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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Is Real?

Whatever you experience in life is your reality. Many would say that there is only the here and now. But what if there is something more. Something that we can't see, hear, or touch. Something that is so deep within us that it's almost impossible to describe. It just is. So what is real? It's enough to say that our reality is what it is. Our reality. No more, no less. If your reality is what you experience in your daily life which includes that which is beyond your understanding than that is all that needs to be said. Just remember when all is said and done, there is no reason to defend what is real to anyone for it is only in your belief of what is true that matters. Today, find joy in your reality.
 It's the quiet voices that are heard over others...
(Sometimes I question what is reality. There are so many levels to life, that I wonder where am I functioning. Dealing with daily life can get pretty rough, but that is living at the most simplest level. Then there are times when I can say that I truly understand what the universe is all about. Those are times that I am usually alone and have time to just be. I think when I'm able to put all these levels together than that would be the perfect reality.)

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