the universe Through this interaction, you do your best because all that is received is given with good intention. What you gift to others is returned to you ten fold. By being self less, you become a compassionate spirit to all.
There is a sense of peace within us all...
(It's overwhelming when I think that all I have comes from others. Someone who sewed my blanket, who built my house, who grew my food. We do not live in a vacuum. We are all interconnected. Being grateful begins with caring about others and being aware of our role in the universe. I can no longer claim ignorance in this chaotic world. If there going to be change, it will begin with me.) 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Life Is Full Of Surprises

Although you may think you know yourself pretty well, there are still more surprises in store for you. Your experiences make you who you are, but they also change you in ways you can't imagine. Everyday you grow and become a different person. There are so many things that you can do, yet you begin to anticipate what you are going to do. But there comes a day when you react differently because of the people you have met along the way and the path you have chosen to walk. Surprises in life can be good or bad, but they are the universe's unexpected gift to you. Take them as you would any present. Treasure it and keep it safe, for one day it will become something you can use in your life. You are truly a blessing to all who know you and those who will be part of your journey. Celebrate all the surprises that come your way.
Even your shadow is having fun...
(I live for the surprises that come my way. I've come to find when life gets too structured, the universe will come and turn it upside down. I learn so much when I'm thrown into chaos. New places, new people, how exciting.)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Courage To Be Different

You are different from everyone else, so why do you work so hard to be the same. No matter how hard you try , you aren't going to fit in the same mold as those you look up to. You are unique and are special in your own way. Have the courage to walk your own path and make a difference in the world. Everyone leaves an imprint in the universe, think about what you will leave behind. The harder you try to fit into to someone else's mold, the farther it takes you away from your own purpose. Learn to love yourself as we love you. We want to hear your voice speak loud and clear that you are here to do something special. We are here to support you as you gather your strength to be who you are meant to be. Have the courage to be different.
Believing is half the battle...
(I immerse myself in my plans that I forget all that is around me. I dream, I envision, and then I walk my path. It's easy to be different when I never felt I was ever the same as anyone else. I was taught that everyone had a story to tell and each of our stories are as important as anyone else. So here I am ready to tell my story to anyone who will listen.)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hold On Tight

The universe is revolving so quickly that unless you hold on tight, you will lose your balance. Your life is already filled with busyness that's it's difficult to keep up with what is truly important. Now adding to the chaos, the world is not sympathetic to your needs. You are being taken to places you are not comfortable with and having to deal with the unexpected. How much confusion and discomfort can one person take? But just knowing that all is the way it's supposed to be and that there is sense in the nonsense may be all that you need to understand at this time. You can not control what the universe has planned for you, but you can control how you react and welcome what comes your way. It may not make sense right now, but you are in the right place. Even if the wind has blown you to where you are, know that it is where you need to be. Take comfort that in the center of the tornado, there is peace and quiet.

Flow like the water...
(When life gets crazy, I bunker down. I try to lessen my load and concentrate on the quietness of my spirit. Somehow it helps to know that all will pass and when it does I will see the plan more clearly.)

Misguided Assumptions

How many times have you made assumptions thinking you know it all? You base your decisions on your experience and what you know to be true. You give your opinions freely, but you only know what you think is right. You know nothing of what the other person feels or have you taken the time to even ask if your opinion is wanted. There is no denying that you care for those who you give your advice so freely, but is it to listen to your own voice that you speak. In the future, listen before you open your mouth. Listen to what others are feeling. Listen to their words and feel their pain. Nurture their spirit, instead of pacifying your own self ego. You make misguided assumptions before you know the whole truth. It is time to step aside and be the friend you know you can be, selfless and without ego.
Life is about being real...
(I know that I give my advice before it is solicited, more often than not. I look at problems like puzzles. If all the pieces are there, then they can be solved. But being a friend is more than fixing things. I will become a better friend when I listen more than I speak and set my ego aside while my compassionate self emerges.)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Capturing The Moment

