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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Believing In Yourself

It is not enough to have faith in the universe, it is time to believe in yourself. Trust that you have all that is needed to achieve what you want in life. You are more than capable to see that your goals are achieved and to reach your destiny without the burdens of your fears. Your fears are only your way of blocking what you want in life. They are real enough in your mind to prevent you from stepping up to the plate. It is time to move forward as the year progresses to an end. There is little time for you to ponder the "what ifs". Believe that you can do all and the world will be there for you. Today be conscious of your strengths. Your weaknesses are there, only to pace and humble yourself. Believe that you can reach your dreams and nothing can stop you from attaining them.
Stepping up and living your dream...

(Whenever I see street performers, I give them so much credit. They are truly stepping up to the plate and living their dreams. Whether they are good or not, it's not the point. They have the balls to do what many of us wish we could do, but we are so inhibited by our fears. I guess it's time to take a leap of faith...in my own way.)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Lost In Your Freedom

It is not in the knowing that you get lost, but in your freedom. The universe allows you to have the freedom to do as you wish within the time that you need, but this allows you time for confusion. In your indecision, you sometimes stop in your tracks because there are too many options for you. The constant barrage of questions seem non-ending. There is little instructions that the universe gives to you and yet you need more. It's not that you are helpless, far from that, it is like that of a child, you need to learn to make decisions wisely. That is what may scare you, the first decisions you make may turn out false which prevents you from stepping out further. But in the practice you become more comfortable and you perfect the path in which you travel. Let your freedom lead you to where you need to go. Today, settle yourself before making a decision. Not all decision need to be made quickly. In your patience you will find the answers that will flow more easily.
Sometimes it's difficult to choose when there are so many choices...

(Sometimes I wish that I was given the universal plan of what I'm supposed to do. That's being totally lazy on my part, but that's how I feel when I get overwhelmed with having too many options. The feeling of not knowing why, but knowing that's where I need to be is often times frustrating. If my life was a movie, I would always be in edit mode.)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Tomorrow Will Bring

It is important now more than ever to be open to a changing world. To adapt to situations, where the new seems strange and uncomfortable. You will be asked to take on new challenges. There are some of you, who will balk at having to do things that you've never experienced before, but do not let it hinder you from moving forward. There are those of you, who look forward in changing your life and leaving the old behind. The way the world is moving at this time, you will need your past experiences to help guide you, as well as, being brave in accepting new opportunities with open arms. Things will come and you will be faced with new challenges. Take it upon yourself to be who you were meant to be. Today, see what is happening around you. As you speak to those who are already feeling the affects of the changes, be supportive in their efforts to adapt, for you will soon be also asked to accept new assignments. If you prepare yourself that all is changing, you will prosper during these times.
As the sun goes down, we look forward to what tomorrow will bring us...

(I understand that the world is changing and I need to adapt to what is to come, but since I don't know what tomorrow will bring I can only be who I am today. It's not that I don't worry if I'll be prepared for what will come, but I can't worry about something that I have no idea what my part will be. The world will be what it is destined to become and my fate is to fulfill my destiny.) 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Changing Places

Although there may be times in life when we'd like to change places with others, our path will still remain the same. It is not for you to be in another person's experience, then it is for them to be in yours. From afar, there are those whose life seem to be more comfortable or successful than yours but you all have your own way to go. It is the lessons learned that is vital to your existance not the material things that you can attain. You are given what you need to live a life which is right for you. The struggles and hardships may seem to last forever, but it is during this time that you do your most growing. Be content with the worth you are given, for it is that which makes you who you are and will become. Today, live in your existance. Be who you are and all will be right in the world.
What a peaceful place to be...

