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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Are Not The Same

How unique are we, that we continue to follow what society dictates to be the norm. We invest so much time worrying about what others think than putting effort towards pursuing our own dreams.  It may be that we lack the inner strength to be different. Being unique has never been encouraged by society and it is still very difficult to be the one who walks their own path. Accepting ourselves for who we are and standing up for our ideals is what will rejuvenate the world. It's not natural for everyone to be the same. If we are truly connected to each other in some way, then our differences will be what will save each other in times of need. If we begin celebrating who we are, then we will have the freedom to be who we will become. Today, stop hiding behind others. Shine the light on your unique talents. You are worthy of all you deserve to receive. By accepting yourself, others will see your value. Take the lead, for you know where you're supposed to be.
There is a sense of bliss, knowing what brings you peace...
(I just deleted what I was writing. I was going to say that I don't compare myself to others but that would not be correct. I think we all live our life measuring ourselves with a standard which although we may say we've created, was actually created by society's norms. So I guess I do in some way follow what others think. Saddened by that thought, I think we all want to believe that we are unique and that we follow our own drum. But I supposed that it's enough to say that we put our own spin on what we believe is our unique self. That being said, I am okay with who I am today.)

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