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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Be The Guiding Light

When we were younger, we depended on others to lead us on our path. We were insecure about our journey and needed the help of those who love and care for us. Being nurtured helped us to have the strength and courage to pursue our dreams today. But now that we've grown, it's our time to be the guiding light for others. To teach what we've learned and to mentor those who need our help. Although we may question what we know, there are those who are waiting for what knowledge we do have. It is part of our journey to light the way for others, as they manuever carefully on their path. It is a blessing to be able to give back what we were given selflessly with love. Today, live in gratitude. Appreciate all that you have and give freely to those who may need your help. When your eyes open to the needs of others, you will see what a truly blessed life you are so fortunate to have.
The light shines upon us...
(When asked, I don't think I know anymore than anyone else. But then I realize how much knowledge we all have when we combine what we do know. It's as if when we all come together, the light shines much brighter. I alone may not make much of a difference in how the world evolves, but when joining my energies with others then all things are possible. I am the dharma lamp of bliss.)

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