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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's Time To Start Exploring

Why do you think people that you are close to get nervous when you start making changes? At this point it may not matter that others understand the purpose of your actions. As long as you are clear as to why you are doing what you are doing and it’s not doing harm to anyone then go ahead move forward. Sometimes in life, what you’ve been doing isn’t working for you anymore. You might not know what is the next step, but you are clear that  it’s time to make some changes. Have fun while you explore what’s out there. You are not the same person you were yesterday, so don’t try to be someone you were but be someone you are meant to be.
photo 3 (1)
Even the seasons don’t stay the same…

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Power Of Your Dreams

There may come a day when you find yourself on top of the pile. You’ve achieved what you set out to do. You now have the skills and the experience to go much further than you ever thought you could. But now that you are where you want to be, take a moment to celebrate your achievements. Acknowledge the challenges that you’ve had to overcome and the hard work that was required. No matter what anyone says, no one but you knows what it took to get where you are. Sometimes the journey seemed long and never ending and on those days that your dream took a back seat to other priorities, you always brought it back and kept moving forward. Never underestimate the power of your dreams. 
Quinn - wailea water sunset
Inspiration for my dreams…

Sunday, June 28, 2015

It's Time To Make Your Dreams Come True

If you knew that in order to make your wishes come true, you would have to be the one to initiate them. You know what you want in life and it’s been easier to talk about it then to actually do anything. It’s safer to dream about something than to change the way things are. Whether you are happy or not with the way things are at this time, you know what to expect and in some way keeping the status quo seems so much easier. But what if you allow yourself permission to see what’s outside your comfort zone. To do something that not only challenges you but will change your life as you know it. You’ll never know until you do something different from what you’re doing now. It’s time to make your move for your dreams are waiting to become a reality. They are not as crazy as you think.
It’s time to make my wishes come true…

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Coming From The Heart

When you are in doubt, put aside decision making for another time. There is something within in you that urges you to make decision whether you are ready or not. You put pressure on yourself to know everything at all times but that isn’t how it works. You can go back and forth questioning yourself. Do you have all the information you need to make the right decision? Probably not. In fact, you may never have all you need to feel 100% sure. But what you will have sooner or later, is doing what feels right for you. It may not be what others would decide to do, but for you this works. So being undecided is actually a good thing. Going back and forth doesn’t make you any less capable but it does give you enough time to make a decision that comes from the heart. 
Listening to the advice of others can be exhausting…

Friday, June 26, 2015

What It Is To Be Blessed?

You are so fortunate to be blessed in life. For many you take what you have for granted and spend too much of your time grumbling about things you feel entitled to have. You have gotten used to having so much in life that having less doesn’t seem fair. But if you stopped to think about, how much could you live without and still be at peace. If you were to take away half of what you had, what would your life be like? Would you still feel as blessed as you are at this moment? Holding on so tight to the things you’ve acquired is pointless. Material things will come and go in your life. Appreciate and be thankful that you are surrounded by those who love and care for you. For there is no doubt that you could have more in life, but remember what you truly need in order to be balanced in your mind, body, and spirit.
photo 1
Sometimes our light burns out much too quickly…

Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's All About The TIming

Sometimes when you’re not sure what to do, don’t do anything. This may seem to be the simplest solution but the most difficult to follow through. It’s in our nature to take action even if we aren’t quite sure what the plan is. It would make sense that moving instead of standing still would make us feel better, but the consequences of our actions may not be the most productive. In fact, by acting out of frustration we may be doing more harm than not. It’s usually our intuitive side that gives us the directive to stand down. By being still and observant, we can gain so much more information than running around without a clue as to what to do next. So as difficult as it may be, stay calm, assess the situation, then create a plan that will work for you when the timing is right. Where you are at in this moment is the perfect place to be.
It’s worth getting up early to see the sunrise…

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sharing Our Strength

Our intentions always seem to be at their best when everything is going great in life. It’s easier for us to be compassionate, respectful, forgiving, and patient when we are at peace with ourselves. We even tend to be more tolerant of other’s when our life is balanced. Our thoughts are positive and clear of judgment when there is nothing weighing on our minds at that moment. So what becomes of our good nature when our life turns upside down? It’s not that our intentions become any less genuine, but we may be less inclined to help others. Knowing that life will not always be kind to us, we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves when we find that we are not as empathetic as we usually are. It’s times such as these, that we ourselves are in need of a compassionate spirit that will listen to us respectfully, forgive us when our words and actions may be hurtful, and to be patient with us as we go through difficult times. We are all here to share our strengths and to help each other through our weakest moments.
All paths are not meant to be easy…

