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Friday, March 15, 2013

Looking At The Bigger Picture

Sometimes we get so caught up in doing what feels good that we don't want to know what the consequences of our actions will be. In time, the newness of self gratification wears thin, when there is no one but ourselves to see the world as we do. The life we once thought was so wonderful has become less than, when we have no one to share it with. For when we are self absorbed, we don't pay attention to anyone but ourselves. So now as we journey forward, it would be wise to look at the bigger picture.  For what we do now directly affects who we will become. Today, take life a little slower. See what happens when you take your time in all that you do. Give more thought to all that is and you will view life a little differently.
Unique, beautiful, and all handcrafted...
(I often get so caught up with life's drama that I get swept away. Looking at the bigger picture is difficult when all I can see is a snapshot of what is going on right in front of me. It takes a lot of concentration and energy to look beyond what is and see what can be. Sometimes I want to and sometimes I refuse to. Right now I can see so far beyond, that I can't wait for the present to catch up with what will be.)

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