(I don't ever remember wanting to be anyone else, but dreaming about buying things I can't afford is my downfall. Being content with what I have comes down to, how comfortable am I with what I already have. At this time, I'm at peace. Living a simple life is a large part of who I am today.)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Releasing Toxic Thoughts

It is time to release the toxic thoughts that swirl in your mind. It keeps you from moving forward on your path. It is dangerous to hold on to these thoughts like a miser holds on to his valuables. These are not valuable to you. They are not worth anything but continued worries. Although some worries are good for you. Those that help you to plan your future, but the wordless and impractical mind games that you play is destructive. It is time to stop and move forward. You can trick your mind to do anything. It is up to you to release what is truly not yours. Today, clear your mind of the useless chatter that is within. Be of no thought, but joy. You have this day to accomplish and achieve what you want out of life. Do not waste another minute in a poor mood. Be happy that you have the tenacity to do much in your life.

Sometimes our head seems separated from all else...

(When I get overwhelmed, I don't categorize my thoughts as toxic or not. My mind just gets cluttered with junk. Although each thought seems important, it gets to a point when they begin to chip away my confidence. It's messages like this that makes me take a deep breathe and know that all this worrying is not going to do me any good and it's ruining my day. Today, I'm going to release my worries to the universe and I'm going to go outside and play.)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Following Your Path

Sometimes following your path may be uncomfortable because there is no one to lead you through the rocky way. For most of you, you will try to find the easiest way to go, but sometimes may be surprised that there is no way around the larger boulders. You may also try to follow others on their path because you see how successful they have been, but what you are seeing is the end result of their hard work and efforts. You have not experienced this so you will not end up with the same results. It takes courage and tenacity to move forward on your own. But you are all unique and so is your journey. If you seek to follow others, you will never experience where you are supposed to be. Today, tread lightly. Make your own way in this world and you will see how successful you can become. There was a time when you needed to be nurtured and cared for, but now that time has ended. Have the courage to seek your own way.
Sometimes we just need to take our time...

(I think the hardest part about following your own path is being different from others. Even if there was someone that I admired, my path is still my own to walk. It would be so easy to live a life that many find safe, but then that wouldn't be me. Sometimes knowing that you need to do something but aren't quite sure what it could be is very annoying.)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Walking In The Dark

There will be times in your life when you'll have to walk in the dark. Without the light, you'll feel as if you have lost your way. But if you keep to your path you will see ahead of you that there is alway glimpses of light. For each of you has a light to guide you through all adversity. Do not stray from what you know to be true and you will meet all that is supposed to transpire for you. Do not fear the times of darkness, for it is a time of reflection and solitude which you need for deep contemplation. It is in the dark that you grow, for there are no interruptions in a place of serenity. Today, be alone in your thoughts. There is peace within your spirit, you just have to be calm to realize where you are. All the noise around you are only distractions. Breathe deeply and hear your spirit speak.
Can you imagine walking this path in the dark?

(I sometimes feel as if I'm walking in the dark. On the other hand, I sometimes feel as if I am the light itself. One is not better than the other, it's just what is at that time. I feel as if the more I trust that no matter where I am I'll be fine, the more I'm in touch with what is supposed to be.)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Healing From The Heart

You all have the gift to heal others, but it is foremost that you heal yourselves first. In order to gather enough energy to send to others, you must be strong yourself. It is with a good heart and intention that you send your healing to others. Healing comes from within. It may be through your words, thoughts, and actions but comes directly from your heart. If there is any hesitation on your part, then healing will not take place. The energy that flows through you will be part of those you care for. Be wise in your healing for it is a part of you that is truly genuine. Today, feel the energy that surrounds you. Think of those you care for and send them your love. As you grow in your healing, so will your spirit.
Let's begin the healing...

(Although I'd like to think that I can do all, sometimes I have to shut down when I'm not feeling well. I understand that helping others doesn't do any good if I'm not at my best. Good intentions goes out the window when I need to be in my bed.)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Stumbling In Life

There are times in life when you fall and it doesn't seem worth while to get up again because the path is so rocky. If you were to get up it would only be to fall again, so what would be the use of picking oneself up. Sometimes the journey in life seems filled with obstacles too unsurmountable but in looking at where you came from, all things can be overcome. It is with courage and strength that you travel through life. So when you feel as if you have fallen again, pick yourself up and continue your journey for you will never gain what is around the corner if you just sit in the middle of the path. Today, follow your instincts to where you are led. Never doubt what your knowing tells you, for it is not past experience that guides you but your inner spirit who has been programed to follow your universal plan. Have faith and all will work out.
I wonder what he's thinking about...