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Releasing What Is Not Wanted

For many of us it is our nature to nurture others. To instinctively gravitate towards those who need our help. For the most part, it’s not in our plans but happens unexpectedly. We never know who is in need of help until we come upon them. And then we do what we can to help them through their pain. But when we open ourselves to help others, we are also open to receiving the less than positive energy that currently surrounds the other person. So remember although it is in our nature to care for others, it is equally important to release what is not ours. Cleansing ourselves of what burdens others, helps not only to protect ourselves but the others we help in the future. 
Being on the water helps to clear the mind…

Monday, June 22, 2015

Balancing Between Two Worlds

Sometimes it’s difficult to find time for yourself. You are so busy with your responsibilities and commitments that finding a moment to relax seems like a dream. It’s not that you don’t love what you are doing. It’s finding the balance between what you are doing for others and caring for yourself.  Both are equally important. So if you are trying to figure out which of these can use less of your time you probably won’t come up with an answer you’ll be satisfied with. Nurturing and supporting others helps you to learn patience and compassion. While taking a moment for yourself helps you gain clarity and perspective of where you are in life. Both are an important part of you who are. Balancing the two worlds will never be easy, but the rewards you will reap will be worth the effort.

It doesn’t matter where you go, traveling opens your mind…

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Out Of Your Comfort Zone

There is a reason that you seek what is comfortable to you. That which gives you peace and serenity helps you to keep your life in balance. Then why are we telling you that being uncomfortable every once and awhile is good for your mind, body, and spirit. You are a reflection of the life you have created. But no matter how much you work to keep balanced, life evolves. Bringing unexpected chaos through the situations you find yourself in and the people you meet. Become open to all that come your way. Look upon them not as a good or bad experiences, but as what is needed in your life at this time. For what you learn today will be what is needed tomorrow.

Challenge yourself to do what is out of your comfort zone, but have fun while doing it…

Monday, June 15, 2015

This Is Your Day

Sometimes life gets crazy so when you get a perfect day take advantage of it. On this day, everything flows according to your plans and opportunities are waiting for you around every corner. Days like these don’t come often, so don’t hesitate. It’s not like you to question, but you’ve lost your innocence and know that life isn’t always so kind. If you let yourself belief in all this good fortune it may be taken away as quickly as it came. But today is truly different, you are getting what you wanted so enjoy it while it is in your reach. Life is always evolving, so be open to whatever comes your way whether good or bad. It’s what you make of it that determines the person you are today. So let your heart sing out loud, for today is all about you.

Sean - crystal ball
This is your day…

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Living With The Pain

Why is it so difficult to release what gives us pain? Sometimes we don’t do what is best for us for fear of the unknown. Not knowing what will happen is scarier than living with what we are familiar with. It’s difficult to explain to others how a person can live with something that causes such a negative impact to their life, but it’s not for them to understand. Although acknowledging what hurts us is the first step in letting go, many may not be ready for even that initial step. For in identifying what is wrong, we begin to open wounds that have been long ignored. So we keep the door shut tightly for as long as we can and continue to pretend that all is well. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do for there is no right or wrong answer to this difficult situation. Pain has always played a part in our life, but it doesn’t have to be our existence.
Being alone may be the answer to living…

Monday, June 8, 2015

Finding Your Strength

Have you ever stopped to think where do you find the strength to overcome obstacles that come your way? You may have assumed that there is something deep within you that helps you in time of need. But what if your strength comes from places beyond yourself.  Think about the times when you needed help with a problem, who do you turn to help you through the tough times? It could have been that one person or multiple people that you would not hesitate to confide in because you know they will always be there for you. Your strength may also come from that special place that you go to find peace and clarity. So trust that whoever you turn to or wherever you go to seek balance, will help you to gather the strength you need to overcome the obstacles that come your way in life.
Finding strength in nature…

