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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Time Is Passing You By

Being still is difficult when time seems to pass you by. We can see you moving quickly through your day. It's as if you were to stop you would be missing something. Time is a human perception of measuring opportunities. How can you quantify something that has no meaning to anyone but yourself. Release the concept of time and you will be freeing yourself from the boundaries that keep you from attaining your dreams. Let go of time and you will be able to achieve all.  Today, take off your watches. Go by your instincts as to when to awake, when to rest, when to eat. You will see how intuned your spirit is with what needs to be done within the day. Free yourself from what binds you because time is passing you by.
There is no place for watches at the beach...
(I had to stop wearing watches for awhile because they kept stopping when I wore them. I guess I needed a break from keeping track of time. I've started to wear a watch again, but the funny thing is that I think of it as a bracelet so I never look at it. I find myself looking for clocks. It's strange how we can train ourselves to depend on things that we may not need.)

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