(It's not bad if you stumble once and awhile, but when you trip overyour feet to often then you really have to stop and think about getting new shoes. Sometimes I feel as if the unverse is out to get me. I know better, but when I'm in a slump it kind of feels good to be grumpy for a little while. It's "the whole world is going crazy" kind of mood. But since that's not my usual disposition, I tend to get out of my funky moods pretty quickly. I'm excited as to what awaits around the corner for me.)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Keys To Life

The keys to life is given to all who ask for them. It is up to us to use them wisely and cautiously. We ask to be given the answers yet we continue to ask the same questions even when we have received the answers. The keys to life help to guide us on our path. Understanding life can be difficult if we don't understand who we are. Many doors seem to be shut for us because we can't seem to open them. If we use the keys that were given to us, life will begin to be easier to manuever. Why make things more diffficult for ourselves when we have the keys in our hands. Don't ask for things that you've already been given the answers to. Seek only what we need and we will receive them tenfold. Today, be wise in the questions that you ask. Only ask for what you need. The universe understands what you need, but your spirit needs to learn what it deserves to have. It takes courage to ask for what you feel you don't deserve. Remember the keys of life have already been given to you. Once you start believing then all will be yours.
On beautiful days like these, you can't help but believe that we have a higher purpose in life...

(I'm not quite sure what the keys to life are, but it may be that they are connected to our ability to make sense of the world in a way that only we can understand. I think the more I learn about myself, the keys to life will lead me towards my destiny.)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some Of The Best Things In Life Are Free

For some of us, it's easy to get caught up in a materialistic world. Where the need to buy things becomes an urgent need instead of a wanting. The cost of keeping up with others may be the loss of our self identity. Who we are changes to become who we think we ought to be. If we were to stop and strip ourselves of all the pretense, what would be left. Some of the best things in life are free. If we'd just take the time to open our eyes, we would see the beauty that surrounds us. Today, take advantage of the free things that are in your community. You'll be surprised with all the things that are available. Let yourself explore and discover all that is waiting for you. Enjoy your day!
And this is free...

(Spending the day at Turtle Bay waiting for my daughter is not the hardship I thought it would be. I thought I would be wasting my day, but I found nirvana. It's not only a beautiful sunny day, but I get to write this blog over looking the ocean. The picture above says it all. Why do I ever doubt that the universe has a greater plan for me. Where else would I be able to write in such a quiet, relaxing place and best of all it is free.)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Being Open To Opportunities

How many of us ask for guidance and then wait patiently for help to arrive? It may never occur to us that in the asking, there may be things that we need to do to while we are waiting. We may not realize it, but life is interactive. When asking for something, how are you going to receive it if you have closed yourself off to others. The very thing that we ask for may be the thing that we fear the most. If we truly want to attain something, how can we move beyond our fears and open ourselves to begin to receive. If we ask ourselves what is it that we need to do to attain what we want, we will receive the answer. It is then up to us to put it into action. There is a whole world waiting for us, if we only open ourselves to the opportunities that will bring us joy. Today, think about what you are asking for in your prayers. What are you doing to actively get what you want? Are you working towards your goal or are you just waiting around for things to come to you. Whether it's your fate or destiny for it to come to pass, you still have to open the door to let it in. Concentrate on one thing for now and see how things will begin to flow.
Sometimes its the oddest things that make us pause...

