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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let Faith Lead Your Way

This is a year for transformations. All that we know will change in some way. Our finances, careers, relationships, and homes will undergo challenges. If our foundation is strong, we will be able to weather the storm without too many bruises. How can we prepare for the unexpected if we are still struggling with our faith? On the surface, it may feel as if this year is especially difficult but if we believe that everything has a purpose then we are just part of the experience. It's how we handle the situation that will make a difference in the outcome. There will always be challenges in our life, but understanding that whatever happens is what makes us who we are. Having faith in that which makes us stronger, can make a world of difference between having a successful year or having a year of frustration. This is a year that we let faith lead our way. Today, give yourself permission to laugh. No matter what happens, remind yourself that tomorrow is another day to do better. Your faith is as strong as your belief that you can achieve all that you put your mind to.
There is beauty everywhere if we choose to see it...

 (I believe that the year of the snake, is a time when like the snake, we will shed our outer skin and become anew. We will still be the same, yet different. Although it's a natural process, it is still uncomfortable. I can see how some people would struggle against something that gives them discomfort, but that doesn't prevent what is happening. I am who I am because of my life experiences. But with a stronger faith, this year will be a year that I'm excited to see how things will evolve.)

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