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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Overcoming Your Fears

Do not be so hard on yourself that you are less than perfect. Do not dispare that all is lost because you can't overcome what is presented to you. Life is a continuing experience which you go through to learn what you need to in order to grow. Your struggles are our own, but like children you will learn by falling before you stand. The fears that you create are your first line of defense in keeping you safe. It is understandable, but one day what you fear the most you will need in order to walk through your journey. Remember all that surrounds you is a part of the universe. Look deeply within yourself to discover why you fear as you do. What is preventing you from attaining what you deserve? If you could see yourself as we do, you will see how perfect you are. Today, think about what makes you happy. Are you living your life so that you are at peace with yourself and others? Can you overcome the fears that prevent you from having the life which you were meant to lead? You can achieve all that you have dreamt about if you believe that all is possible.
 There is beauty all around us...
(It seems as if my fears exist just to challenge me in living my life in peace. Theory versus real life. It's so easy to say that I've overcome my fears, but I think that I continue to struggle with my fears throughout life so that I can use that moment to reflect on my feelings about certain issues. When I think everything is going well, my fears remind that all is not perfect. Life is about taking one step at a time and trying to live life with purpose.)

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