(I never really thought that I had to do anything more than to ask for something and then wait for it to happen. But I've been told several times in the past few days, that if I want what I'm asking for I need to change how I do things. What is scary is that I've built a wall around me to protect me from others. Not that anyone is actually trying to do me harm, but none the less it's there. So how can I ask to have something come into my life, if the very walls that I've erected is stopping me from receiving what I want. So interesting, more food for thought.)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gentle Reminders In Life

There is a saying, "Don't get too comfortable because when you do things will begin to shakeup." For most of us, it's one of the things we hold dear to our hearts, that we have the ability to create  and control our environment. This would include where we live and what we do, but we sometimes forget that the universe has a higher plan for us. whatever it is, we are not privy to it. We purposefully avoid things that cause us the most fear or make us uncomfortable and we seek a safe haven. For the most part this seems to work, but it's until we are lulled into a false sense of security that our world begins to fall apart or it seems to be. But what is actually occurring is part of the bigger plan, which is to move us forward on our path. Whether you call it destiny or fate, it is what it is. So instead of fighting what is inevitable, open your arms and embrace your new adventures, which are only gentle reminders of who we are supposed to be. Today, stop being so grumpy about the changes that are occurring around you. You are being pulled out of your comfort zone for a reason, so take advantage of this opportunity for growth. 
It's hard to decide what you want when you have so many choices...

(Sometimes I wish that I knew what the universe had planned for me. No matter how much I think I've got the plan, it changes on me. All I'm left with is "You've got to be kidding. What now?" The universe definately has a sense of humor because why else would we be in such crazy situations. Thank goodness, my trust factor is super strong, otherwise I'd have serious doubts about what my purpose in life is. I feel that no matter where I go in life, there must be someone who I can learn from. That's my story and I'm going to stick with it.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Having A Quiet Passion

There may be some of us that feel that it is difficult to be around people who are passionate because they tend to be overly enthusiastic and it makes us feel as if we are missing out on something. How can they be so focused and positive about what they love? The answer is they aren't. We are only seeing what we want to see. They are bringing out our own insecurities. If we look deep within ourselves, we will find that there are a few things in our own life that we're passionate about. But because we are all so unique, we show our love in different ways. Some of us have a quiet passion that is no less important than those that others have, but we express it more within ourselves. We are all passionate people, we just need to embrace our passion in our own way. Today, think about the things that you love in life. Within these, you will find your passion. You may be surprised at what stirs your heart into action.
I love silly looking dogs...

(I think passion is tied into a knowing that something goes deeper within you than other things. Funny, but there are some things in life that are so difficult to explain. It's just there. I guess it's because it has to do with more feelings that being black and white. I hear people say "I wish I was passionate about something." Then you hear them talk about their kids for over an hour. Yup, I think there was passion in there somewhere. If we start with something we love then passion will follow.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Learning From Not Knowing

It's funny how much more we seem to learn about life after we finish school. As we're growing up, our concentration is on our academics and our future. But after graduation, we find that we still don't know very much about life. We learn through our experiences, as well as, through the help and support of those around us. Although we'd hate to admit it, we learn an awful lot from those who give us the most grief. It's as if going through the most difficult challenges, we find strength within us that we would have never attained without the struggle. We retain much more from our not knowing than if life came so easily to us. Today, be comfortable in not knowing. You are not expected to have all the answers. The path that you journey on should fill you with wonder and anticipation that around every corner there is another opportunity waiting for you. Explore the world with your eyes wide open.
Enjoy your path as you journey on...

(It's easier for me to be in the not knowing then it is to feel as if I know all. I'm not sure if it's my insecurities, but I look forward to what awaits me. I guess as I get older, life is always twisting things around. So you hardly ever get what you expect. It's like going into a yogurt store and finding that you like the toppings more than you do the yogurt. Have you ever tried the small Reeses candy? It's my new found favorite food. Wouldn't have found it if I didn't have to drive my daughter to get her snack. Life has a way of leading me to cool things.)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Accepting Where You Are

One of the most difficult things to do is to accept where we are. Whatever is going on in the moment, whether it's good or not, is where we're supposed to be at the present time. No matter how much we want to change our current circumstance, we are where we are for a reason. It doesn't matter whether things come to be because of a consequence of our actions or it's a rock along the path which we journey, we can't ignore it. Accepting what is may be challenging, but it is the first step in moving forward. We may never know why we are placed in compromising situations, but if we learn from them that's all that matters. Making the best of any situation takes patience and the belief that we are always where we are supposed to be. Today, let things be. Just be part of your present, as you plan for your future. Things become clearer when you work with what is rather than be upset about where you think you should be.
This is where I'd like to be...

