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Friday, November 2, 2012

When Life Happens

Sometimes it may seem that things occur just to see if you will break under pressure. You build a safe world or at least one that you have been controlling. It may not be the perfect life, but it is one that you understand and can make sense out of. Then things happen unexpectedly that make you question the universe. Why do you spend time questioning, when life is to experience. It is difficult to understand when you are going through chaos and misfortune, but these are the times that the universe is closer to you than ever. It is not what you want to hear, but it is the truth. We are not here to punish you or to break you, it is so that you overcome what you thought was unsurmountable. It is what makes you have the courage to do other things that you thought you could never do. After periods of hardship, there is an appreciation of the more simple things in life that have always surrounded you but you have taken for granted. Life is not difficult, it is the way you perceive life that makes it difficult. Live for the moment, no more no less. Today will pass. You will make it through this day and the next. Taking a step at a time, wiping your tears, you will see this through and life will again be what it is. You are life and life you seek has always been within your spirit.
Nature is beauty...
(It's funny how I was feeling sorry for myself today because I fell in the bathroom this morning and I could barely walk and sit, but listening to a friend whose life has simple turned around because of unexpected events, I think how we are all going through our own journey. All we can do is support and take care of each other. Simply listening does wonders. We are all in this together.)

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