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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Passing Through The Curtain

There is a moment in time when you are between sleep and being awake, that you are open to all that exists. There is no fear blocking you of all that is unknown. You are open to all because there is a sheer curtain that now protects your dreams from the harsh realities of life. It's a place that all is possible and the impossible no longer exists. Although this surreal moment soon begins to fade as you awaken, it will always be with you as a faded memory. Use this memory to propel you towards the dreams you wish to turn into reality. Passing through the curtain of your dreams occur more often than you can ever imagine. Today, be a part of your dreams. What if all was possible. Live your life as if all you desire is your new reality.
Heaven is only a cloud away...
(I have often wondered if what I experience in my dreams are prophetic since they come to pass as time goes by. But then aren't we all intuitive in are own way. I guess it's what we use with the information we receive that's important. Are we more loving and compassionate because of what we know? I think the more I know, the more I know that I have so much more to learn. I await my next dream.)

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