(Sometime I get into situations that seem overwhelming so I shut down. It's not a reflecting time, just an "I don't want deal with anything because it's too much" time. Then I come to my senses with the help of the universe forcing me to look at the way things really are. Usually it's not as bad as I imagined, but it's not all that easy to work out either. I guess it's human nature to want to always be in a good place, but if we were then we'd never have great moments.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Winds Of Change

It is the middle of the year, when we all need to stop and reflect whether we are going in the right direction. How are we doing with the resolutions that were made on January lst? Now is the time to re-evaluate where we are and change our course if we are headed down the wrong path.We often make promises but have no clue where we will end up, so at some point re-looking at our plans is only natural. At this time of the year, instead of getting down on ourselves for not keeping our promises, we can create new ones that we can work on till the end of the year. It is time for the winds of change to come, giving us new opportunities to do better. Today, reflect upon what are some of the things that you'd like to accomplish. What can you do to make a difference in your life and the lives of others? Be open to whatever may come your way.
Creating fiber art takes a lifetime to perfect...

(I don't usually make resolutions at the beginning of the year. I wait until the year tells me what I need to work on. By mid January, I pretty much know what areas need my concentration. But then there are those years when there is truly winds of change, when everything gets moved around and nothing is the same. That's what this year is turning out to be like. Going with the flow does not mean that I can't prepare, but it does mean that my faith will be tested. I have to go back to how will this help me to help others. I hope I can have fun on the way.)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

What Is Our Heart's Desire?

If someone asked you what is your heart's desire, how would you respond? Is it something that you desire for the moment or is it something that you haven't yet defined. The last time we thought about what we truly desired may have been when we were younger and more idealistic. Now that we're a little older, we have become more realistic about what we can attain in our lifetime. We are bound by rules that we ourselves have created, so that it is almost impossible for us to dream beyond the world that we exist in. It may be time for us to begin envisioning a place where all is possible. The journey in seeking our heart's desire is as important as obtaining what we desire. Today, think about what you want in life. It may be that you have already attained all that you wished for. But if you haven't, know that if you listen to your spirit, it will guide you closer to what you desire.
It doesn't matter which way we go, we will end up at the same place...
(I've always thought that my heart's desire was what I wanted at that time, but as I get older I feel that it goes much deeper than that. It seems to be more about becoming the person that my inner spirit seeks to be. It's not about what I desire, but what does my heart desires. I have to constantly remind myself that whatever my spirit knows I have the potential to be, I deserve to become.)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Living With Blind Faith

Blind faith, what does this mean? To not know where we are going, yet trust that we are being guided by something beyond ourselves. To understand that there is a need to believe that no matter what is occuring in our life, our spirit will rise above all. The words "faith", "trust", and "believe" are often times used so loosely in our conversations that we forget how powerful they can be. Are we able to trust that our path has a divine purpose? Can we walk purposefully with blind faith? We have an opportunity to open ourselves up to so many possibilities when we begin to trust that everything we do has a purpose, to believe that we are all unique, and to have faith that no matter what we do, we are loved. Today, close your eyes and  breathe deeply. You are blessed and your path has been cleared. From this moment, new opportunities await you around the next corner if you let your inner spirit guide you on your way.
Believing that no matter how high you jump, you'll always land safely...

(Living with blind faith takes getting used to and others sometimes question my actions, but it's difficult to explain. How can you explain that although I have fears like everyone else, I truly believe that there is a purpose for everything I do and everyone I meet. It doesn't matter that don't know what it is, but I trust that my interactions with others impacts my life as well as theirs. There is a bigger plan, I'm just not privy to it.)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Creating Triggers For Ourselves

There are many things in life that trigger our emotions. They are usually filtered through our senses, which is the easiest way to get our attention. So whenever we see, smell, or hear something, it's usually associated with an emotion. Triggers can also be useful in reminding us to slow down when we get too busy. For some of us, we keep going until it jeopardizes our health. Creating a positive trigger can help us from burning out. Just by posting a picture, a word or phrase that means something to us can shift the way we think. We have the ability to make our life so much more comfortable. Today, create a trigger for yourself. Use your imagination,  for you want it to have enough impact that it changes the direction in which you are flowing. Your triggers will rebalance your spirit. 

