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Friday, November 23, 2012

There Are Miracles

Take away all that surrounds you and you will see the miracles that sparkle in the dark. They are diamonds in the rough. It is not for us to point them out or to leave them in the open for all to see. They will be found when your eyes open to what seems to be insignificant. Miracles are not for one person to hoard but for all to experience. What you see will not be the same for others. Everyone who is blessed with experiencing a miracle will have a  different story to tell. It is not the miracle that changes your life but the spiritual enlightenment that happens to your soul. Let the miracles in your life, light your way. Today, be true to yourself and the miracles in life will find their way to you.
Let's wait together for miracles to come our way...
(Wouldn't it be nice to share our miracles with people that we love and care for. At first, I thought it would be pretty special to even experience a miracle, then I knew in my heart that sharing that same miracle with others would be even more spectacular. I think that miracles are the universe's way of giving us glimpses of how life could truly be.)

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