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Monday, March 11, 2013

Receiving What We Deserve

The universe has plans for us beyond what we can ever imagine. Our point of reference is only from our past experiences. Although we may not know exactly what our purpose is, we trust that we are moving forward on our path. But even with knowing that there is a bigger plan for us, we still have doubts. It's one thing to know that there is something more in life and another to actually believe that we deserve it. Somehow we receive what we think we deserve. We attract what we permit to enter our life. In order to achieve and attain all that the universe has planned for us, we need to permit the universe to provide all. Believing that the universe doesn't make mistakes, includes opening up to all that we deserve. Today, do something that makes you smile. Believing in who you are is the beginning of knowing what you want out of life. Ask and it will be given.
Let's manifest together...
(When someone told me "You receive what you think you deserve." It made me a little sad because there were times in my life that I settled for less, thinking less of myself. But then again if I am what my experiences have been, then technically everything worked out the way it was supposed to be. So moving forward, I need to trust that whatever I receive is part of the universal plan to help me achieve my purpose in life. Let's see what happens.)

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