(I have set up triggers all over my house to remind me to slow down. Some of the objects are strange that no one would get it but me. I bought two pillows that are so soft and the colors of the ocean. Whenever I see them, it relaxes me immediately. I guess they work because my daughter who is with me for the summer seems to favor them whenever she falls asleep on the sofa. My triggers fit who I am.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Catching A Glimpse Of Yesterday

We live in a world where we are constantly moving. Days go by so quickly that before we know it a year has already passed by. Sometimes it becomes a blur that it's difficult to remember what happened just yesterday. When asked to recall a specific moment, we may have to think for awhile before answering and even then the picture is vague. It could be that we have poor memories or on the other hand it may be that we aren't consciously capturing life in our memory banks. Training ourselves to do this is like learning a new skill. Some of us may be better at it than others, but we can all learn to do this. Absorbing and remembering everything. Using all our senses, paint a picture of what is happening in the moment. Then as time goes by, although the picture may get a little blurry with age, we can still remember that special moment. Time is a concept that everyone of us can redefine. Today, do nothing more than experience life.
 Deep in thought...

(I am the first to say that I have a poor memory. I've always had difficulty remembering the past. I'm not sure if it's because I'm always planning for the future, but being present in the moment is also a problem. So if I'm not in the present how would I remember what I wasn't aware of. It always seems to go back to living in the moment. This week I'll try this and see if it improves my memory.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Celebrating Just Because

When was the last time that you celebrated without a reason. For most of us, there has to be a reason why we are taking time from our busy life to enjoy ourselves. But what happens when there is no birthday, anniversary, holiday, or special event coming up in the near future. Is our life about waiting to celebrate, rather than celebrating because we are so fortunate to have life. We shouldn't have to look for excuses to relax and have a good time. We can rejuvenate our spirit when we take a moment to celebrate just because. Today, be kind to yourself. Treat yourself to something that you enjoy. Taking care of yourself is a way of celebrating life.
Go ahead take a piece, it tastes as good as it looks...

(Getting caught up in the day to day grind, I often times forget to enjoy myself. But I'm so fortunate to have wonderful friends and family, who have the gift to make me laugh and feel good. To me that's celebrating life, when I can leave my worries behind and spend special times with the people I love. Life is about being present in the moment. I'm constantly working on this.)

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Value Of Being Silent

There are times when words are not needed. When the silence between our words have more meaning than the words themselves. There are moments when well intended words miss their mark and things would have been better off if we left them unsaid. It is interesting how much we can learn about ourselves and others when we begin to listen more. Today, be in the moment. By being silent, you will be able to hear things that you have previously missed. In the quiet moments, you will not only hear what is being said but understand the speakers intent. Be open to all the sounds that surround you and life will flow a little easier.
There are no words to express nature's beauty...

(When I'm not feeling well, silence suits my mood. When I talk I expend so much more effort. The opposite happens when I am still and absorbing the energy that surrounds me. I guess that's why people who are so kinetic are always talking. It maybe because they have so much more energy to let out. I think I'll watch for that today, who are the talkers and who are the ones that are okay with being silent.)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Being Prepared For The Unexpected

Many of us are often times surprised when things happen unexpectedly in our life. Our reactions depend on how prepared we are in handling the situation. We may initially look for fault beyond ourselves, for it's easier to blame others than it is to look within ourselves. But if we truly believe that every action has a consequence then it may benefit us to reflect upon what we have been doing in our life. Often times we may find that what has happened is due to what we did or didn't do. Life is about remembering what we've learned in the past, so that we are better prepared for the next time something comes up unexpectedly. Today, think about all the mistakes you've made and how you've grown from them. You may not know what will come around the corner, but you can be sure that whatever comes you will be able to handle it. You are much stronger than you think you are.
Sometimes we can hide our mistakes amongst others...

