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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Courage Within

There are many circumstances in our life, in which we feel that we may not have been true to ourselves. Although we may know who we are, there is something within that is not ready to stand up for all that we believe. There is a slight hesitation to be different, to speak up and rock the boat. The voice within us questions why we can't say what we feel. With discernment and respect, we can share our view of the world so why are we still standing on the sidelines nodding in agreement to everything others are saying. Each of us has something to contribute. It's the courage within us that sometimes lay dormant that will help us to speak out to what matters not only to ourselves, but to others. Even when one voice is lost, we may be missing out on an important perspective that may change the course of the world. By gathering the courage within us to speak out, we can make a difference. Today, choose to be different. Know that no matter what others may say, your voice still needs to be heard. Practice speaking quietly to yourself, until others begin to hear what you have to say. Let the courage within you gather strength so you no longer fear the opinion of others.
The road less traveled...
(I think for all I know of myself, it does take courage to say what I feel in front of certain people. Although it shouldn't matter who they are, it does. For one thing, if I'm in a larger crowd and I don't think my view will change the consensus then I may not. But with family and friends, then I will  because it's fun to discuss things at length. If it's true that we are all interconnected, then I guess I should be sharing more of what I believe because it may affect someone. I'll have to think about this more.)

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