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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hurting Ourselves

Sometimes when we strike out to others, we in turn our hurting ourselves. If the other person doesn't know what our intent is, then how is what we are doing hurting them. We spend an awful amount of time thinking about how others are going to regret not having us in their lives but to what end. Is it being self absorbed that makes us think that others are spending an equal amount of time thinking about us. Negative thinking only attracts negative consequences in our life. Instead of looking within ourselves to see what is hurting us, we blame others for our pain. Taking responsibility of our feelings is the first step in the healing process. No one can make us feel better about who we are, but ourselves. If we stop blaming others, we will begin to move forward in our life. Today, step outside of your comfort zone. Instead of pushing others away, welcome them into your life. It's okay to give yourself permission to lead the life you deserve.
It's time for peace...
(It's difficult being surrounded by negativity people. Half of me wants to nurture them and the other half wants to run as far as I can go. I understand that we all have choices as to how we want to live our life, so I question why someone would want to live their life thinking only the worse. If I choose to live with only positive energy, what will happen to the negative energy? There comes a time when I need to begin taking care of myself and my spirit.)

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