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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Asking Of Yourself

It is in your nature to ask for help from the universe, but are you willing to ask of yourself. To put as much energy into reaching your life's desire as you do in saying your prayers to those who you believe in. Is it easier for you to say your prayers than to commit yourself to a life of struggle?Sometimes when we ask for help we are taking the responsibility of what we are asking others to do. We are here to help and guide you to becoming who you were meant to be, but part of your journey is to seek the help you want from the spirit within yourself. You have everything that you seek from others. Today, be yourself. Look no further than within, to do the work that is being asked. You are no less nor no more than the universal energy that flows through your spirit. You are perfect in the eyes of the universe.
Sometimes it's difficult to make up my mind...
(I think I'm so used to asking for help that I forget that I'm the one that usually ends of doing all the work. It feels good to pray because it makes me feel that there is someone out there that is listening to my problems. I understand that no one can truly know what I'm going through besides myself, that's why prayers are essential for my sanity. I believe that the universe, at some point becomes one with all beings. I think I'll just wait until what the universe has revealed to me comes to pass.)

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