There are times when you want to hold on to a moment so tight, so that you squeeze every minute out of it. You want to keep these special moments in your heart forever. But it's not only the good times that make you who you are today. It's the times when you've cried yourself to sleep. It's the times when you thought no one was listening to your prayers. It's the times when you thought you were alone in the world. All of these times are moments that gave you the strength and courage to be who you are. Although you may want to only capture the good times, it's all the moments that the universe has blessed you with that are worth capturing.  The good moments only frame the more challenging times that make up the portrait of your life. Appreciate all that you experience that make you the unique person that you are.
This is where I want to be...
(Thinking back on all my moments, good and bad. It's a wonder that I've made it this far. I think with the faith that I hold that I'll be okay and that I have all I need to survive, I will make it through another day.)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Rhythm of Life

Life has a rhythm that not many people hear. It flows naturally through your spirit and makes your heart sing. It eases your pain and releases the stress that you hold on so tight. It slows down time and makes our special moments seem to last forever. But you are so busy, that you ignore it purposefully because it makes you question why you are so driven in life about things that may not really matter. But what are you missing, when you choose to ignore what you feel. When you flow with the rhythm of life, all will come as they were meant to. Pace yourself and your spirit will hear what it needs to.
Listening to the waves, my heart is at peace...
(I have slowed down so much living here on Maui. There is no traffic and the people here are so welcoming. My spirit is at home here and I can relax enough to breath naturally. Everything is the way it should be.)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Freedom To Be

What does freedom feel like, when you have been imprisoned for so long? Sometimes there are degrees of freedom within a prison. Being free is a state of mind. No matter what imprisons you, you can find peace within your spirit. It is not your surroundings that binds you, but you yourself. When all the chains that hold you down are gone, are you any less imprisoned by your fears. Release all thoughts that make you feel less than deserving to have the life you have envisioned. Be free to choose what will bring you happiness and peace within your heart. You are free to be, when you are ready to accept all that awaits you.
There is something freeing when we laugh...
(Having a sense of peace is one of the most freeing emotion a person can have. Being at peace is knowing that you are safe to be whoever you'd like to be at this moment. There is no fear, no anxiousness, no pretense, only a quiet moment where all is right with the universe. I am at peace.)


Monday, July 8, 2013

Being Where You Don't Belong

Close your eyes and breath. Reassess where you at the present time. You don't have to pretend that you in sinc with the world, when your spirit is telling you that something is not right. You can't force what doesn't fit. It is only in the quiet of night, that your true feelings arise. You ache for an easier life and hope that tomorrow with bring you a reprieve from the confusion of the day. It's funny that you can't put your finger on what is wrong, but you know that you're not quite where you should be. You've been where you don't belong for so long that you've gotten used to the emptiness. Trust that you will know where it is that you belong, when your heart tells you it is at peace. 
This is where we belong...
(Although I know where I belong, I sometimes make concessions that aren't to my best interest. It will take time to build the courage to stand up for what I know to be true. It's only when I trust in myself and give myself permission to be happy, that I can truly be where I belong.)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Letting Go

If what you say is true, that you have no energy by the end of the day. Or you have exhausted trying to live your purpose, then why not give it up to us. We are not here to dictate what is uncomfortable for you or foreign, but to instill some sort of peace within your life. Life doesn't have to be such a struggle all the time. You make things so difficult, when things should flow like the universe itself. Granted there are times that might challenge your very existence, but that too just comes unexpectedly. You do not plan what already exists. It's when you try so hard to be someone that you're not or compare yourself to someone you're not supposed to be. That's when life seems unreasonable. Let go of what you can not control. Release your spirit to all that is possible and see where you end up. This month is a month of incredible changes. Let go and see how far you fly.
Just me and my dog...
(Life is like a puzzle. The more I try to put it together, I find there are pieces missing. And it's only when I step away from it, that I can find them. Releasing all is the most difficult, when I think I know where I'm headed.)


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Standing Up For What You Believe In

You say that you stand up for what you believe in, then why are you so quiet when others challenge your beliefs. It is not that they are questioning what you believe in, only speaking of what they know to be true. You do not reveal what you are thinking, so they wouldn't know who you are. You get upset at what others say and grieve because you feel that others don't understand you. But they only see what you present to them. If you are truly angered that others do not know you, then stand up and tell them who you are. Let others know the real you, what you believe in and value. By sharing who you are, others can then appreciate the true you. You deserve to be known to all, who you love and care about you.
Climbing to reach the top...
(I think I share only a quarter of who I am. It's not surprising that others don't really know who I am inside. Being genuine is being vulnerable. Standing up for what you believe in, means being transparent to everyone. What a scary place to be.)


