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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The World Stops When The Mind Doubts

When you question all that comes your way, there is no movement in your life. Whatever successes you may have, there is no meaning because you doubt their value. When there is disbelief , your mind does not accept all that you deserve. You are the key to what is stopping all that comes your way. When you question all that you envision, how will you see what is unfolding before your eyes. The world stops evolving, when you doubt what is. When you open yourself to all, then the universal plan will become real for you. We are waiting for you to see the beauty that awaits you, when you believe in yourself. Know that you are an important part of the universe.
Things aren't always as we see them...
(I can see that when I'm doubting myself, things come to a halt. It's as if the world stops when I can't see the picture clearly. But then I think it's for the best because why would I want to move forward if I don't know where I'm headed. Sometimes there is a purpose for feeling unsure of ourselves. It gives me time to rest and recuperate. Life can wait, while I heal.)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Listen To The Music And Dance

Sometimes the music is so quiet that you can barely hear it. Your subconscious hears it first, then it seems that the tune keeps repeating itself in your mind. Throughout the day, you may find yourself humming to music that you may or may not remember the words. Music flows through your heart and becomes part of your spirit. Even on your worse day, it can change everything around. Let music become a part of your life. Let yourself dance and soon you will fly.
There is beauty in all that we see and hear...
(Sometimes there is a song that stays in my mind all day. I can't seem to remember what the words are, but it doesn't stop the tune continuing in my head. I wonder if the music is there for a reason. Most times, it just makes me feel happy and I think that makes it all right.)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Capturing The Moment

There are so many moments in life that you can capture, but if you are moving so quickly these moments are soon forgotten. If you slow down, you may be able to treasure these memories forever. It's difficult when you're busy to remember what you're doing. You are thinking about tomorrow, instead of concentrating on what is important. When you live in the present, you can't help but appreciate where you are. Capturing the moment is a gift that you give yourself, when you let everything go and just be.
Enjoy the moment...
(I don't understand why I get so surprised when the unexpected pops up. I should get used to this. It always happens when I get too comfortable that things change on me. It's not until later that I see the dots connecting. Otherwise, it seems as if the universe has turned upside down. What is next?)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Walking Alone

When you feel that you are all alone, close your eyes and feel our presence. We are besides you all the time. We lift you up when you stumble and fall. We dry your tears when you are filled with grief. We watch and encourage you as you walk on your path. Although it seems that you walk alone, know that we are always with you. It is not our way to interfere with your decisions or to prevent your mistakes. Your experiences make the perfect person that you are. Believe in yourself, for it is in your failures and successes that you become who you were meant to be.
Being alone is comforting at times...
(Although I know in my heart that I'm never alone, sometimes I question what I know. It's when my heart is empty that I feel no one walks with me.)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Is Keeping You From Succeeding?

We give you all you need to succeed in life. It is your choice to put aside these resources as you struggle in life. You say that you are without help, but if you opened your eyes you will see that you have all that you have envisioned. You are not alone in your thoughts. There are many like you, who stumble along through life. If you stop for a moment and take stock of all that you have, you will see how much you can succeed in life. We have not hidden your gifts, but if you choose not to accept them then there they will wait for you until you are ready. We watch you as you search your way through life. One day you will open your eyes and accept all. You are meant to achieve everything that you were meant to do, if you believe in yourself.
Listen and you will hear joy...
(If I stop questioning myself, I may succeed much farther than I can imagine. It's funny how I much more I can believe in others, then I do in myself. Another thing to work on to better myself and my life.)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A World Beyond

Sometimes I wonder if there is a world beyond what I see. A world that exists beyond my reality. A world where the impossible is possible. To be able to envision all that the universe wants me to be. My purpose is not to be perfect, but to live to be imperfect. To welcome the unexpected and all the opportunities that it brings. Living in a world that embraces who I was yesterday, who I am today, and who I will be tomorrow. If I dream it, then I can live it.
A world where everything is beautiful...
(I believe that there is a place beyond what I see where compassion exists. To commit to live a life of compassion is challenging, when no one seems to understand what can be. Sometimes the world seems to tilt a little, but enough to make everything seem off balance. Or is it just me? 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Life Is Like A Carnival

Imagine you're at a carnival, what ride would you choose to go on? Some  choose the fastest and scariest ride, while others would head straight for the ferris wheel. Whereas, there are a few of us who don't ride at all. We're happy keeping our feet on the ground, where it stays firmly planted. Life is like a carnival, we decide how daring or safe we want it to be. Know that the more freedom we give ourselves to experience different things, the more we're open to be just who we were meant to be. We have the opportunity to live the life we envision, if we believe that we have the power to choose.
Ferris wheels are my favorite ride...
(I play it pretty safe when I go to carnivals. I head straight for the food booths and don't care to ride. In fact, I don't remember the last carnival I went to. If life is like a carnival, then I'm not a very fun person. In fact, I'd say I was pretty boring. What does this say about my life? I'll have to think about this a little more.)


Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Value of Traditions

When you're young, traditions are something that you're reminded about by your parents. It's not until you're an adult that you begin to choose what traditions have value to you. Whether it's celebrating certain holidays or continuing a cultural belief, you make decisions as to what you will bring with you on your journey. Some may challenge you or question your choice. It's not for you to defend yourself, for we are all unique. Believe in the traditions that are an important part of your life. Stand up for all that makes you the person you are today.
Make this moment a tradition..
(I didn't think much about traditions, until I had my children. It was at that time that holidays and cultural beliefs come into play. What will I pass on to them? What do I value that I'd like to instill in them? If I was challenged, would I stand up for what I believe? It's interesting that now that my children are young adults, they now tell me what traditions we feel we need to continue observing. Traditions are a wonderful way to keep family and friends together.) 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Change Is The New Inspiration

 You hear that change is the only thing you can count on in life. So why is it that you are always surprised when the unexpected happens. No matter how much you prepare for it, there are factors that you never anticipate. The universe places these unusual shaped stones in your way, so that you have to stop before you stumble and fall. Looking at them, they are unique. And if you're lucky you can sometimes find beauty amongst them. Change comes into your life to shake things up. From living with normal expectations, the extraordinary suddenly becomes what you've been destined to discover.
Beauty never changes...
(Although change has made me uncomfortable in the past, it's with faith that I now anticipate change. For it's just another step on my journey in life. I wonder where the universe is sending me and who will I be meeting because of the shift in my life. Someone told me, "What if it's not for the better?". I responded, "But what if it is?)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Capturing The Moments

Sometimes we spend so much time commemorating a moment, that we actually miss what is happening before us. Enjoying life as it is, as opposed to, taking photos are two different ways of experiencing the moment. By being an active participant, we capture the moment in our minds forever. While being behind a camera, we are limited to seeing the world through a lens, which may be sometimes unfocused. Although others can appreciate the photos long after the moment has past, we can never go back and experience what we have lost. We are meant to be part of the present, so that we have a first hand experience of living our journey. Let others take our pictures, so that we can spend life capturing the special moments.
Some of us see the world with different eyes...
(I would be the first to say that I don't see things the way my daughter sees the world. Being an artist, the world is filled with endless opportunities to create. What is, is not always the way they always are. To be acknowledged for our creativity by peers or professionals in the field is to be appreciated. I, sometimes, am in wonder that this wonderful artist is my child who has come into her own. Q - congratulations on winning for your photo series.)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Believing In Yourself

There are times when you have little confidence in yourself. It seems that whatever you do, there is doubt. Although there shouldn't be anything that holds you back, you seem to remember all of your weaknesses so clearly. There is no end to your insecurities, if you continue on this path. At one point, it will be difficult to remember the way home. So leave your doubts behind and begin believing that you are everything that you need to be to achieve all that you dream of. Believing in yourself is nothing more than knowing that you are where you need to be.
There is passion in creativity...
(Sometimes my doubts are so large that they overwhelm me. Sometimes my insecurities weigh so heavy on my soul. But I rise above all knowing that there is purpose in my life. I am not perfect. I am not all seeing. But I am everything that I allow myself to be.)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What Are You Waiting For

Although you have plans for yourself, there always seems to be a reason not to complete them. Whatever the reason, they are good enough for you. There never seems time to do what you want. There are too many things that are more important. You are obligated to help your friends and loved ones. All of these are reasons not to accomplish what you'd like to do, but are they good enough for you to stop your dreams from coming true. You can actually incorporate all that you feel you need to do, as well as, what you dream about doing. There is time enough for all, if you really want it. What are you waiting for? You don't have to wait until tomorrow to do what you want today.
Just walk...
(If I waited to do the things that I wanted, I would never get anything done. I tend to second guess everything, so I make it a point to think once and just do it. It's better for me to jump first and fix later. I can't believe I'm where I'm at today. Who would think that I'd be living on Maui? It's where I need to be for now.)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Keeping Your Eyes Closed

Have you ever thought what you are missing when you close your eyes? Most of us may keep our eyes close when we want to avoid seeing something. But what if you are missing more than what you fear. There is so much to see in the world that can change your life. By keeping your eyes closed, you are denying yourself new experiences. The universe has a plan for you that is more than you can envision, if you have the courage to keep your eyes open.
Open your eyes and live life to the fullest...
(Sometimes I wish I could keep my eyes closed for awhile while I regroup. But then I hear or feel something and my curiosity takes over. I don't know how people can keep their eyes closed for too long, because there is so much to discover in the world. The beauty of life awaits me.)

