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Monday, November 19, 2012

Walking In The Shadows

We walk amongst you in the shadows. Although you need to hide in the dark, do not fear for we are always with you. It may seem that you were born fighting for your survival, but your spirit was never in jeopardy. You have always been protected because you have shown strength in how you have been living your life. With bravery, you walk the streets which have been broken by war. It may seem you are one of many, who may not have a home tomorrow. But it is within you to survive for your spirit will see you through life's adversity. Remember that walking in the shadows does not hide the light of your soul. Today, lift your face for you need the warmth of the sun to rejuvenate your spirit. Say a prayer to all who are blessed with life's breath and give thanks for you are one of the blessed ones.
There is beauty where you least expect it...
(Sometimes I need to be reminded how blessed I am. For there are those who are struggling everyday to be safe. It is definately a time to put things in to perspective. There is no excuse for me not to live my life with purpose.) 

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