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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Learning To Open To The Unknown

No matter how much you say you are open to change, when it occurs you face your fears again. It is easy to say that you want things to change and that you want to move forward in your life but when the time comes, you often times turn away. It is in your nature to be scared of change, but when you are stuck in a sense of comfort you lose track of what is real. It is not real to block yourself so securely so that you are unaffected with what is going on in the world today. You've become so insular that it bothers you when things are different from what you've come to know. Even people who bring you new experiences you tend to shun because it threatens the comfort of the life you have worked so hard to create. If this is truly the way you want your life to be, then stop asking the universe for things that are outside of what you now have. To ask for something different is to bring forth change. Learning to open to the universe takes strength and the courage to meet the challenges ahead. Walk forward with your head held high. Today, meet what life brings to you. Every new opportunity comes with change. You were not meant to stay the same, but to become more than you are today. It is in you to be the person you were meant to be.
Go ahead and enjoy...
(Sometimes I put things off for tomorrow that I should be attending to today. I've learned to acknowledge when I need to rest my mind, body, and spirit. I find that when I pay attention to what I need, I feel much better. Although I'm learning to open myself to possibilities, it's still a work in process. Putting aside the walls I've built around myself is not as easy to do. If I say so myself I do a pretty good job at wall building.)

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