Monday, June 17, 2013

LIving With Pain

Whether you are living with emotional or physical pain, it can be debilitating. Everyone copes with pain differently, most will choose some sort of medication to take the edge off, but there are others who ride through it. At one point, pain begins to color how you view life. It's as if there is a grey film that filters everything that you see. There comes a day when pain becomes part of who you are. When your spirit welcomes it into your life, than you can begin to heal. Coping with pain is something that we can live with, if we find the key to survive.
Let the water cleanse you...
(I understand pain because I live through it everyday. I empathize with others who walk the same path. Fighting against pain and living your life with pain are two different things. When we fight, we are wasting energy on a war that will never be won. Pain is like a friend that I don't always understand, but helps me to be the best that I can.)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Finding Your Bliss

What is your definition of bliss? We are all unique and our experiences are so different. So what is bliss for me may not be yours. The feeling of bliss is beyond words. It truly is an undefinable expression of what embodies us. It may last for just a second or for a time which we want to capture forever. If for just a moment, we could share this feeling of bliss, how rewarding it would be. If I could give you your moment of bliss, I would wish it upon you each day of your life. Acknowledge and be grateful for each moment you experience a blissful state.
There is a moment at the end of the day when all is quiet...
(Sitting on the porch writing this piece, there is a calmness. The wind has quieted down and the sun is just about to set on the horizon. It lights up the sky with golden colors as it says it's last goodbye. Here I sit with a feeling of bliss that all is good in my life.)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Seeing The Stars Through The Clouds

How many of us slow down enough so that we enjoy the present? We are so used to critiquing what we are doing that we miss the point, which is to be in the moment. We have become self-indulgent that it's not about what the group thinks but what our personal opinion is. Our comfort has become the most important thing that matters. But if that has become the status quo then we are experiencing our journey with no one but ourselves. It's not enjoyable being with people who talk only about their viewpoints and unwilling to listen to others. If we were to take a step backwards and realize that it takes more than one person to have a relationship, we may then move forward on our path that has become so lonely. Sometimes it's being alone that opens our eyes to what we are missing. When we take a step at a time in life, we are often privileged to see the stars through the clouds.

Where are the stars during the day...
(This evening I saw the stars through the clouds. My family and I watched a movie on the beach at Wailea, which was part of the Maui Film Festival. Although it was supposed to be a clear night, there were still clouds covering part of the sky. But as the evening went by, the stars popped out. Time stands still when you're with the people you love and enjoying what you're doing.)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Finding Your Way

There are times when everything seems to go as planned. When life seems to flow so much easier and there are no bumps on the way. It's when you get too comfortable that the unexpected happens. Then life turns upside down and everything becomes unfamiliar. Finding your way becomes difficult when you lose your direction. It's during this time that you could use the support of others. It's part of life that you learn to receive help from others, just as you have learned the gift of giving. Don't be discouraged when you stumble along the way, because it's just the universe giving you time for reflection and enjoy the beauty that surround you. 

What a beautiful place to be...
(Sometimes it doesn't matter where I am going because I'm too busy enjoying where I am. The journey gives me joy because it keeps going. If you think about it, as soon as we come to an end, something new comes around the corner. Life will never be boring because are always things happening that are unexpected.)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

If I Could Fly

 If there were no limits to what you could do or achieve, how different would your life be? What would you give up to have the opportunity to  create a life where all is possible? If all you have to do is to get rid of the fears that bind you, then it may be worthwhile to begin releasing what you have no control. The universe has plans for you beyond what you can envision. Take a leap of faith and fly. You have what it takes to be  and do whatever you'd like, if you believe.
Sometimes there are no need for words...
(If I didn't believe that the universe had a bigger plan for me, then I'd be in serious trouble. I think it's because I'm more of a realist and I'd probably talk myself out of flying. Although, I love it when the universe changes directions on me because it keeps me on my toes. I never know until later why I was where I was at. All I know is that where ever I'm sent, there is a reason that is much bigger than I. I'm just one piece in the universal puzzle.)


