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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Now The Work Begins

Now that you are on your path, the work begins. You thought the difficulty was in knowing where your journey is leading you and where you will be in the future. But what is the purpose of the journey if you don't work to get there. There are many of you who think that knowing your destiny was the easy part in life. But there are those whose life ends up meaning nothing because all they did was wait for things to happen. The universe flows in many direction, it is up to you to find your way to prosperity. The experience you gain along your journey is part of your destiny. Do not be fooled in thinking that you are at the end of your path, for it continues throughout your life. Know that the joy you receive in life is from the experiences you've gone through.  Today, put one step ahead of the other. Do not look at others to tell you what to do. Take initiative to listen to the voice within you that directs you towards your destiny. Don't think of the work it'll take to attain your goal, but know that what you put in life you get back ten fold. You are your future.
It takes work to create art...
(I think my problem is knowing when to stop work and appreciate what I've created. I enjoy working so much that I sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses. That's why I've really had to concentrate on slowing down, even if it means moving to another island. Sometimes I think in order to live a different lifestyle it takes a lot of work. I believe that I'm in a better place because of the decisions I am now making, but only time will tell.)

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