(I only know a few people who are really quick about taking responsibility for their own action. They are hard on themselves and tend to be very critical about their work. I need to work towards that. Although I know that I get into situations that somehow lead back to me, it's difficult for me to remember what it was that I did to cause it. But the lessons do become harder each time, so I definately have a feeling that the universe wants me to work on my memory a little more.)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just Being Me

Sometimes when we try too hard to accomodate others, we begin to lose ourselves in the process. In our efforts to care for those we love, we may put their needs in front of our own even if it means compromising what feels right to us. If we don't reflect upon our actions, we may find ourselves resenting the very ones that we love and care for. It's important for us to remember that the way to helping others is by being genuine. No one expects us to be anyone more than who we are. Today, think about your relationships. Are you being true to yourself when you're with those you love? It's part of our lesson to not only learn more about ourselves but to value who we are. Let others see not only their reflection, but the unique light that shines within you. 
We always have a choice...

(I feel as if I'm pretty clear as to who I am until I begin to help others, then my needs often times become less important. I understand that no one is asking me to put themselves first, so I'm not sure if it's about culture, being a woman, or just being who I am. Sometimes compromising is not always an option. There are so many things I have yet to learn.) 

Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Okay To Be Indecisive

Sometimes in life when there is a difficult decision to be made, it’s okay to be indecisive. Not knowing what to do may be an uncomfortable place to be, but this gives us more time to think. Often times, not making a decision is actually making a decision to listen to what the voice within us is saying. Taking the time to reflect or just to step back for awhile gives us a clearer perspective on what needs to be done. Sometimes in our haste to make a decision, we listen more to what others have to say instead of doing what feels right. We may question ourselves and doubt our answers, but there is no right or wrong, for whatever we decide to do we continue to move forward. Acknowledge what others have to say because they only want to protect us, but in making the final decision we need to do what is ultimately right for us. Each of us has a unique path to walk on and only we can decide where it leads. Today, put aside all decisions till tomorrow. Just enjoy being where you are at the moment. When the time is right, the answers will come, even if it is hindsight. 
Decision making wouldn't be so hard,
 if there were signs telling us what to do...

(I wish there were signs telling me what to do because deciding what to do is sometimes hard, especially when the decision affects where I am going to be in the future. It's one thing to know that the Universe has a bigger plan for me, but to actually believe that I can live a life with greater purpose than the one I live now is sometimes difficult. I will open myself to what will be.)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stepping Outside Of The Box

Although we may be tempted to try new things, we often times hold back because of our insecurities. Instead of being open to new experiences, we stop short of truly participating and remain observers in life. It seems safer to watch others make mistakes, rather then make a mess out of our own. But what are we learning by sitting on the sidelines. If we don’t step outside the box, we won’t ever know how far life can take us. We are our worst enemies by limiting ourselves of opportunities that await us. The universe has a plan for us, we just need to step beyond our comfort zone to see it. Today, take a risk by doing something different. Choose a new path from the one you normally take. Challenge yourself by experiencing life knowing that something exciting is just around the corner.

Experiencing new things doesn't always have to be scary...

(I love traveling because there is always something I've never seen or experienced before. Stepping outside of the box is exciting to me, but I guess there is a few seconds of trepidation moments prior. Being anxious just makes me research even more and you know how much I love to research. By the time, I leave for a new place, I know the best restaurants, tourist spots, museums and current events going on. Maps and info in hand, I'm on my way. I can't wait for my next trip.)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrating Possibilities

Although life may not have turned out the way we expected, many of us still have a glimmer of hope that we can attain our dreams. It's that positive attitude that things will get better that has us celebrating all possibilities. It is easy to make up excuses as to why we can't realize our dreams, but in order to overcome our fears that prevent us from moving forward we need to truly believe that we deserve to live a life we were meant to live. So celebrate the possibility that all is within your reach. Today, be happy in the moment. Know that you are here for a purpose and if you live a life of pure intentions, all will come together for you. It's a time to celebrate the life that you were meant to lead.
Being alone, it's easier to hear ourselves think...

