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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hiding In The Shadows

No matter where you are, we are besides you. Although you may feel that you are living amongst the shadows, there is always a glimmer of light that shines from within you. It is this light that keeps your spirit alive. You may think that you don't have control over your life, but know that if there is hope then all is possible. If hiding in the shadows give you comfort at this time, then that is where you need to be. But when you are ready to begin believing in yourself, we will be waiting for you. Today, find comfort in the shadows, for it's in the shadows that you will find yourself. It doesn't matter where you are, for you continue to walk your path towards your destiny. 
There is beauty in the starkness of nature...
(When I'm going through a difficult time, I want to be by myself to process what is happening in my life. But I am surrounded by angels who were sent here to watch over me. They fill my life with their positive light. I am blessed to have all them in my life. With them by my side, I don't need to hide in the shadows for their light shines my way through the darkness.)

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