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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Seeing A Piece Of Heaven

What do you do when you see a piece of heaven? When the sky opens up and you see a light shining through the dark clouds. It's as if there is a pathway that leads sraight up to the sky. You experience a moment of awe as the sight takes your breath away. How can you come up with the words to describe what you are witnessing. Sometimes when the universe opens up it's doors, you are able to share in the miracle. Don't let life keep you so busy that you miss seeing a piece of heaven. Today, open your eyes to the miracles that happen everyday.
Heaven is everywhere...
(Today I saw the most beautiful sunset and I wondered how many other people were stopping to witness this wonderful sight. I only caught it for two seconds, but it really affected me. It was if I was being showed what the world would look like if everything was perfect. Sometimes I forget how life is truly the way it's supposed to be. When I get caught up with my daily drama, that's when I miss out on the best opportunities. Life can be as simple as I want it to be.)

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