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Believing In What You Do

Keep moving forward no matter what obstacles are placed in your way. It’s easy to get discouraged or convince yourself that what you are doing wasn’t meant to be or that the Universe is trying to tell you something. But even if this were true there is something about what you are doing that is important. So instead of getting upset or frustrated that your plans aren’t going your way, be open to the idea that what comes out of the changes may actually improve your ideas in ways you could never imagine. Sometimes when you are forced to do the unexpected that is when true creativity begins.
Quinn - walea walkway
Sometimes your path is not so bad…

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Keeping In Touch

How many times do you hear yourself saying, “I really meant to call you”? Time passes by so quickly that we don’t realize how fast the days actually can fly. Although we really do mean to contact our loved ones, we get caught up with our busy life and soon forget. The relationships that we’ve developed over the years will continue for a lifetime, but they do need nurturing. Maybe not on a daily basis, but often enough to remind ourselves how important our loved ones mean to us. It’s amazing no matter how much time has gone by, seeing these people again feels as if time stood still. When you meet someone special it’s not only finding a friend for life, but a rejoining of spirits who knew each other over many lifetimes. So call, text, email, write a letter to those special people, rekindling friendships.
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Celebrating with friends and family…

Friday, June 5, 2015

We Are All So Unique

You are determined not to get caught up in other people’s chaos. But it’s natural for you to become involved when others come to you for help. Because you are so good at what you do, you may find that those who you help tend to take a back seat once you take over. It’s easy to release their problems to someone who they trust. So do you continue doing what you are doing or do you begin letting those that you care for discover the strength that lay within themselves. It’s time to show your support for them by empowering them to resolve their situations in ways that work for them. Remember everyone solves their problems in different ways. There is no right or wrong way, just ways that feels right for that person. We are all much stronger than we actually think we are.
Same class, same directions, different outcome…

Thursday, June 4, 2015

You Are Exactly Where You Belong

You don’t feel motivated today, in fact you may be in a slump. Feeling frustrated because this isn’t the way you normally feel. Nothing has changed except the way that you view life. Grey skies seem to be following you throughout the day. Times like these, it’s okay to give yourself a break. You’ve been moving so quickly that your spirit has to catch up with the fast pace you set for yourself. It’s time to slow down and enjoy life. Take a walk, instead of running to your next appointment. Make time to eat your meals leisurely, instead of eating while you work. Watch the sunrise and set, instead of doing busy work. It’s time to re-balance your mind, body, and spirit and bring back the sun into your life again.
It’s time to enjoy life…

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Welcome The Changes In Your Life

There are many that say they don’t welcome change with open arms. In fact, making changes in their life is often difficult. But it may not be the change itself that creates chaos, but how we react to what is occurring. Change is neither good or bad, we give it power when we assume the worst. There are times when we don’t even have all the information and we begin to fall apart. The world seems to have turned upside down and we’ve lost the control we’ve worked hard to attain. But what if, just what if things aren’t as bad as we make them out to be. And we remember that everything that happens and the people we meet are supposed to be. Will that make things better? Maybe, maybe not, but know that change will always be a part of our life. And if we react with the intention of making the best out of the unexpected turn of events, there may be a positive opportunity waiting for us. So the next time change comes around, welcome it like a long lost friend.
Just because I can’t swim or know how to fish, going out on a boat might be a new adventure…

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dreams Are My Reality

Sometimes it seems better to put aside my dreams because it hurts too much keeping them alive in my heart. As time goes by the realities of life bear down on what now seems so fragile. But somewhere in my mind, I wonder if dreams are a place where my spirit safely creates my deepest desires where anything is possible. I’m not sure when it happened, but my dreams have become an integral part of who I am. At this point it’s not important whether they come to past or not because they eventually will help me to create the reality that comes from my heart. So if you want to know who I truly am, ask me what my dreams are.
Dreams can become reality…

Monday, June 1, 2015

I Am Not Perfect

I want to be grumpy today. I want to be able to be angry at the way my life is going. I want to be unsatisfied with who I am. Although these moment are few and far between, they exist when I am being the most honest with myself. It’s not that I don’t remember that I should be at my best but when life is as it is and I am feeling low, it’s difficult to remember all my blessings. I don’t need to be reminded of who I am because this is all of who I am. I am not perfect.To be where I am meant to be, I need accept myself as I am which includes my strengths as well as my weakness. I am only a reflection of what my life is becoming. As I continue on my path, I move on from my discontentment. It’s time again to clear the cloudy skies away and let the sun shine upon me once more.
Sometimes looking outward is very soothing…