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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It Begins With The Spirit

It is so easy to get distracted and lose focus on where you are going. In life there are many times when you stumble because the road becomes unfamiliar and difficult. Although you try to be careful about the decisions you make, there are still doubts that linger in your mind. You may never find the answers for which you seek, but it is in your questions that you find your way. Life never responds the way that you intend it to, but it does teach you lessons that stay with you no matter where you end up to be. It is while on your journey that you find out who you are and whether you are moving forward on your path. Your true journey begins with your spirit leading the way. Today, you will meet others that may not understand your journey. It is not for you to explain yourself to others, but it is for you to believe in what you are doing and trust that you are where you are meant to be. Live with the intent that your spirit is your guiding light leading you on your path to discovery.
In life there are always stepping stones to where you need to go...
(Sometimes it gets discouraging even for a person like myself who has ongoing faith. My plans are often times not the plans of the universe so there is a disconnect. It may not seem to have much impact but because we are all so interconnected, this is the way things work. I have to remember it is not in the lesson that I learn, for lessons are often times repeated over and over in my lifetime. It is more what my initial reaction is to the lesson that gets my attention. I think that's when I am truly honest.)

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