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You Are Where You're Supposed To Be

We watch you as you stumble and fall through life. Sometimes you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and walk on with confidence. But there are other times when you find comfort in staying just where you are, while you collect your thoughts. Whether back on your feet or sitting on the side, both are appropriate for where you're at. Sometimes you push yourself so hard, that you move without purpose. There are times in your life when the best thing for you is to slow down and gather your thoughts. You tend to miss your step and become confused when your spirit needs to rest and rejuvenate. Listen very careful to what your inner voice is telling you and life will be the way it should be.
Grab a board and let's get in the water...
(Although I can't swim a stroke, I love the water and try to go the beach every weekend. The waves relax me and the week's chaos just floats away. There is no fear, only a knowing that I need to be there to bring peace to my spirit. I could have let my fear of water keep me away, but the need to be where I'm supposed to be was stronger than my fears.  If we are open to what the universe plans for us, then anything is possible. And maybe, just maybe we can find happiness along the way.)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Moving Mountains

There are many times when we hear you complain of the life you lead. You are not satisfy with the lot you have been given and want more. Of what, we aren't sure because you change your mind so often. You seem to want what others have and when you obtain it, you easily discard it. Although you are not a stranger to hard work, you seem to shy away from work that doesn't make sense to you. Where is your faith that the universe has plans for you? How can you live your purpose, when you are afraid to move mountains? Life is full of wonderful experiences just waiting for you, but you need to trust that in between life's challenges there is everything that will bring you joy and happiness. Just embrace what is given to you, instead of pushing them away.
Don't tell her that she doesn't fit...
(Sometimes I'm guilty of complaining of what is going on in my life. I know it's only minor compared to what is going on globally, but it makes me feel better if not only for a moment. I think it's more about releasing frustration, then moving on with a better frame of mind. There are more positive things happening in my life and I am truly blessed. So I give thanks for all the things that I have received.)


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Releasing The Control

At the end of the day, your mind is filled with mindless chatter. When it's time to relax, you have difficulty letting go. Worrying whether you made the right decisions today or will be ready for what tomorrow brings. No matter how much you try, you can't make sense of your scattered thoughts. In order to live a balanced life, release all that you can not control. Empty your mind of all that has past and be at peace with what you've accomplished during the day. If you live with good intentions, then quiet your mind and leave all that can not be resolved outside your door. Sleep well knowing that everything is as it should be and tomorrow will bring you new opportunities.

Life is like a carnival ride...
(Although my life seems to be chaotic at times, I sleep very easily. I'm not sure if it's because I have a poor memory, that I can't remember things. But I enjoy sleeping because it's like renewing my energy. I know that tomorrow will bring me another chance to make things better.)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Savoring The Moment

Days go by so quickly that they seem to blur. Where is the joy in life, if you can't recall the special moments. Moments that have you laughing and wishing they would never end. Days spent with friends and loved ones that you cherish and want to always remember. But as time goes by, so many things fade quickly from your memory. What you thought you would hold on to forever seems to be slipping away. So savor each moment as you are experiencing them, for they truly are what brings you happiness in life.
A Gallery Moment...
(I move so quickly that I have to remind myself to savor the moment. That's easier said than done. Stopping to experience what I am experiencing takes patience and self discipline. I hope to become better at this because to savor the moment is to give myself the gift of the present. Acknowledging and appreciating the present balances the inner me.) 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Following Your Universal Plan

Sometimes you spend so much time worrying about the future, that you forget to live in the moment. Questioning whether the decisions you've made were the right ones and doubting your actions are paralyzing you from moving forward. It's difficult to trust that everything will work out for the best, if you don't believe that you're always where you're supposed to be. Following your universal plan is not the easiest thing to do, when you're not sure of what the plan is. Putting your faith in something that you can't identify is scary. But know that the universe can create a future for you that is beyond what you'll ever envision.  You have nothing to lose by following where your path leads you. For the next week, be open to new things, places, and people. Be courageous and follow your universal plan, which will take you where you are meant to be.
You don't have to go far to see true beauty...
(It still amazes me when things happen and there is no other explanation than it's part of my universal plan. It's like watching from afar as things slowly unfold. I do the work that is in front of me because that's why I'm where I'm at. But soon there will be an end to my mission and I will move on. Sometimes I question that I'm where I'm supposed to be, but then I tell myself that I believe the universe has a better plan than I could ever have. 


