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Monday, November 12, 2012

Finding Your Soul Mate

Losing yourself to find your soul mate is not our intention. It is by living your life with true compassion that your soul will find it's partner. Your soul is beyond your body and mind, it is who you are over many lifetimes. It is not your purpose to live only to find someone to make you whole, for you are already who you are meant to be. Sometimes we see soul mates, pass by each other for only a moment. But within that time, something special evolves which changes your life forever. Today, be the soul mate that you dream to have. It is by believing that all is possible that you will find your partner in life. We are here to support your journey.
Meet me in the garden and bring peace to my life...
(I used to believe that life would be missing something if I didn't find my soul mate. But I now realize that finding a soul mate doesn't define who I am and what my purpose is in life. If I am lucky, I may find that special someone who my soul recognizes to be a part of my spirit. Whether male or female, that person will remind me to walk my path with true intention and compassion. I feel as if I've been blessed to have met many pure souls that have made my life a wonderful place to be.)

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