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Thursday, November 15, 2012

In The Silence

In the silence, you will hear our voice. In the silence, you will hear the voices of peace. In the silence, you will hear the children cry. In the silence, you will hear the world as it begins to heal. In the silence, you will hear those who were lost and now are found. In the silence, you will hear your own heart beat. In the silence, you will understand all that was not ready for you to hear. We await as you learn to be quiet within yourself, so that you can hear beyond the silence which can be at first so deafening. It is in the silence that all who are ready to begin to ascend find their first step into the grace of the beyond. Today, cherish the day. You are given the gift of life. Appreciate what you so freely take for granted. There may be things you don't understand yet, but it doesn't really matter for you are who you are meant to be at this time. This is a moment to be at peace with yourself. No more, no less.
Nature is always at peace with it's self...
(Today I received a Tibetan flag which extends so much more than the good fortune it represents to be. Because it was given to me by someone who is not only a caring person, but she is also a true healer. Not only in the physical sense, but she heals the spirit and the energy that surrounds us that sometimes needs repair. Not knowing that yesterday, I was listening to a lesson in the compassion and selflessness. How perfect to receive a healing flag to help me through my journey of peace. The universe connects us all, if we let it. Diana (yes, I will use your name for it holds power in itself), although we are an island apart, you are now a part of my sangha. Thank you and peace be with you and your spirit.)

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