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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Acknowledging Who We Are

When we are what others expect us to be, we lose who we are. Sometimes it is easier to follow the lead of our peers, than it is for us to forge our own path. We know what family and friends expect from us, but what do we expect from ourselves. By acknowledging who we are, we are respecting the spirit within us that makes us all so unique. Instead of pretending that others know us better, we need to shine our light so bright that we never lose ourselves again. Today, be the leader you can be. To know and believe yourself is to understand your potential.

Come sit with me for awhile...
(This evening, I spoke to a young person who surprised me by acknowledging who he was. I wasn't sure if I heard right, but he repeated himself. I wish I was so sure of who I was at that age. I was a perfect amoeba. Believing that our experiences make us who we are, following others has helped me to understand people a little better. When we know who we are when we're younger, we are able to move on our path with more confidence. S - I am so proud of you!) 

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