Thursday, June 6, 2013

What If You Believed In Miracles

How different would your life be, if you believed in miracles? Believed that everything was possible and that whatever you do could change the course of the world. Many of us are filled with doubt and question our abilities to attain our goals. When we believe that we can achieve all, then what we envision will come to pass. Don't wait too long because the life you are meant to lead is waiting for you. Today, there are miracles that await you. Reach out and you will find that they are within your reach. Believe in the impossible and you will see what the universe has planned for you unfold.
Flowers are another of the universe's miracles...
(I've experienced so many miracles, that they are just a part of my life. Miracles happen everyday, we just have to be aware of what's happening around us. I think they are the universe's way of keeping us on our toes.)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Keeping Positive Around Negativity

Having a positive attitude is something to strive for, but may be difficult to maintain. We get up in the morning telling ourselves that we are going to have a positive day. But the moment we meet someone who annoys us, we revert back to our negative disposition. Being positive doesn't mean that we have to change who we are or that we have to be positive all the time. It's a way of looking at life with optimism. It's being open to all that is possible. When we surround ourselves with negativity, then we cease to learn. Life is about exploring what is around the corner and expecting adventures in all that we do. We can keep positive around negativity, when we believe in who we are and that we are where we are supposed to be. Today, eat your desert before your meal. There is no one watching you while you bend the rules. It's difficult to be negative, when you are having fun.
Enjoy the day, while it's still here...
(I think that being positive is not all or nothing. It's between believing that people are generally good and watching your step before you trip. It's a lifestyle that I've adapted and seems to work for me. I understand that there is a plan for me and all that I experience is part of that. And if that's so, then why wouldn't I be positive because I'm always where I'm supposed to be.)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Getting To Know Yourself

If we are changing everyday, then whose to say how well we know ourselves. When was the last time we sat down and listed all our favorite things. What is our favorite color? What kind of food do we like? What is our style of clothing? If we could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? What brings us peace? We may know more about our loved ones then we do of ourselves. It's knowing who we are and what we are capable of that gives us the courage to explore the world around us. Today, do something that makes you happy. When you are feeling joyful, you open yourself to miracles that you often times overlook. It's time for good fortune to come your way.
There is no hiding beauty...
(I know myself as well as I can as of today. If my experiences shape me, then I change as rapidly as my next adventure. I think it's a wonderful thing that I have the whole world to explore.  If I'm open to where my spirit leads me then there are no limits to where I can go. I need to step out of the way of my own destiny.)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Just Let It Be

Sometimes we worry ourselves over things that we can not control. We question ourselves, whether we've made the right decisions. We doubt the actions we have taken. Maybe we could have done things better that would have changed the course of the outcome. We may not have known what to do at the time, but we go over and over each moment until we find our errors. It may be human nature to want to fix our mistakes or it could be the stubbornness in us not to fail. Either way, we need to let things be. To put aside what worries us and replace it with a knowing that everything happens for a reason. So turn misfortune into just another stumbling block on our journey. Today, find what brings you peace.  Don't let your worries prevent you from finding joy in life.
Accept the unusual in life...
(Sometimes I can't see the forest through the trees. I'm more comfortable in worrying than accepting what is. Even in knowing that this takes away some of the joy in life, it brings me some sense of order. Take away my control and all I have left is the universe's plan. I guess that's the way it's supposed to be.)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Removing Obstacles In Your Way

There are times when we feel that we are unable to do things because there are too many obstacles that stand in our way. Whether we use them as an excuse not to do what we are capable of or as a sign of failure, we do not move forward. As we are all unique, obstacles are similar. What is challenging for one person, maybe easily be overcome by another. If we let ourselves become defeated even before trying, we prevent ourselves from reaching our goals. Instead of using obstacles as large boulders that stand in our way, look at them as stumbling blocks that help us to build our character. By taking a moment of reflection, we may discover that there is a better plan to resolve our problems. We don't need to remove the obstacles that are in our way, but use them as resources which help us through life. Today, think about what is stopping you from achieving your goals. Be creative and inventive. Turn your obstacles into ideas that will launch new opportunities for you.
There is a place for all of us...
(Life would be so much better without obstacles. But I do realize that without them, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I just wish I could anticipate them, so life wouldn't be so stressful. A person would need to be very creative trying to turn them into something positive. Life would become less crazy, if I look at an obstacle as just another challenge that molds my character.)