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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reflecting The Spirit Within

You are a perfect spirit and you have the best of intentions, but are your actions and words reflecting your compassionate self? At times, we are sadden by what we see and hear. We know the spirit that is within you and the goodness that always shines brightly, but the fears that you harbor holds you prisoner at this time. You are much more than what you present to yourself and others. If you could see your potential as we forsee for you, then you would have a life filled with so many opportunities. Reflect the spirit within and you will see the love and compassion that surrounds you. Today, just be yourself. Do not let others convince you that you are less than what you are. Start believing in yourself and your gifts. When you trust yourself and where you are at this moment, then you are ready to be at peace with your spirit.
A Reflection of the Holiday Season...
(I try to be a reflection of my spirit, but I then wonder just how perfect my spirit is. My spirit and I are often times at a discord of what is the best for me. When I'm not the nicest or say things that are negative, I have to scold myself that this is not the compassionate way I have committed my life to be. Living a life that reflects my spirit is an ongoing challenge, but I hope to win the tug of war.)

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