Friday, July 5, 2013

Capturing Elusive Dreams

Sometimes you wish so hard to have your dreams come true, that you stop believing when they don't materialize. When hope is lost, then it's difficult to envision your desires. Dreams are so elusive. They are like iridescent rainbows. When you see them, you are awed by their beauty, but you have difficulty trying to describe the feelings that they evoke within you. Dreams are forever captured in your heart. There is no time limit on when they can become reality. Dreams prophesize the life you can have if you have faith and believe in all that exists in the universe. Trust in the impossible and you will soon see your dreams in all that you do.
Dreams seem so clear at dusk...
(Sometimes I'm so black and white that it's difficult for me to dream. To dream means letting go to what can be. To let go of the control I have with my life. For me, dreaming can only happen when I don't have to worry about anyone else. To dream means to give myself up to the mercy of the universe. How scary is that?)


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Expressing Yourself

You are a child of the universe, yet you are so quiet when we need you to speak out the truth. You question what you are feeling and what your spirit is telling you is the direction you should take. Your voice trembles as you whisper what you feel. It's not that you doubt what you know to be true, but you are afraid to risk the criticism of others. What can others to do you, if you say or do something that differs from them. They can only grow from the information you are giving to them. Know that sometimes the universe sends messages through you and you become the vehicle to what needs to be taught. Be confident in expressing the truth. You are all messengers of what needs to be said.
Sometimes there are no words to express...
(There are times when I need to be alone. When peace and quiet is what soothes my spirit. There really are times when no words are needed to begin healing. I think we as humans talk too much. We can say so much when we can express our feelings by saying nothing.)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So Many Miles To Go

How many miles do you think you have to walk to achieve your dreams? You seem to be searching endlessly for what, we’re not quite sure. You seem to be walking towards a shining light which beckons you, but you never seem to reach it. You begin your journey with excitement and determination, but as you walk your body tires and you lose focus. Is the light that you follow less bright, less welcoming. What you search for, even you may not know. Although the miles seem to be endless, know that along the way you may experience all that you need if you are open to the unknown. Not all in life is laid out for you. Sometimes life’s greatest surprises come when you least expect them. As you walk on your journey, stop and enjoy the miles along the way.
When we're young, life is to be explored with innocence...

I can’t say how many miles I’ve walked so far in my life. But I know for the next thousands of miles that are before me, I’ll wear more comfortable shoes. I’m not so inspired to do a marathon in one day anymore. I am contented with a few feet a day.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What Do You Feel When You Can't See

For many, you depend on your sight. Your judgments are based on what you see. You forgo your other senses, even to the point of denying what you feel. You base your decisions on the information you gather with your eyes. Not doubting that there may be things beyond what you've seen. What would happen if you lost your sense of sight. How would you lead your life? What other senses have you used, so that you could make sense of where you are. Know that your life depends on all of your senses. Each one helps you to follow your path. Make sense of your world by using all of what the universe has given you. You are not valued only for your sense of sight. Close your eyes. What do you feel when you can't see?

(I know in my heart that things aren't always what I see. But I second guess what I feel because there is so much that is hidden. What I see and what I feel are often at an impasse. Sometimes stepping away, helps me to see the things that at first were unseen. I have to remember that I can see more when I keep my eyes closed.)

Monday, July 1, 2013

What Tomorrow Brings

Sometimes you forget how lucky you are to have today. You are blessed in making strides in improving your life. With an opportunity to correct your mistakes, you can walk on your path always moving forward. But by letting the day overwhelm you, you disregard the good fortune that is right in front of you. Enjoy what you receive today, for you never know what tomorrow will bring you. The gifts that are given to you today, will open doors to miracles that will surely come your way. Acknowledge the blessings that you are receiving, for they are too numerous to count.
There is beauty in all that we see...
(I know that I concentrate so hard on what I need to do during the day, that I am missing the beauty of the moment. Working while enjoying the day is difficult. Before I know it the week is gone and I've lost time that I can't get back. I tend to pay more attention to what is around me on the weekends. If I can do this during the week, I would gain what I'm currently missing out. This is so much harder to do than it sounds.)