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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finding Yourself Amongst The Chaos

We often times see you becoming distracted when your life becomes chaotic. You lose focus of your priorities when you are overwhelmed with your daily practices. What was a life of new experiences has become a carefully structured routine. You know what is expected of you since you do the same things every day. You have built a life that is safe and comfortable. But what are you learning? Most of you avoid difficult situations, but it is through the chaos and the unknown that you find out the strengths you have within you. As you challenge yourself to overcome the unexpected, you will learn that you have what it takes to conquer all. Today, be the person you want to be. You may not trust in yourself, but know that all is possible if you are who you are meant to be.
Sometimes we forget how unique we all are...
(I understand how adversity brings out the best from me, but I wonder why it takes a challenging situation to bring out what may have stayed hidden. I guess it comes from playing it safe, but the universe has it's work cut out with me. I am working to be calm during the chaos.)

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