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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Freedom To Choose

It is a matter of perspective how you view your life. We give you the freedom to choose the path you walk and how difficult your journey will be. Although you make think that your fate is sealed and that life is more of a struggle than you would like it to be, it is still your choice as to what you'd like to do. It would seem that the lessons get more challenging if you do not learn your lesson but life is the lesson. It only seems harder because you are now aware of the weaknesses that are within you. There is no more or less that we ask of you. Your spirit is free to learn as much as it desires. Part of who you are meant to be is wthin the lessons that are put forth before you. It is not that you will not grow into who you are meant to be, for you were born a pure soul. There will be other lifetimes for you to experience all that you need to be. Choose wisely for your decisions will bring consequences that you do not seek. Today, do things that make you happy. You will find that although you have the freedom to choose the lessons you want to work on, there is a cause and affect to your action. So choose wisely and turn your weaknesses into the strength you need to live a fulfilled life..
It is time to believe in myself...
(I always thought that if we didn't learn our lessons, they would come faster and harder. But what I'm hearing in this message is that it is up to me whether I want to make an effort to learn my lessons and become better for it. Life truly is a struggle, but it living my life that is truly what this is all about. I'm afraid of my lessons like anyone else is, but I know that I've become stronger because of the very same lessons that I fear.)

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