(I have a tendency to be optimistic about almost everything, but it's not always easy when things are creating havoc in my life. I give myself a short time to wallow in self pity before moving on. I can't take away the problems, for they are what they are, but I can put them in perspective. It also helps to have a daily regime to destress, for me it's riding the bus home and running at the end of the day. Who would think that riding the bus would be relaxing, but it really is. I wonder if they ever did a survey of bus riders, would they find that riders actually feel calmer.)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Challenging Ourselves

Every day we are greeted with challenges in our life. Many may meet them head on, excited to be a part of another adventure, but there are a few of us who are hesitant about doing things differently. It makes us nervous knowing that the life we built may not be as safe as we thought it was. Changes bring a whole new set of problems which we don't need. Although challenges are a  part of our learning, it is up to us whether we choose to accept them or not. They would still come because they are an important part of our life, but we may choose to hide and not deal with them until they return . Whatever we choose to do, it will be the right decision for us at that time. Today, what are the challenges in your life. Are you up to experiencing new opportunities or do you need to be still for a moment longer? Our life changes daily, so what is comfortable for you today may be different tomorrow. Be aware of what is going on within yourself and you will receive what you need.
Challenges are like waves, they come and go unexpectedly...

(I understand that challenges are a part of our life, but they aren't any easier to adapt to. It feels as if I handle one situation and another comes up right after. And there is no logic to them, just random things. Although in the back of my mind, I know that the universe is working it's own plan, it's just that I don't see it and may never understand it. I guess it's just being able to adapt and going with the flow. Again easier said than done.)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Raising Our Voices

When we all gather, it's easier to raise our voices. But when we are alone, do we have the courage to stand up for what we believe in. Hiding behind the shadow of others, our voices are not heard as clearly. Life would be easier if we all agreed on the same ideals, but since we do not, what will it take for us to bravely stand alone. To be still when others point a finger and challenge what we are saying, takes strength. Although it may not seem important to share our views on the smallest matters, these will soon add up and frustration will fester within. If we reflect upon what matters most to us in life, we can then decide whether we have the courage to be different from others. We are here for a purpose, let the universe guide us towards our destiny. Today, be strong in your convictions. Think about the times you have backed down because you felt that you weren't strong enough to voice your beliefs. There is strength in us all, you just have to believe that what you say is the truth and have faith that someone will hear your message.
Sometimes you have to do things differently in order to be heard...

(I have found that those who do things differently have to have an inner strength or else they will be crushed by the judgements of others. Although I tend to be quite conservative, I think it's more of a lifestyle then a tendency to follow others. It's funny the more I understand my path, the more concern others feel about what I am doing. It's difficult for others to see my journey for it is not theirs to take.)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Knowing When We're Hurting Others

Sometimes when we get caught up in feeling sorry for ourselves, we forget the best way to communicate with others. When we are hurting or feeling upset, interacting with others may become difficult. That's when most of us, seek solace in places that calm our soul. But when we're unable to find that quiet corner, we may strike out at others unintentionally. Know that by hurting others by what we say doesn't help our situation. We have all hurt others by our thoughtless words, but that doesn't mean we need to continue doing this. Know that we always have control over the words that we use, it is up to us to use them responsibly. Today, use your words wisely. Whether you are feeling well or not, always be aware of how you are communicating with others. You want to be true to yourself by listening to the words that come forth from within. It's not always easy to be compassionate to others, but if you lead the life you were meant to, compassion will become second nature to you.
Finding solace is a state of mind...

(I find that those who have difficulty expressing their feelings are the ones that strike out randomly at others. It's as if their unhappiness has to leak out in some way and that way is mistreating those that they care for the most. Although it's hurtful, by then it may be too late the damage has been done. That's why I've learned to end the conversation so that the other person can think about what they are doing. Walking away when someone is being hurtful has been one of most difficult lessons that I've had to learn. Being compassionate doesn't mean not taking care of oneself.)