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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Perfect Spirit

Although you may have a perfect spirit, there is still debris that clutter the mind. If you were to listen closely to your spirit, there would be no room for fears or doubts. For trust would abound because of what you know to be the truth about the universe. There are few of you that walk their journey with absolute faith that they are what the universe has blessed them to be. There is no room for doubt when you are comfortable with who you are. We give you the strength to rid yourself of your fears, but there are those who hold tightly to what they think may slip through their fingers. Seek out the answers you are looking for, for it is in your quest that you will find out where you belong. And it is in finding your place in life that you will discover the spirit within that has always been perfect. Today, be who you feel you are meant to be. By not compromising your values or morals to those who try to influence you, you will begin to feel the strength that grows stronger every day. Know that it is in the question, not the answer that you will find peace.
  Finding a sense of peace walking along the Boston shoreline...
(I find that my journey is confirmed everyday. To what purpose am I here? Actually what does it matter if I know my purpose. Would I change the direction of my life? I don't think so because I walk with faith. I truly am where I should be and if I am not then I will move where I am supposed to be. If we trust that the universe has a bigger plan than we could ever imagine, think of all the things we could accomplish. If I have any doubts, I share them with the angels that surround me. I am blessed.) 

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