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Monday, November 26, 2012

Forgiving Yourself

This is a day of forgiveness. Forgiving not only others but yourself of all misunderstandings. This is not the time to have ill will towards anyone including yourself. There is an era of prosperity that is coming soon and you must prepare for it's coming. With negative thoughts harboring within your spirit there will be no room for anything else. You are so easily swayed that others will do you harm that your eyes have not seen good will for many a day. If you are not open to miracles that are meant for you, how will you see the opportunities that are coming. Forgiving yourself is the first step in cleansing your soul. There is no sense in reliving the past, for it only ties you to a time long gone. Take a chance that the future will be a better time for you. Have faith in yourself and trust that you have learned from your mistakes. Today, forgive all that cloud your vision. Be free from thoughts that weigh heavy on your spirit. It is time to cleanse yourself and move forward with love and compassion for all.
Flowers heal the soul...
(Forgiving others is easier said than done. In theory, I can see where forgiveness would help my spirit but it's difficult when my mind can't get passed a moment of pain. Anger comes and goes. Even hurt seems to dull in time, but pain lingers far longer than even I thought possible. Forgiveness comes slowly, but when it does, my spirit will be free to be all things possible.)

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